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R 13 FEB 20
ALCGOFF 014/20 SUBJ: OFFICER ASSIGNMENT YEAR 2020 (AY20) SHOPPING LIST UPDATE-14 A. ALCGOFF 067/19, ASSIGNMENT YEAR 2020 OFFICER ASSIGNMENTS KICK-OFF TIMELINES, COMMUNICATIONS, AND OUTREACH B. ALCGOFF 109/19, AY20 COMMANDER/O5 SHOPPING LIST C. ALCGOFF 108/19, AY20 LIEUTENANT COMMANDER/O4 SHOPPING LIST D. ALCGOFF 107/19, AY20 LIEUTENANT/O3 SHOPPING LIST E. ALCGOFF 106/19, AY20 LIEUTENANT JUNIOR GRADE/O2 SHOPPING LIST F. ALCGOFF 105/19, AY20 CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER SHOPPING LIST 1. Please note the following updates to the Officer shopping lists. Recommend printing in landscape for cleanest view. RANK UNIT POSN NBR JOB TITLE a. AFLOAT, PATFORSWA, and CUTTER SUPPORT ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5) AO: LCDR Nicholas Hartmann (1) Additions: None (2) Deletions: None b. AFLOAT and CUTTER SUPPORT ASSIGNMENTS (01-03) AO: LT Adam Derby (1) Additions: LTJG CGC ANGELA MCSHAN 19378144 EXECUTIVE OFFICER (2) Deletions: None c. RESPONSE ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5) AO: LCDR Rhianna Macon (1) Additions: None (2) Deletions: None d. RESPONSE ASSIGNMENTS (O3 and below) AO:LCDR Traci Alvarez (1) Additions: None (2) Deletions: None e. PREVENTION ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5) AO: LCDR Eunice James (1) Additions: None (2) Deletions: None f. PREVENTION ASSIGNMENTS (O3 and below) AO: LCDR Michael Novak (1) Additions: LT COMMANDANT (CG-FAC-1) 00066713 DUTY LT SEC UPPER MISS INVESTIGATE DIV 00012833 INV DIV CHIEF LTJG D11 WATERWAYS MGMT BR (DPW) 00042349 WWM - DUTY (2) Deletions: None g. ENGINEERING, LOGISTICS, C4IT, INTEL ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5) AO: LCDR Jay Kime (1) Additions: None (2) Deletions: None h. ENGINEERING, LOGISTICS, C4IT, INTEL ASSIGNMENTS (O3 and below) AO: LCDR Elizabeth Ledbetter (1) Additions: None (2) Deletions: None i. AVIATION ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5) - see note 1 AO: LCDR Arthur Mahar (1) Additions: None (2) Deletions: None j. AVIATION ASSIGNMENTS (O3 and below) - see note 1 AO: CDR Jessica Davila (1) Additions: LT DD-C27J APO ECITY NC 00086724 DD-ISD(C27) LT COMANDANT (CG-7113) 00084132 SENTOR TECH RQMTS/DTE/OTE (2) Deletions: None Note 1: Duty standing billets are available to all O2-O4s; pilots can disregard the rank to the assigned billet number. k. SUPPORT/SPECIAL STAFF ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5) AO: CDR Mary Brooks (1) Additions: LCDR COMMANDANT (CG-DCO-831) 00033004 OP EXPENSE EXECUTION DIV CHF LCDR DDE-DCO-I UK SUPPORT TEAM 19369772 DDE-DCO-I UK DETACHMENT SUPV - note 2 LCDR PSC RPM-1 00024555 RES COMP CAT MGMT BR CHF-FTS Note 2: This position is open to both LCDR and LTs, description of duties will be posted on OPM-2 portal page. (2) Deletions: None l. SUPPORT/SPECIAL STAFF ASSIGNMENTS (O3 and below) AO: LCDR Jared Silverman (1) Additions: None (2) Deletions: None m. CWO ASSIGNMENTS (AVI/BNDM/DIV/ELC/F(AND)S/GENDU/INF/INV/ISS/MAT/MED/PERS/WEPS) AO: CWO Alberto Peralta (1) Additions: None (2) Deletions: None n. CWO ASSIGNMENTS(BOSN/ENG/ISM/MLES/MSD/MSSE/MSSR/OSS) AO: CWO Bryan Kaseman (1) Additions: None (2) Deletions: None 2. Per Ref A, the AY20 shopping list and updates are comprised of: a. Positions occupied by an incumbent officer who is tour complete (TC) or has an approved separation in summer 2020. b. O5 positions occupied by an O6 or O6 select, regardless of tour completion date. c. O4 positions occupied by an O5 or O5 select who will be tour complete during summer 2021 or earlier. d. O3 positions occupied by an O4 or O4 select who will be tour complete during summer 2021 or earlier. e. Positions encumbered by a primary selectee for an advanced education program that begins in summer 2020. f. Any positions changes approved by CG-833. 3. The AY20 shopping list, Ref B through F, will be updated as promotion board and selection panel results are announced, as retirements are approved, and as the FY20 budget is finalized. Particularly for officers in categories 2B-2D above, advertising the position does not guarantee an officer will be reassigned. These positions will be shopped only to build candidate pools in case the incumbent is needed to meet a service need assignment elsewhere. 4. It is extremely important that officers verify, and correct if necessary, their current contact information in Direct Access. This enables assignment officers to quickly contact officers throughout the assignment process. Officers without updated contact information are at risk of missing out on potential assignment opportunities. 5. Internet release authorized.