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08 NOV 2019

ALCGPSC 125/19
1. Billing Statements: Citi Bank recently released a letter to Government Travel Charge Cardholders advising that all future billing statements would only be provided electronically. However, cardholders may still elect to receive paper statements by one of the following methods:
a. Access account in CitiManager and select paper statements from within the personal profile. The CitiManager profile will also allow for verifying balances, updating billing addresses and enable downloading of the CitiManager app for mobile devices, which greatly assists with managing your GTCC account. To establish a CitiManager registration, please follow the directions within the GTCC Website Job Aids:
b. For cardholders: To request paper statements by phone, call Citi customer service at 1-800-790-7206.
c. For Travel Managers only: Travel managers may request paper statements on behalf of requesting cardholders by calling Citi Client Account Services.
2. Split Disbursement: Split Disbursement is a process all GTCC holders are strongly encouraged to use when completing their travel claim, whereby a designated amount of travel reimbursement funds are automatically applied to the cardholder’s GTCC account. Any balance not completely liquidated by split disbursement remains the responsibility of the member to pay within the prescribed timeline listed in the bank statement. Timely submission of travel claims is critical to ensure payment is applied in appropriate billing cycle.
3. Personnel who are not current cardholders and need to apply for a card, should follow the guidance posted on our website for how to apply:
This has been updated to reflect the new CITI application process and a recent change to the required e-mail for submission.
4. All other GTCC questions should be directed as follows:
a. Cardholders and travel card applicants shall contact their unit GTCC Travel Manager. Members may determine their supporting travel manager using the lookup function:
b. GTCC Travel Managers: direct questions to Ms. Carlene Curry at 703-258-5996,, or Mr. Michael Duchossois at 703-254-7175,
5. Released: CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, Personnel Service Center. The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource – Our People.
6. Internet release is authorized.