united states coast guard

10 SEP 19

ALCGPSC 102/19
A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
1. The Commandant has approved the report of the Commander Retention Board
convened on 15 July 2019 which recommended the following Commanders on
the Inactive Duty Promotion List (IDPL) for retention in an active status.
Officers selected for retention are listed below in precedence order.
NO. Rank  Name                    Unit
1.  CDR   Kallgren, Maureen R.    SEC HAMPTON RD CMD CADRE
2.  CDR   Martenson, Eric D.      D17 PLNG & FORCE RDNS DIV (DX)
3.  CDR   Hotchkiss, James R.     DDE-NMCC PENTAGON WASH DC
4.  CDR   Johnson, James J.       SEC SE NEW ENG CMD CADRE
5.  CDR   Rosello, Brad J.        SEC LAKE MICH CMD CADRE
6.  CDR   Kuck, Jeffrey W.        DDE LANT-53 CENTCOM TAMPA FL
7.  CDR   Conklin, Jennifer J.    D14 PLNG & FORCE RDNS DIV (DX)
8.  CDR   Mack, Bruce G.          SEC LA/LB CMD CADRE
9.  CDR   Lavery, Kevin P.        SEC SAN FRAN CMD CADRE
10. CDR   Murphy, Natalie M.      SEC MIAMI CMD CADRE
11. CDR   Hansen, Karl A.         DDE-CORIVRON 1
12. CDR   Ruocco, Gennaro A.      PSU 308 COMMAND STAFF
13. CDR   Platt-Moser, Sara S.    PACAREA (01)
14. CDR   Guedry, Kimberly K.     BASE PORTSMOUTH
15. CDR   Jones, Becky K.         CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM
16. CDR   Bisang, Robert A.       SEC JCKSNVILLE CMD CADRE
17. CDR   Wolland, Scott H.       SEC CHARLESTON CMD CADRE
18. CDR   Duncan, Gregory A.      SEC HONOLULU CMD CADRE
19. CDR   Petrarca, Patrick H.    D1 RESPONSE DIV (DR)
20. CDR   Rooney, Paul J.         CGRU USSOUTHCOM
21. CDR   Silverman-Wise, Nan O.  CGRU USSOUTHCOM
22. CDR   Kintz, William J.       CGCC-3 OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT
23. CDR   Kite, Neal P.           SEC OHIO VAL CMD CADRE
24. CDR   Richardson, Kevin L.    COMMANDANT (CG-212)
25. CDR   Heron, Josephine K.     DDE-CGRU JOINT STAFF SOUTH
26. CDR   Detemple, Clifford J.   CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM
27. CDR   Fitzgerald, John M.     CGD SEVEN
28. CDR   Tanko, Daron J.         D9 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM)
29. CDR   O'Halloran, Christopher DDE-CORIVRON 8
30. CDR   Knight, Richard A.      COMMANDANT (CG-R57)
31. CDR   Kalisz, Thomas W.       SILC ESD FACILITIES MGMT BR
32. CDR   Moyer, Justin T.        CGRU USSOUTHCOM
33. CDR   McCarthy, Michael F.    PSU 305 COMMAND STAFF
34. CDR   Wallace, Aaron P.       PORT SECURITY UNIT 309
35. CDR   Hellberg, Karl B.       PSU 307 COMMAND STAFF
36. CDR   Cullen, James K.        FORCECOM ASSESSMENT DIV
37. CDR   Angelle, Jared P.       D8 PLNG & FORCE RDNS DIV (DX)
38. CDR   Nesser, Shawn J.        PSU 301 COMMAND STAFF
39. CDR   Boze, Todd P.           PSU 313 COMMAND STAFF
40. CDR   Hodzic, Christine L.    D8 LEGAL STAFF (DL)
41. CDR   Brackett, James B.      DOL-4
42. CDR   Anderson, Christopher   CGRU USNORTHCOM
43. CDR   Dimeo, Michael A.       D1 RESPONSE DIV (DR)
44. CDR   VonStein, Michael A.    CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM
45. CDR   Franzago, Anthony F.    CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM
46. CDR   Adams, Thomas E.        CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM
47. CDR   Thomason, Jeffrey S.    PACAREA (3MF)
48. CDR   Chianella, Brett A.     CGRU USSOUTHCOM
49. CDR   Osborne, Kevin M.       SEC ST PETE CP/RDNS STF
50. CDR   Swan, Robyn A.          SEC BUFFALO CMD CADRE
51. CDR   Lovenstein, James V.    PSU 305 COMMAND STAFF
52. CDR   Bauer, Sarah C.         DDE-CGRU JOINT STAFF SOUTH
53. CDR   McGowan, Brandon P.     JOINT FORCES STAFF COLLEGE
54. CDR   Ceraolo, Lisa M.        PACAREA (3SF)
55. CDR   Ott, Michael J.         ICC TARGETING DIV
56. CDR   Duke, Kerry L.          CGRU USSOUTHCOM
57. CDR   Toth, Michael P.        INCIDENT MGMT ASSIST TEAM
58. CDR   Deustachio, Kevin M.    DD-LSC-TRIAL SVCS BR (NORF)
59. CDR   Barnett, Turman Z.      CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM
60. CDR   Duffy, Thomas A.        D13 INTELLIGENCE BR (DRI)
2. Officer retention boards review only officers records and any communications
sent directly from candidates to the board. The board is also given a roster of
eligible candidates listed in alphabetical order. Above and in-zone officer
rosters are combined, so that the status of the candidates is not discernible.
Only the officer portion of a record is viewable by the board.
3. Retention statistics for this board are provided below. There are many
variables, e.g., changes in performance, group size, approved voluntary
separations, etc., that will cause selection rates to fluctuate from year to year
among groups. Documented, sustained, high performance is the best way to remain
competitive for retention. Approved voluntary separation requests appearing before this board: 0
4. Selection rates by gender:
   a. Female (12/17 - 71%)
   b. Male (48/74 - 65%)
5. Selection rates by race category:
   a. Asian (0/1 - 0%)
   b. Black or African American (1/2 - 50%)
   c. Multiple Race (1/3 - 33%)
   d. Native American/Alaskan Native (0/0)
   e. Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (0/0)
   f. White (47/67 - 70%)
   g. Declined to Respond (11/17 - 65%)
6. Selection rates by ethnic group:
   a. Hispanic (1/4 - 25%)
   b. Non-Hispanic (46/68 - 68%)
   c. Declined to Respond (13/19 - 68%)
7. The precept which convened this board and charged the members with their
duties, and the Commandant's Guidance to Promotion Year 2020 (PY20) Officer
Selection Boards and Panels, are available at:
8. The Board's membership and units are:
Name                          Unit
RADM Andrew S. McKinley       COMMANDANT CG-DCO
CAPT Jennifer K. Grzelak      FORCECOM
CAPT Ronald J. Catudal        CGRU NORTHCOM
CAPT Amy B. Grable            CG-67
CAPT Michael G. Barton        D1 COMMAND CADRE
CAPT Gretchen A. Jones        DDE-CORIVRON
CAPT Michael E. Ruwe          PACAREA (37)
9. Proceedings of the retention board, including its deliberations and criteria
for retention, cannot be disclosed to any person who was not a member of the board. If there are any questions regarding the board process, contact LT Tracey Norman at 202-795-6507. If there are any questions about the board results,
contact CAPT Michael Batchelder at 202-795-6499.
10. Released by: CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, Personnel Service Center.
The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource - Our People.
11. Internet release authorized.