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R 01 AUG 19

ALCGPSC 082/19 SUBJ: PY20 ADPL CAPTAIN SELECTION BOARD RESULTS A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3A 1. The Secretary, acting for the President, has approved the report of the selection board convened on 8 Jul 2019 which recommended the following officers on the active duty promotion list (ADPL) for promotion to the grade of captain. Officers selected are listed below in ADPL precedence order: NO RANK NAME UNIT (AS OF BOARD CONCLUSION) 1 CDR SINCLAIR, MICHAEL R. COMMANDANT (CG-0921) 2 CDR HESTER, WESLEY H. THE FLETCHER SCHOOL 3 CDR MERCHANT, ZEITA HARVARD NAT SEC FELLOW 4 CDR JONES, ERIC J. MASS INST OF TECH-SDM 5 CDR FLORENTINO, AMY E. LDC OFF ACC & TRANSITIONS DEPT 6 CDR CILENTI, MICHAEL A. COMMANDANT (CG-821) 7 CDR POTTER JR, ROBERT H. PSC OPM-2 8 CDR WIKE, MOLLY A. SEC OHIO VAL CMD CADRE 9 CDR PITTS, SHANNON M. C4IT-BOD 10 CDR STONE, JOHN M. CGC MACKINAW 11 CDR ELDRIDGE, JEFFREY T. COMMUNITY SERVICES COMMAND 12 CDR JUDGE, WARREN D. C3CEN 13 CDR DREY, ERIC D. C27J ASSET PROJECT OFFICE 14 CDR DONOHUE, KEITH M. SEC LIS CMD CADRE 15 CDR DIAZ, JOSE E. D5 ENFORCEMENT BR (DRE) 16 CDR COUTU, CHRISTOPHER F. D17 LEGAL STAFF (DL) 17 CDR FAHEY, SEAN C. DD-PSC-SJA 18 CDR DUBAY, DAVID M. DDE-NAVAL WAR COLLEGE NEWPORT 19 CDR GUNNING, JASON B. COMMANDANT (CG-5P) 20 CDR POWERS, SCOTT B. AIRSTA KODIAK 21 CDR FANT, JOSHUA W. CEU PROVIDENCE-PRODUCT LINE 22 CDR KRAUTLER, BRIAN C. CGC MUNRO 23 CDR STOCKWELL, JENNIFER A. D5 INSP & INVEST BR (DPI) 24 CDR WOLFE, CHRISTOPHER G. SFLC ESD IN-SVC VSL SUSTAIN 25 CDR MAULE, BENJAMIN J. COMMANDANT (CG-5R) 26 CDR HANNIGAN, SEAN P. BASE BOS PERS SUPPORT DEPT (P) 27 CDR BRANDT, MARC LDC COMMAND & OPERATIONS DEPT 28 CDR BAER, MATTHEW J. SEC CHARLESTON RESPONSE DEPT 29 CDR KRAUSE, DIRK L. WATERWAYS OPERATIONS PL 30 CDR BROWN, RANDALL E. SS/ARMY WAR COLLEGE 31 CDR WARREN, DANIEL R. SEC SAN DIEGO LOGISTICS DEPT 32 CDR DENNING, KELLY K. D1 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM) 33 CDR ZLOMEK, MARC A. COMMANDANT (CG-LMI-R) 34 CDR DARCY, THOMAS C. SS/NAVAL WAR COLLEGE 35 CDR MORRISON, STEPHANIE A. NATIONAL COMMAND CENTER 36 CDR BERNSTEIN, KRISTI L. SEC DEL BAY RESPONSE DEPT 37 CDR ERICKSON, BRIAN C. AIRSTA SAVANNAH 38 CDR MEUSE, JOSEPH E. TACLET SOUTH COMMAND STAFF 39 CDR BATES, JONATHAN COMMANDANT (CG-9335) 40 CDR BRECHT, VERONICA A. BASE NEW ORLEANS 41 CDR HAMMOND, MATTHEW W. SS/NATIONAL DEFENSE UNIV 42 CDR GOLIGHTLY, BENJAMIN M. COMMANDANT (CG-2-EA) 43 CDR BRENNELL, JASON A. COMMANDANT (CG-MLE-1) 44 CDR ARRITT, WILLIAM L. TACLET PACAREA COMMAND STAFF 45 CDR SCOTT, RICHARD M. SEC UPPER MISS CMD CADRE 46 CDR HERNAEZ, EDWARD J. CGA CADET BRANCH 47 CDR MILLER, JOSHUA P. BASE NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION 48 CDR PRINDLE, CLINTON J. IST/JOINT MILITARY ATTACHE SCH 49 CDR LUSK, LEANNE M. SEC LAKE MICH CMD CADRE 50 CDR RAY, ARTHUR L. LANTAREA (00) 51 CDR WILLIAMS, ERIN E. LDC PERFORMANCE SUPPORT DEPT 52 CDR DEGEORGE, CARMEN S. LANTAREA (37) 53 CDR APITZ, BRADFORD E. DDE-PENTAGON WASHINGTON DC 54 CDR HUTLEY, TEDD B. COMMANDANT (CG-7214) 55 CDR ELY, JOHN A. COMMANDANT (CG-DCMS-821) 56 CDR PEREZ, JOSE SEC MIAMI PREVENTION DEPT 57 CDR LAM, TAYLOR Q. SEC BOSTON CMD CADRE 58 CDR MCCLAIN JR, LEON CG RECRUITING COMMAND 59 CDR KUPERMAN, MARK I. SEC ANCHORAGE CMD CADRE 60 CDR CARTER, JONATHAN A. COMMANDANT (CG-7512) 61 CDR PAPE, BRYAN C. DDE-USAFRICOM 62 CDR JOCA, ANDREW S. CEU JUNEAU - ASSET LINE 63 CDR MOORLAG, MATTHEW J. SEC N CAROLINA CMD CADRE 64 CDR COST, DANIEL H. MSU LAKE CHARLES 65 CDR LACHOWICZ, MICHAEL R. BROOKINGS INSTITUTE 66 CDR RODRIGUEZ, LUIS J. SEC KEY WEST CMD CADRE 67 CDR CRANE, THOMAS D. COMMANDANT (CG-7512) 68 CDR JACKSON, MICHAEL S. AIRSTA/SFO PORT ANGELES 69 CDR RHODES, RYAN S. COMMANDANT (CG-7411) 70 CDR CULVER, PATRICK A. COMMANDANT (CG-MLE-3) 71 CDR KELLY, BRAD W. DDE-RCMP OTTAWA CANADA 72 CDR WEBB, CHARLES E. AIRSTA TRAVERSE CITY 73 CDR MURPHY, MAURICE D. AIRSTA CLEARWATER 74 CDR MCGUINNESS, EUGENE D. MASS INST OF TECH-SDM 75 CDR URSINO, DANIEL R. CGC STEADFAST 76 CDR TROUP, TODD C. SEC COL RIVER LOGISTICS DEPT 77 CDR GRAHAM, JEFFREY R. AIRSTA MIAMI 78 CDR HENRY, JOHN COMMANDANT (CG-7611) 79 CDR ADLER, ERIN N. D11 LEGAL STAFF (DL) 80 CDR KEANE, DANIEL P. DD-SFLC NORFOLK 81 CDR WOITYRA, WILLIAM C. COMMANDANT (CG-WWM-3) 2. Officer selection boards review only officers' records and any communications from candidates directly to the board. The board is also given a roster of the eligible candidates listed in alphabetical order. Above and In-Zone officer rosters are combined, so the status of the officer is not discernible. Only the officer portion of a record is viewable by the board. 3. Ref A outlines the In-Zone Reordering tool available to all ADPL and RPA best-qualified promotion boards for ranks O-3 through O-6. The board chose to reorder seven of those chosen for promotion. These officers are listed at the top of the list in precedence order. 4. Promotion statistics for this board are provided below. There are many variables (e.g., changes in performance, group size, etc.) that will cause selection rates to fluctuate from year to year among groups. Documented, sustained high performance is the best way to remain competitive for promotion. 5. Stated opportunity for selection (OOS) In-Zone: 58% a. Actual Selection Rate In-Zone: (70/140 - 50%) b. Actual Selection Rate Above-Zone: (11/44 – 25%) c. Number of officers selected Below-Zone: 0 d. Number of officers selected for In-Zone Reordering: 7 e. Approved voluntary separations: 27 6. In-Zone selection rates by gender: a. Female: (10/19 - 53%) b. Male: (60/121 - 50%) 7. In-zone selection rates by race category: a. American Indian/Alaska Native: (0/1 - 0%) b. Asian: (0/1 - 0%) c. Black or African American: (4/6 – 67%) d. Multi Race: (4/8 -50%) e. Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: (0/0 - 0%) f. White: (57/112 - 51%) g. Declined to respond: (5/12 - 42%) 8. In-Zone selection rates by ethnicity category: a. Hispanic: (6/11 – 55%) b. Non-Hispanic: (60/119 – 50%) c. Declined to respond: (4/10 - 40%) 9. In-Zone selection rates by accession source: a. Academy: (49/92 - 53%) b. Appointment from Enlisted Status: (1/5 - 20%) c. Reserve Grad OCS: (10/19 - 53%) d. Appointment from other source: (9/21 - 43%) e. Appointment from other Reserve: (0/0 – 0%) f. Appointed Warrant Officer: (1/3– 33%) g. Direct Commission: (0/0 – 0%) 10. The Board's membership and units are: Rank Name Unit RADM Pat DeQuattro DDE-JIATIF SOUTH CAPT Edward M. St. Pierre LANTAREA (01) CAPT Michael E. Platt COMMANDANT (CG-092) CAPT Matthew W. Lake COMMANDANT (CG-932) CAPT LaDonn A. Allen SEC MOBILE CMD CADRE CAPT Amy B. Grable CG CYBER COMMAND CAPT Vasilios Tasikas COMMANDANT (CG-LMJ) 11. The precept which convened this board and charged the members with their duties, and the Commandant's Guidance to Promotion Year 2020 Officer Selection Boards and Panels are available at the following link: 12. The proceedings of the selection board, including its deliberations and criteria for selection, cannot be disclosed to any person who was not a member of the board. If there are any questions regarding the board process, please contact LCDR Ginny Nadolny, Chief, Boards Section, at and CWO Michele Natale at Questions regarding officer status or precedence should be directed to LT Sara Pepin at 13. Released by: CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, CG Personnel Service Center. The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource – Our People. 14. Internet release is authorized.