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R 06 DEC 19
ALCGOFF 167/19 SUBJ: OFFICER ASSIGNMENT YEAR 2020 (AY20) SHOPPING LIST UPDATE-8 A. ALCGOFF 067/19, ASSIGNMENT YEAR 2020 OFFICER ASSIGNMENTS KICK-OFF TIMELINES, COMMUNICATIONS, AND OUTREACH B. ALCGOFF 109/19, AY20 COMMANDER/O5 SHOPPING LIST C. ALCGOFF 108/19, AY20 LIEUTENANT COMMANDER/O4 SHOPPING LIST D. ALCGOFF 107/19, AY20 LIEUTENANT/O3 SHOPPING LIST E. ALCGOFF 106/19, AY20 LIEUTENANT JUNIOR GRADE/O2 SHOPPING LIST F. ALCGOFF 105/19, AY20 CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER SHOPPING LIST 1. Please note the following updates to the Officer shopping lists. Recommend printing in landscape for cleanest view. RANK UNIT POSN NBR JOB TITLE a. AFLOAT, PATFORSWA, and CUTTER SUPPORT ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5) AO: LCDR Nicholas Hartmann (1) Additions: LCDR CGC STEADFAST 00039225 EXECUTIVE OFFICER (2) Deletions: None b. AFLOAT and CUTTER SUPPORT ASSIGNMENTS (01-03) AO: LT Adam Derby (1) Additions: None (2) Deletions: None c. RESPONSE ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5) AO: LCDR Rhianna Macon (1) Additions: LCDR COMMANDANT (CG-1131) 00042032 DSF SAFETY MGR LCDR D14 COMMAND CENTER (DRMC) 00081336 COMMAND CTR - CHIEF LCDR DDE-PAC-5 JTF-W 00029988 DDE-J-6 PUBLIC AFFAIRS (See note 1) LCDR LANTAREA (37) 00025343 MSST FORCE MGR LCDR LANTAREA (37) 00030370 TACLET FORCE MGR Note 1: Position relocated to Sector Corpus Christi (2) Deletions: None d. RESPONSE ASSIGNMENTS (O3 and below) AO:LCDR Traci Alvarez (1) Additions: LT SEC JUNEAU CP/RDNS STF 00075798 EMERGENCY MGMT/READ CHIEF LTJG SEC PUGET SND ENFORCEMENT DIV 00091325 ENFORCEMENT MGMT-MFPU SUPT (2) Deletions: None e. PREVENTION ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5) AO: LCDR Eunice James (1) Additions: LCDR MSU HUNTINGTON 00005471 EXECUTIVE OFFICER (2) Deletions: None f. PREVENTION ASSIGNMENTS (O3 and below) AO: LCDR Michael Novak (1) Additions: LT D9 INSP & INV BR (DPI) 00078935 INSPECT/INVEST BRANCH - DUTY LT SEC HOU/GAL WTRWAYS MGT DIV 00008579 SUPV VSL TRAFFIC MGMT SPEC LTJG D9 WATERWAYS MGMT BR (DPW) 00034214 ATON & DOM ICE - DUTY (2) Deletions: None g. ENGINEERING, LOGISTICS, C4IT, INTEL ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5) AO: LCDR Jay Kime (1) Additions: CDR COMMANDANT (CG-791) 00041140 PLANNING/RESOURCES DIV CH CDR D8 INTELLIGENCE BR (DRI) 00025449 INTELLIGENCE DIVISION CHIEF LCDR BASE SJ FAC ENG DEPT (F) 00007793 FAC ENG DEPT HEAD LCDR CGA MECHANICAL ENG SECTION 00012080 INSTRUCTOR-MECH ENGINEERING LCDR CGA NAV ARCH & MAR ENG SECTION 00013311 INSTRUCTOR-NAV ARCH & MAR ENG LCDR COMMANDANT (CG-9323) 19378528 ASSIST PM LCDR COMMANDANT (CG-DCMS-81) 00030109 WORKFORCE COMMUNITY MGMT LCDR SFLC INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS DIV 00112357 MWD PRGM COORD (2) Deletions: LCDR SEC SAN JUAN ENG/SUPPORT DIV 00007793 ENG SUPPORT DIV CHIEF h. ENGINEERING, LOGISTICS, C4IT, INTEL ASSIGNMENTS (O3 and below) AO: LCDR Elizabeth Ledbetter (1) Additions: LT CGCC-33-ESOB 00003013 ESOB - DUTY LT SFLC LRE SYS AND EQUIP SEC 1 00039526 SFLC-LRE-ENG-SES1-HIB DUTY LTJG SEC DEL BAY INTEL STAFF 00070898 INTEL STAFF (2) Deletions: None i. AVIATION ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5) see note 2 AO: LCDR Arthur Mahar (1) Additions: LCDR COMMANDANT (CG-7113) 00083938 MRS ER RQMTS/DT&E/OT&E SPON (2) Deletions: LCDR AIRSTA SAN FRANCISCO 00025601 ASST OPS OFFICER ROTARY j. AVIATION ASSIGNMENTS (O3 and below) see note 2 AO: CDR Jessica Davila (1) Additions: None (2) Deletions: None Note 2: Duty standing billets are available to all O2-O4s; pilots can disregard the rank to the assigned billet number. k. SUPPORT/SPECIAL STAFF ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5) AO: CDR Mary Brooks (1) Additions: CDR CGRC OPERATIONS DIVISION 00010238 CHIEF-OPERATIONS DIVISION LCDR CGA LEGAL STAFF 00021954 DEPUTY STAFF JUDGE ADVOCATE LCDR COMMANDANT (CG-LMI-R) 00017536 RESPONSE LAW DIV - DUTY LCDR DDE-WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON DC 00053375 DDE - NSC LEGIS AFFAIRS-SAB LCDR DOL-1 00030018 ASSIST PERSONNEL DIV CHIEF-FTS (2) Deletions: None l. SUPPORT/SPECIAL STAFF ASSIGNMENTS (O3 and below) AO: LCDR Jared Silverman (1) Additions: LT COMMANDANT (CG-1B1) 00068918 DUTY - FORCE OPT PRGM LT COMMANDANT (CG-831) 00012372 APPROPRIATION MANAGER (2) Deletions: None m. CWO ASSIGNMENTS (AVI/BNDM/DIV/ELC/F(AND)S/GENDU/INF/INV/ISS/MAT/MED/PERS/WEPS) AO: CWO Alberto Peralta (1) Additions: AVI4 AIRSTA ATLANTIC CITY 00010338 H65 PRIME UNIT SUPV INV4 CGIS DET NEW YORK 00092150 SPECIAL AGENT (2) Deletions: F&S4 CGC BERTHOLF 00111042 SUPPLY OFFICER - DUTY n. CWO ASSIGNMENTS(BOSN/ENG/ISM/MLES/MSD/MSSE/MSSR/OSS) AO: CWO Bryan Kaseman (1) Additions: ENG4 BASE SJ MAT (NMM) 19368607 MAT SUPV ENG4 DD SFLC PORTSMOUTH 00025105 DD PORTSMOUTH-PBPL-PORT ENG ENG4 MAT KEY WEST 19362376 MAT DUTY ISM4 CGCC-35-BLUE TEAM 00035030 BLUE TEAM - DUTY MSSD4 SEC SAN FRAN INVESTIGATE DIV 00004152 MARINE INSP/PSCO-JRNYMAN MSSD4 MSD PANAMA CITY 00026143 DD-SEC MOB PRV-MI/PSCO-JM MSSE4 MSU HUNTINGTON 00005466 INV OFFICER MSSE4 SEC NOLA INSPECTIONS DIV 00029108 MARINE INSP/PSCO-JRNYMAN (2) Deletions: MSSD4 SEC HAMPTON RD INSPECTIONS DIV 00005529 MARINE INSP/PSCO-APPRENTICE MSSD4 SEC NEW YORK INSPECTIONS DIV 00021503 MARINE INSP/PSCO-APPRENTICE MSSD4 SEC NOLA INSPECTIONS DIV 00012656 MARINE INSP/PSCO-APPRENTICE MSSD4 SEC SAN FRAN INVESTIGATION DIV 00094938 INV OFFICER MSSD4 SEC SAN JUAN INSPECTIONS DIV 00078821 MARINE INSP/PSCO-APPRENTICE MSSE4 SEC DEL BAY INSPECTIONS DIV 00010961 MARINE INSP/PSCO-APPRENTICE MSSE4 SEC HOU/GAL INSPECTIONS DIV 00025440 MARINE INSP/PSCO-APPRENTICE MSSE4 SEC NEW YORK INSPECTIONS DIV 00021502 MARINE INSP/PSCO-APPRENTICE MSSE4 SEC NOLA INSPECTIONS DIV 00013441 MARINE INSP/PSCO-APPRENTICE MSSE4 SEC NOLA INSPECTIONS DIV 00014523 MARINE INSP/PSCO-APPRENTICE MSSE4 SEC SAN FRAN INSPECTIONS DIV 00000865 MARINE INSP/PSCO-APPRENTICE 2. Per Ref A, the AY20 shopping list and updates are comprised of: a. Positions occupied by an incumbent officer who is tour complete (TC) or has an approved separation in summer 2020. b. O5 positions occupied by an O6 or O6 select, regardless of tour completion date. c. O4 positions occupied by an O5 or O5 select who will be tour complete during summer 2021 or earlier. d. O3 positions occupied by an O4 or O4 select who will be tour complete during summer 2021 or earlier. e. Positions encumbered by a primary selectee for an advanced education program that begins in summer 2020. f. Any positions changes approved by CG-833. 3. The AY20 shopping list, Ref B through F, will be updated as promotion board and selection panel results are announced, as retirements are approved, and as the FY20 budget is finalized. Particularly for officers in categories 2B-2D above, advertising the position does not guarantee an officer will be reassigned. These positions will be shopped only to build candidate pools in case the incumbent is needed to meet a service need assignment elsewhere. 4. It is extremely important that officers verify, and correct if necessary, their current contact information in Direct Access. This enables assignment officers to quickly contact officers throughout the assignment process. Officers without updated contact information are at risk of missing out on potential assignment opportunities. 5. Internet release authorized.