united states coast guard

09 DEC 19

ALCGENL 225/19
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A series
B. Boat Operations and Training Manual, COMDTINST 16114.32D series
1. All E8, E7, and E6 Reserve members are highly encouraged to apply for this unique,
2-4 year extended active duty (EAD) opportunity.  
2. Recruit Company Commander (RCC): Duty as an RCC is one of the most challenging
and rewarding assignments in the Coast Guard. On any given day, RCCs will lead,
inspire, and mentor 100 plus recruits through the rigors of basic training.
RCCs serve as role models who exhibit the highest moral and ethical conduct,
embody our core values, and exhibit exemplary grooming and fitness standards.
If selected, EAD candidates will become fully qualified RCCs, however, their
primary role will be to train recruits in the Direct Entry Petty Officer
Training program. 
3. A video with frequently asked questions about being a Company Commander
and RCC School can be accessed here:
a. YouTube:
b. CGPortal:
4. Eligibility:
a. All E8, E7, and E6 Reserve members.
b. Meets the requirements listed in reference (A), CH 1.E.2 (except (9) and (13))
and 1.E.8.
c. Meets the requirements listed in reference (B), Part 4, CH 3.D.2.
5. Process/timeline:
a. NLT 17 JAN 2020: Applications are emailed to EPM-2 at
b. OOA 27 JAN - 7 FEB 2020: TRACEN CAPE MAY interviews applicants.
c. OOA 14 FEB 2020: Member selected and notified
d. Spring or Summer 2020: Window to attend 6 week CC Class "C" School.
e. OOA 01 JUL 2020: Expected report date.
6. Application (emailed as one PDF document titled 'Rate/Rank Member Name, EMPLID'):
a. Member's memorandum: Not to exceed two pages in length and include the following:
(1) Why you are applying
(2) Leadership style
(3) Statement confirming marital status and number of dependents
(4) Current fitness regimen
(5) Desired assignment length (2, 3, or 4 years)
(6) Contact information to arrange phone interview
b. Command endorsement: Not to exceed one page in length and include the following:
(1) Leadership and communication skills
(2) Military appearance
(3) Statement the member meets eligibility requirements listed in paragraph 4.
(4) Statement identifying the unit representative (E7 or above) with contact
information who witnessed the applicant meet the minimum physical fitness requirements
for their age group IAW reference (B). Additionally, include the date and results of
the test.
c. Pictures: Two color, full length photographs. Uniform is Tropical Blue Long uncovered,
with one forward-facing and one left side profile.
(1) The endorsement may be signed by the unit Commanding Officer, Executive Officer,
or Senior Reserve Officer.
(2) To protect PII and ensure it was received, applications should be submitted from a
.mil email address if possible.
7. After candidate selection, TRACEN CAPE MAY and the Special Assignments AO will assist
the member in completing and routing an Extended Active Duty request form CG-3472 thru
EPM-1 for approval. Additional EAD information can be found at reference (C).
8. Commands and Reserve Program Administrators are encouraged to distribute this to
all Reserve members for maximum visibility.
9. Points of contact:
a. a. Program questions concerning RCC school and RCC duties shall be directed to:
(1) RCC School Chief: BMC Milton Casey at (609) 898-6559 or
(2) The current EAD Reserve RCC: MEC Jonathan Lakose at (609) 898-6970 or
b. Assignment and eligibility questions: CWO3 Jaime Baldueza, (202) 795-6587 or
10. Released by: LT William Stewart, (202) 795-6584.
11. Internet release authorized.