united states coast guard

26 NOV 19

ALCGENL 219/19
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
1. In accordance with Ref A, EPM is soliciting field input in advance
of the triennial Assignment Priority (AP) Review Panel to be held in
March of 2020. The results of the AP Review Panel will go into effect
for Assignment Year 2021 (AY21).
2. APs play a critical role in the enlisted assignment process by
incentivizing arduous or hard-to-fill assignments. The current system
will be subject to a holistic review during the panel process that
will include arduousness and ability to fill/desirability.
3. Commands are invited to submit input specific to their unit for
consideration by the panel. In assessing any potential change to AP,
the panel will utilize extensive historical data from all e-Resumes
submitted by the enlisted workforce in Direct Access to identify
those hard to fill and less desirable units/locations. Accordingly,
specific input need not address desirability/ability to fill but
should include:
 A. Memorandum, not to exceed two pages, that justifies the arduous
nature of duties performed by the unit. A memorandum template is
located on the EPM-2 CG Portal site listed below. No external data
or metrics regarding the hard-to-fill nature of specific units or
assignments is requested.
 B. Average number of days deployed per member over the past 3 years
(if appropriate).
 C. Any external forces or unique location specific concerns that
should be considered.
4. Input must be submitted to: by 31JAN2020
to be considered by the panel, late submissions or those exceeding
the maximum length specified above will not be accepted.
5. Results of the panel will be announced and published prior to
30 Apr 2020. FAQs, templates, panel precept and reference material
will be available on the EPM-2 CG PORTAL site:
 A. CDR M. R. Gillham   (202) 795-6593
 B. LCDR L. A. Nicholas (202) 795-6576
 C. BOSN2 S. C. Stone   (202) 795-6607
 D. BOSN2 R. L. Seymour (202) 795-6614
 E. F&S2 W. T. Wall     (202) 795-6570
7. CAPT S. Matadobra, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management Division,
CG Personnel Service Center, sends.
9. Internet release authorized.