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R 141000 AUG 19
UNCLAS //N05760//
ALCOAST 266/19
1. The 2019 CGMA fundraising campaign runs from 15 August to 13 September. The theme this
year is Ready, Relevant, and Responsive. The official financial relief organization for the
Coast Guard, CGMA, is poised and ready to respond to financial needs within the Coast Guard
family. Since its beginnings in 1924, CGMA has rendered more than 200 million dollars in
assistance. Since the last fundraising campaign in April 2018, CGMA has provided $1.2 million
in loans and grants for disaster relief to over 500 CG members and their families. During this
same period, it has provided over $1.8 million in loans and grants as part of their regular
programs to over 1800 CG members and their families. In January of 2019 alone, CGMA provided
over $8 million in support during the government shutdown.
2. I encourage the broadest support for the campaign and want to emphasize two important
objectives: (1) to remind all hands that CGMA is indeed there to help in times of need, and (2)
to raise the funds necessary to continue its critical role on behalf of the CG Community. Such
funding allows CGMA to remain nimble and to respond expansively and quickly in times of
disaster, such as hurricanes and flooding. It is the generosity of CGMA donors that allow the
expansion of existing programs, plus the creation of new ones. Last year, CGMA was able to
implement a new program that provides reimbursements to our junior personnel undergoing a PCS
transfer for expenses not otherwise covered. This year, CGMA doubled the number of Education Loans
available to all CG personnel and their families. Most recently, CGMA implemented a program to
reimburse military and civilian families the cost of shipping breast milk. Continuing this legacy
of generosity is essential to CGMA's ability to expand current programs, and initiate new ones
when appropriate.
3. CGMA offers a helping hand to shipmates and co-workers in need through direct financial aid
and a wide range of programs and services. As a donor-supported, non-profit organization, CGMA
receives no federal funds and it must rely on our generosity and our desire to look after our own.
4. As the campaign gets underway, unit key workers will be asked to contact each active duty
military member and civilian employee. Selected Reserve members, retired military members and
members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary will be contacted by mail and are encouraged to respond using
the contribution forms provided. Please see the CGMA website for a complete list of local campaign
coordinators and links to donate:
5. For 95 years, CGMA has proven to be a valuable community resource. Through donations, great or
small, we can ensure CGMA remains strong and ready to serve our Coast Guard family for years to come.
6. For more information about CGMA, see your campaign key worker, contact your local CGMA
Representative, or visit:
7. VADM M. F. McAllister, Deputy Commandant for Mission Support, sends.
8. Internet release is authorized.