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ALCOAST 276/19
1. President Lyndon Johnson established the White House Fellows
Program in 1964 to offer opportunities to gifted and highly
motivated young Americans to experience, first hand, governance
at the highest levels. The White House Fellows Program seeks talented
individuals from all sectors of our national life - private industry,
academia, medicine, military, law, the arts, and state and local
government. Civilian federal government employees are not eligible.
The White House selects 11-19 Fellows each year through a national
competition process.
2. Fellows serve for one year as special assistants to high ranking
officials of the executive branch, including cabinet secretaries and
senior members of the Executive Office of the President. Fellows also
participate in an extensive mandatory education program that augments
and enhances the work placement experience by providing weekly
speaker seminars, monthly community service engagements, and policy
trips to study various issues.
3. Fellows are chosen based on substantial records of professional,
educational, and public service accomplishment as well as
demonstrated promise to serve in more senior capacities in the
future. Military Fellows have typically been in the ranks O-3 to O-5,
hold a Bachelors and at least one graduate degree, and serve in
leadership roles in professional and community service organizations.
Bios of most recent White House Fellows are available at:
4. District Commanders and Commanding Officers should identify eligible
and high performing Coast Guard military officers and enlisted members
and personally encourage them to apply for this program.
5. Eleven Coast Guard officers have been selected to serve as White
House Fellows since program inception and six of them are still on
active duty and two are reservists. LCDR Elizabeth Gillis is a member
of the 2018-2019 WHF class and served in the U.S. Department of the
Treasury. LT (Reserve) Brian Churchill also is a member of the
2018-2019 WHF class and served in the Overseas Private Investment
Corporation. LCDR Linden Dahlkemper is a member of the 2016-2017
WHF class and served in the General Services Administration. LCDR
LaShanda Holmes is a member of the 2015-2016 WHF class and served in
the Office of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
administrator. CDR Kate Higgins-Bloom is a member of the 2014-2015
WHF class and served in the Office of the First Lady. CDR Anne OConnell
is a member of the 2012-2013 WHF class and served on the U.S. Domestic
Policy Council. LCDR (Reserve) Clay Pell is a member of the 2011-2012
WHF class and served in the U.S. National Security Council. CAPT Holly
Harrison is a member of the 2010-2011 WHF class and served in the
Office of the NASA administrator. CAPT (ret) Jonathan Spaner is a
member of the 2002-2003 WHF class and served on the White House
Homeland Security Council Staff.
6. An informational session for interested applicants will be held
Thursday, 19 SEP 2019 from 1400-1530 ET at Coast Guard Headquarters
Room 6K15-15. Telephone call-in number will be provided to facilitate
remote participation. CAPT Harrison, CDR Higgins-Bloom, LCDR
Gillis, LT (Reserve) Churchill and other WHF alumni will discuss the
application process, their fellowship experiences and answer questions.
If you are interested in participating, contact the COMDT (CG-0921)
POC listed in para 10.
7. The application process is managed entirely by the White House.
The Coast Guard plays no role in selecting candidates, therefore
Coast Guard applicants should not send applications via the chain of
command. However, individuals should inform COMDT (CG-0921) if they
intend to apply to the program. See POC information in para 10.
8. Application forms and all related information are accessible via
the White House Fellows website: Although the 2020-2021
schedule has not yet been announced, the online application will be
available 01 NOV 2019 and must be submitted with all supporting documents
by early JAN 2020. The fellowship year runs approximately 23 AUG to 23 AUG
9. COMDT (CG-0921) will sponsor applicants selected by the White House
Fellows Office for interviews. Individuals selected as Fellows will work
with CG Personnel Command to coordinate PCS transfer arrangements.
10. Direct additional questions to Michele Zauche at COMDT (CG-0921),
11. RADM Melissa Bert, Director of Governmental and Public Affairs, sends.
12. Internet release is authorized.