united states coast guard

23 AUG 19

ALCGRSV 046/19
1. The Reserve Personnel Management (RPM) Division announces
significant service changes to the Reserve Officer Career
Counseling (ROCC) system.
2. The ROCC provides career management counseling to Reserve
Officers with special emphasis on career decisions, pertaining
to assignment competitiveness and promotions.  ROCC services
were previously provided via interactive discussions on the
Skype for Business application with little accompanying
resources to access independently.
3. The new ROCC system consists of three lines of effort which
effectively communicate accurate career management advice, based
upon Reserve Officer selection board current trends, to the
widest audience possible.  These lines of effort are:
    a. The ROCC Guide,
    b. RPM outreach efforts, and
    c. Individual Reserve Officer Career Counseling sessions.
4. The ROCC Guide provides Reserve Officers an easily accessible
reference to better understand the assignment and selection
processes, improve assignment and promotion competitiveness, and
ultimately make informed career decisions.  The ROCC guide
provides a broad overview of a successful Reserve Officer career
path, based upon known Reserve Officer corps assignment,
retention, and promotion board actions.
    a. The ROCC Guide is accessible on the RPM-2 web site at
5. RPM outreach efforts provide units an annual on-site
assignment and career development presentation. FY funding
dependent, presentations are typically provided at no cost to
the hosting unit(s) and cover a vast array of topics benefiting
both Reserve Officers and enlisted members. 
    a. Primary season for roadshows are 01 June to 31 July and
01 November to 31 December. Availability will be more limited
outside of those windows due to the Reserve Assignment Year.
    b. Commands desiring a roadshow should email LCDR Erin
Bennett at with the subject line “RPM
Roadshow.”  Include a command point of contact, name of units
attending (if submitting a consolidated request), estimated
number of participants, and a preferred and alternate
presentation date(s).
    c. In lieu of an on-site road show, RPM can coordinate
unit-wide tele-conferences. 
6. Individual Reserve Officer Career Counseling sessions are
interactive discussions with a Reserve Assignment Officer,
normally conducted via telephone.  These individually tailored
sessions include a joint review of the member’s Employee Summary
Sheet and Electronic Individual Personal Data Record (EI-PDR),
a discussion of career paths, a review of the assignment process,
and recommendations for future assignments and professional
development opportunities to improve competitiveness. 
    a. Reserve Officers are required to read the ROCC Guide
entirely before requesting an Individual ROCC session.
    b. Officers should obtain a copy of their EI-PDR via the
Personnel Service Center-Business Operations Division prior to
the counseling session:
MR/PSC-BOPS-C-MR_PDR/.  Officers are highly encouraged to review
their record and have any questions or concerns ready for
discussion during the counseling session. Please note the typical
time needed for EI-PDR delivery is three working days.
    c. Officers requesting an Individual ROCC session should
email HQS-DG-CGPSC-RPM-ROCC with tentative dates and times of
availability.  RPM will reply and establish a firm appointment.
    d. Access to a Coast Guard standard workstation is not
required for these sessions if the officer has a copy of their
EI-PDR and Employee Summary Sheet. However, if the officer
schedules an appointment with access to a standard workstation,
RPM can use the Skype for Business application to show the
member exactly how records are organized as seen by boards and
7. The target audience for the ROCC system are junior officers
(O4 and below).  However, all officers are provided the
opportunity to discuss any aspect of their career with their
corresponding Assignment Officer.
8. CAPT Michael Batchelder, Chief, CG PSC-RPM, sends.
9. Internet release authorized.