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R 16 AUG 19
ALCGPSC 090/19 SUBJ: AY20 ADPL SENIOR EDUCATION AND FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMS (PHASE I) RESULTS 1. The report of the Senior Education and Fellowship Program (Phase I) Panel convened on 19 July 2019 recommending eligible captains on the Active Duty Promotion List (ADPL) for selection to the Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellows Program (SDCFP) and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) program has been approved. Primary and alternate selectees for these prestigious programs are listed below. A. Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellows Program (SDCFP) Primary: NO RANK NAME UNIT (AS OF PANEL CONCLUSION) 1 CAPT HARTNETT, RANDAL A. ALC COMMAND B. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Primary: 1 CAPT VANN, JOHN C. CGA COMMAND STAFF C. Alternates – listed in alphabetic order: NO RANK NAME UNIT 1 CAPT ESTRAMONTE, JAMES C. CGC MUNRO 2 CAPT FOSSE, CHARLES E. COMMANDANT (CG-1A) 3 CAPT GESELE, THOMAS W. SILC 4 CAPT KING, THOMAS H. D14 COMMAND CADRE 5 CAPT MARTIN, KIRSTEN R. NATIONAL MARITIME CENTER 6 CAPT OSGOOD, STEVEN F. CEU OAKLAND-PRODUCT LINE 7 CAPT PASSARELLI, JAMES A. D7 COMMAND CADRE 8 CAPT RANDALL, JEFFREY K. CGC JAMES 9 CAPT STANCLIK, GREGORY CGC POLAR STAR 10 CAPT STEWART II, BION B. SEC N CAROLINA CMD CADRE 2. The Panel’s membership and units are listed below: RANK NAME UNIT VADM Linda L. Fagan PACAREA (00) RADM Steven D. Poulin DDE LANT-53 SOUTHCOM RADM Todd A. Sokalzuk LANTAREA (09) RADM Keith M. Smith D5 COMMAND CADRE RADM David M. Dermanelian COMMANDANT (CG-6) RADM Andrew J. Tiongson D1 COMMAND CADRE 3. The precept that convened this panel and charged the members with their duties, and the COMDT's Guidance to PY20 Officer Selection Boards and Panels, are available at the following link: 4. The proceedings of the panel, including its deliberations and criteria for selection, cannot be disclosed to any person who was not a member of the panel. If there are any questions regarding the board process, please contact CAPT M. T. Brown, 5. Released by: CAPT P. N. Melnick, Deputy Commander, CG Personnel Service Center. The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource – Our People. 6. Internet release is authorized.