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ALCOAST COMMANDANT NOTICE                              CANCEL DATE 24 NOV 2020

R 251009 NOV 19
UNCLAS //N01020//
ACN 139/19
A. Uniform Regulations, COMDTINST M1020.6 (series)
1. This ACN Reports the results from Uniform Board No. 48 (UB 48), and issues new guidance. 
The following changes to REF (A) have been approved by the Commandant and are effective
    a. FEMALE GROOMING STANDARDS: Female grooming standards will be updated to authorize
the increase of hair bulk to 3.5 inches as measured perpendicular to the scalp. This change
takes into account the natural texture of various ethnicities’ hair, allowing it to be worn
naturally. In addition, women may wear ponytails unpinned which may be pulled through a ball
cap rear opening. Ponytails shall not extend beyond the bottom of the shirt collar, and if so
are required to be pinned/fastened securely to the head in order to maintain this limit. This
authorization gives our female members another option over the bun and allows intermediate hair
length to be pulled back without having to make a bun. Finally, hair bun size has been
increased to a maximum of 4 inches as measured out from the scalp, the circumference shall be
no greater than the width of the member’s head as measured horizontally. The larger bun will
allow some members to form a looser bun, reducing headaches, hair breakage, and other issues
caused by hair being placed in a tight bun.
    b. FEMALE FINGERNAILS: Fingernail standards will be updated as follows: “Fingernails will
be kept clean. Fingernails shall have rounded or straight shaped nail tips. Fingernail color
choice shall present a professional appearance in a business environment. Only one color may
be worn and all fingernails shall match. The wearing of florescent, or multi-colored polishes
or nails is not authorized. Fingernails will not extend more than ¼ inch beyond the fingertip.
Ornate decorations (such as gems) or ornamentation of the fingernail polish (such as painted
pictures or designs) is not authorized. French nails are authorized with white tip only. The
white tip will be no wider that .25 inches and must present a clean natural look.”
    c. FEMALE OPTIONAL UNIFORM ITEM: Flats are now authorized as an optional item for wear
with the female skirt.
    d. AUTHORIZED FEMALE MATERNITY UNIFORM: The policy authorizing the female maternity uniform
is updated/expanded to include an ODU post-partum nursing T-shirt. The T-shirt may be purchased
on the economy (no CG specific variant), and shall be dark blue in color and not extend below
the lower edge of the ODU blouse when worn.
    e. COAST GUARD BALL CAP RANK INSIGNIA: Enlisted members (E-7 to E-10) shall wear the garrison
cap rank insignia (larger size) on their CG ball cap. The insignia shall be worn in the same
manner as the previous device.
    f. WINDBREAKER METAL RANK INSIGNIA: Enlisted members (E-4 to E-10) shall wear metal collar
rank insignia on the Windbreaker. The metal collar insignia are centered between the top and
bottom edge of the collar with the center of the insignia being 1” from and parallel to the
leading edge.
    g. TROPICAL BLUE LONG SLEEVE: A Tropical Blue Long (TBLS) sleeve has been approved for wear,
year round. The TBLS will consist of a long sleeve light blue shirt with four- in-hand tie
(double Windsor knot) and tie bar/tie tack, or the female blue tab tie. Addition, the TBLS will
consist of the name tag, no ribbons, a single insignia if earned, miniature CO/OINC device
(incumbents only), and only one miniature staff/COCOM, CSEL/RFMC badge (incumbents only). The
remaining aspects of this uniform will be the same as Tropical Blue Short Sleeve (TBSS). This
change will help in climate controlled spaces and allow members the flexibility of wearing a
long sleeve shirt with identification without the SDB jacket in less formal situations. This
uniform is NOT a substitute for situations that call for more formality and the wearing of the
SDB jacket.
    h. GROOMING AND APPEARANCE STANDARDS: The following will be added to REF (A): “Hairstyles such
as lopsided, asymmetrical, unblended, un-tapered, and or undercutting are not authorized and
should be corrected to a properly authorized hairstyle.”
    i. TIE BAR/TIE TACK: REF (A) will be updated to read that: “A tie bar or tie tack is required
for wear anytime the Four-In-Hand tie is worn.”
Shoes in their inventory. However, Boat Shoes will remain as an optional uniform item, available
for purchase on the economy, to be worn with the ODU as commands authorize.
2. Currently the Uniform Program is working several uniform initiatives for testing and
implementation. The Uniform Board deferred action on these particular submissions pending
additional data, evaluation, or approval through senior leadership.
    a. Next Generation Coast Guard Utility Uniform (CGU): The Uniform Program has received
authorization to make significant changes in the appearance and construction of the current ODU.
We will be applying the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type III pattern as the primary pattern for
the new Coast Guard Utility (CGU) produced in CG Blue. This next generation uniform will also
incorporate a lightweight material variant. These changes will not be promulgated in the
upcoming manual change that will incorporate UB 48 decisions, but will be added in a subsequent
change once all production/rollout details have been finalized.
    b. Performance Physical Fitness Uniforms: The Uniform Program is currently in development
of new physical fitness shirt, shorts, and fitness suit utilizing the latest in performance
athletic wear materials.
    c. Tactical shirt/LE shirt: The tactical shirt with the breathable chest area and ODU
Sleeves was voted on to develop a shirt that could be used when wearing outer protection and/or
a life jacket. The shirt would be primarily worn with the ODU trousers, and designed to be worn
under gear only and not as a regular ODU shirt.
    d. Female Combination Cap: The Uniform Board voted favorably to test a female Combo Cap
similar to the male’s cap in appearance and slightly smaller in size.
    e. Refine/improve Badges, Devices and Insignia locations: This initiative will look at moving
accoutrement locations as listed in REF (A) to better accommodate the various numbers and sizes
of accoutrements a member may be authorized to wear at any given time. CMC board members noted
that the CMC badge locations are not optimal and should be changed. They mentioned that the wear
policy for female CMCs may be key to the locations, but wanted further review. Once this review
is complete and locations are identified, the results will be voted on by the board. This
proposal is specifically looking at moving all items off the pockets, onto or above the pocket
3. The Uniforms Program relies on field level input to enhance our uniforms and wear policy.
There were numerous submissions that were not approved by the board, were administratively
closed, or returned for more research. All submissions provide value to the uniform program and
even though a submission may not have been approved, policy clarification, quality control, and
other program elements may have been enhanced through evaluation of the submission. A listing
of submissions that were not enacted into policy can be found on the Military Uniform Program
4. As a reminder IAW REF (A), uniform items presented to and disapproved by the Uniform Board
require a two year wait or the passing of two Uniform Boards before they will be reconsidered.
Items presented to the board that are disapproved, within the two year/two board period, may be
reconsidered early pending new relevant information.
5. Thank you to the members of UB 48 and to those who submitted uniform program suggestions.
Suggestions can be submitted at any time to the uniform program. Members and commands should
refer to REF (A) for official guidance on uniform matters. The contents of the ACN are
intended to augment existing policy in REF (A). For questions regarding uniform policy and/or
board submissions, please contact CWO Alex J. Acevedo at or
(703) 872-6659. Uniform availability and ordering questions can be directed to the UDC at
(800) 874-6844.
6. Released by CAPT C. J. Hulser, Acting Director of Military Personnel.
7. Internet release is authorized.