united states coast guard

ALCOAST COMMANDANT NOTICE                         CANCEL DATE  02 SEP 2020

R 030834 SEP 19
ACN 096/19
A. DHS Stop Asset Vehicle Excess (SAVE) Act, Public Law No. 115-38
B. Motor Vehicle Manual, COMDTINST M11240.9 (series)
1. This ACN announces the mandatory installation of telematics devices on
all new government motor vehicles in support of REF (A) and (B). REF (B) will
be updated to reflect the requirements of this ACN, which will be released within
the next year. A telematics device interfaces with the vehicle’s onboard computer
and reports vehicle performance information. Vehicle telematics facilitate cost
savings by providing information that can be used to right size the vehicle fleet,
reduce fuel usage, reduce misuse, support proper maintenance, and minimize manual
data collection. The information captured and reported by telematics is listed in
paragraph (5) below.
2. Telematics includes a device that plugs into and remains in the vehicle’s
data port and a recurring cellular data service plan. GSA will provide telematics
on their leased vehicles with a corresponding change in monthly lease cost of
$13 per month. Instructions for acquiring telematics for CG owned vehicles will
be sent separately.
3. Separately, COMDT (CG-43) is procuring telematics for 250 vehicles to test
functionality until GSA supplied telematics are available. COMDT (CG-43) will
coordinate installation with selected field units. After a reasonable trial and
test period, the devices and service payment will transition to the vehicle
owner or operator.
4. Government vehicles should always be operated in a safe manner and follow all
traffic laws. The National Safety Council Defensive Driving course is available
to employees to improve their driving habits. The course is available through
GSA Fleet Drive-thru at no cost. With prior supervisory approval, civilian
employees can complete this driver safety improvement course during duty hours.
5. COMDT (CG-43), SILC (FOB), and Regional Motor Vehicle Fleet Managers will
have access to telematics data. COMDT (CG-43) will establish a data management
plan that will allow periodic dissemination of reports to units and a mechanism
for units to request telematics data. The following data will be captured and
reported by the telematics device:
    a. Mileage.
    b. Engine hours (engine run time).
    c. Fuel type.
    d. Fuel consumption.
    e. Fuel consumption by type.
    f. Fuel cost.
    g. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
    h. Scheduled maintenance alerts.
    i. Vehicle speed and idle time.
    j. Auxiliary run time.
    k. Vehicle identification number (VIN).
    l. Vehicle fleet number.
    m. Vehicle year/make/model.
    n. Vehicle department, agency, program, office, sub-office.
    o. Data transmission date/time.
    p. Miles per gallon (lifecycle measure).
    q. Miles per gallon (calculations between fueling events).
    r. Miles per gallon (calculations based on user-defined time period).
    s. Track number of trips.
    t. Track the time and distance out from base until return.
    u. Accident data reporting.
    v. Vehicle collision data.
    w. Trouble code tracking.
    x. System diagnostics.
    y. GPS.
    z. Risky driver behavior.
    aa. Telematics device identification number.
    bb. Fluid levels (oil, transmission, coolant, and washer fluid).
    cc. Percentage engine oil life remaining.
    dd. Rapid acceleration event count.
    ee. Hard braking event count.
    ff. Maximum engine speed (RPM).
    gg. Hardware removal alarm.
    hh. Auto data transfer.
    ii. Home to work trips.
6. CG owned heavy-duty vehicles and some vehicles operating in foreign countries
are exempt from this requirement. COMDT (CG-43) will contact those units with
exempted vehicles.
7. POC: Mr. Michael Duren, COMDT (CG-435), 202-475-5678.
8. Released by RDML N. A. Moore, Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics.
9. Internet release is authorized.