united states coast guard

R 051127 AUG 19
UNCLAS //N01650//
ALCOAST 255/19
1. I am pleased to announce the two Coast Guard recipients of the Women in Federal Law
Enforcement (WIFLE) Awards. These awards are sponsored by the WIFLE Foundation, a
not-for-profit organization working to promote the value that women bring to law
enforcement. The Julie Y. Cross Award recognizes an individual who displays an unusual
degree of courage, stamina, and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty,
resulting in exceptional heroic achievement in law enforcement. The Outstanding Federal
Law Enforcement Employee Award recognizes an individual who sustains a superior level
of performance and serves as a role model for women in law enforcement.
2. The Julie Y. Cross Award goes to ME3 Samantha Constant, CGC NORTHLAND. In addition
to serving as the unit’s sole Haitian Creole language interpreter, ME3 Constant stepped
up to serve as the unit’s lead law enforcement officer during a JIATF-S deployment after
an unexpected injury removed her division’s lead Petty Officer. Throughout the three-month
deployment, ME3 Constant served as the NORTHLAND’s primary Boarding Officer, leading
daily expeditions along the north coast of Haiti to deter illegal migration and to collect
valuable information about the state of affairs in the country. On 15 July 2018, ME3
Constant led the boarding of a 30-foot sailboat off the coast of the Bahamas that was
severely overcrowded with migrants. With the sailboat headed for shoal waters and 120
migrants onboard, including 17 children, ME3 Constant skillfully led the removal of the
migrants and maintained calm onboard the vessel, even after a panicked migrant leapt
from the sail boat into her arms in the small boat. Less than a week later, ME3 Constant
led a boarding of another sail freighter, tactfully convincing the operator and the 105
migrants onboard to turn around and cease their attempt at illegal migration. On 27 July
2018, ME3 Constant led a high-speed pursuit that resulted in the interdiction of a
low-profile motor vessel carrying 642 kilograms of cocaine. ME3 Constant meticulously
catalogued the significant amount of physical and photographic evidence, expertly
organizing the case package for prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. In addition
to the cocaine seizure, the boarding resulted in the apprehension and eventual prosecution
of six narco-traffickers, including one major transnational criminal organization leader
whom was sought by the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.
3. The Outstanding Federal Law Enforcement Employee Award goes to MK1 Chelsea Huff,
CG TACLET Pacific. Regarded as a “full service” operator, she conducted tactical operations,
led law enforcement training, assisted with engineering casualties, served as a French
linguist, and made drastic improvements to cutter readiness status when deployed onboard.
While assigned to TACLET Pacific, MK1 Huff distinguished herself by attaining nearly every
possible tactical law enforcement qualification, to include Tactical Operator, TACLET
Boarding Officer (BO), Emergency Medical Technician, Combat Lifesaver, Water Survival
Training Program-Master, Firearms Instructors, and Critical Incident Stress Management Team
to name a few. MK1 Huff devoted hundreds of hours of personal time to training and
developing fellow operators, resulting in the qualification of 56 TACLET and cutter law
enforcement officers. While deployed to three different CG cutters, MK1 Huff assisted
extensively with unit law enforcement training programs and machinery repairs, and supported
law enforcement operations that ultimately resulted in the seizure of 7,161 kilograms of
cocaine. Off-duty, MK1 Huff provided on-scene first response care and assisted EMS personnel
in four different traffic incidents. Notably, while deployed to HMCS BRANDON in the Eastern
Pacific Ocean, MK1 Huff performed valiant life-saving medical treatment on a fellow TACLET
operator who suffered from a massive, life-threatening brain hemorrhage. MK1 Huff maintained
constant care of the member during 13 continuous hours of transit involving a Mexican Marine
Fast Boat, Mexican Police Truck, a USCG C-130 flight, and two ambulance rides, arriving at
the Level 1 Trauma Center in San Antonio, TX. Throughout this time, MK1 Huff cared for her
shipmate, maintaining the member’s airway, providing continuous flow of oxygen, placing and
maintaining IVs and catheters, and checking vitals, all while maintaining communication with
the Flight Surgeon, BRANDON and TACLET commands.
4. I applaud the courageous and superior efforts of ME3 Constant and MK1 Huff. They brought
great credit upon the Coast Guard through their law enforcement actions. Bravo Zulu!
5. I also extend my congratulations to all of the superb CG nominees for the WIFLE Awards:
    A. ME2 Bianca Caraballo, CG TACLET South, Opa-Locka, FL;
    B. ME3 Alexandria N. Kern, CG MSRT West, San Diego, CA;
    C. ME3 Erin K. Kinne, CG TACLET Pacific, San Diego, CA;
    D. MK3 Alexis D. Knapp, CG STA Charleston, SC.
6. Ms. Dana S. Tulis, Acting Assistant Commandant for Response Policy, sends.
7. Internet release is authorized.