CG-4700s, Tricare Overcharges, Tax Exemptions, Home Email Address

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Active Duty Members with Retirement Orders: This is to provide some items of interest from the CG Retiree Services Program and request you review/update your home e-mail address in DA prior to retirement. 

1. COAST GUARD, PHS, & NOAA RETIRED PAY ACCOUNT WORKSHEET AND SURVIVOR BENEFIT PLAN ELECTION (CG-4700): These forms are being sent to my office in error.  Your original CG-4700 must be mailed DIRECTLY to PPC at below address.  CG-4700s sent to my office are returned to members' home mailing address listed on the form.  

Commanding Officer (RAS)

USCG Pay & Personnel Center

444 SE Quincy St.

Topeka, KS 66683-3591

2. TRICARE OVERCHARGES: As first reported by, thousands of beneficiaries within Tricare's East Region, managed by Humana, were charged monthly premiums 100 times their usual fees, in what Humana called a “processing error.” These issues do NOT affect other Tricare beneficiaries, including those with Tricare for Life.  The phone number for Humana Military is (800) 444-5445 and websites/phone numbers for all Tricare partners, contractors, and federal agencies are accessible at:

3. FULL LIST OF PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTIONS BY STATE: While in no way an endorsement of Veterans United Home Loans, you may find their "Full List of Property Tax Exemptions By State" to be of interest at:

"...Most states offer disabled veterans a property tax exemption, which can save veterans thousands each year depending on state and disability percentage."

4. DIRECT ACCESS/EMAIL ADDRESS: While still on active duty (prior to "last day in uniform"), to help ensure you receive information of interest/importance in retirement, (e.g. items above, government shutdowns affecting retiree pay, etc.) please review/update your home (personal) e-mail address in Direct Access (DA). 

Bob Hinds, MS

Retiree Services Program Manager

USCG Commandant (CG-1335)