united states coast guard

R 17 JUL 19

ALCGENL 126/19
A. Military Separations, COMDTINST M1000.4 (series)
1. This ALCGENL provides a timeline and amplifying guidance for the 2020
SECB.  Similar to High Year Tenure (HYT), the title denotes the year in which
the members must retire.  For the 2020 SECB, active duty enlisted members in
paygrades E-7 to E-9 shall become candidates for SECB when they have greater
than or equal to 20 years, but less than 21 years of active military service,
and greater than or equal to 25 years, but less than 26 years of active
military service, on 31 December 2019.
2. SECB candidate criteria can be found in Ref (a).
3. The Time in Service (TIS) definition for active duty enlisted members
identified as 2020 SECB candidates is based on all military service reflected
in their Active Duty Base Date (ADBD) in Direct Access.  If a member believes
their ADBD is incorrect, they should initiate a request for a Statement of
Creditable Service (SOCS) through their unit admin office and immediately
notify CG PSC-EPM-1 of any corrections.  More information regarding the SOCS
process may be found at:
4. The initial list of 2020 SECB candidates will be posted on the CG PORTAL
page for CG PSC-EPM-1:
epm/SitePages/SECB.aspx.  By 1 August 2019, commands shall notify CG PSC-EPM-
1 of any assigned candidates who have been incorrectly identified.
a. CG PSC-EPM serves as the sole authority for exempting members from SECB. 
No member will be deemed exempt from SECB until commands receive confirmation
from CG PSC-EPM-1 that an exemption request is approved.
b. Please send all inquiries to CG PSC-EPM-1 at the following e-mail address:
5. 2020 SECB timeline:
a. 18 July 2019 – 18 August 2019: Candidates verify accuracy of their
electronically-imaged personnel data record (EI-PDR) and professional
information in Direct Access (i.e. awards, training history, competencies,
education, etc.).
b. September 2019: SECB held.
c. November 2019: Publish SECB statistics.  Candidates selected for non-
continuation will be individually notified of results via an e-mailed memo
response thru their respective command.
d. 1 September 2020: 2020 SECB candidates selected for non-continuation are
retired unless an earlier retirement date is approved.
6. It is each 2020 SECB candidate’s responsibility and in their best interest
to verify the contents of their EI-PDR.  Each candidate should review and
update their Direct Access service record information and work with their SPO
or admin office to ensure their EI-PDR is accurate and complete.  To obtain a
copy of your EI-PDR, please follow the direction on the following website:
7. SECB policy in Ref (a) does not allow candidates or commands to submit
statements to the board for consideration.  Furthermore, candidates selected
for non-continuation do not have the opportunity to appeal the decision of
the SECB approving authority, Commander, CG PSC.
8. SECB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are located on CG PSC-EPM-1 portal:  Questions
not answered by the FAQs should be directed to the following PSC-EPM-1 e-mail
address: ARL-PF-CGPSC-EPM-1-SECB(at)  Please allow up to five
business days for a response.
9. CG PSC-EPM-1 POCs: CDR A. L. Kirksey, (202)795-6565, LT M. J. Rice,
(202)795-6594, and YNC J. K. Richter, (202)795-6560.
10. CAPT S. Matadobra, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management Division, CG
Personnel Service Center, sends.
11. Internet release authorized.