united states coast guard

ALCGENL 125/19
A. Military Assignment and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A  
1. This message solicits candidates and outlines the application
process for members interested in an assignment to the Commandants
CGIS Protective Service Detail (PSD).
2. PSD is a rewarding and demanding position that frequently
requires long, irregular hours and adherence to high personal and
physical standards.  At the same time, it offers unique opportunities
for personal and professional development.  
   a. The PSD works under the supervision of CGIS Special Agents as
      part of a protective team, performing several functions in
      addition to driving. 
   b. Members assigned to the PSD receive specialized training,
      credentials, civilian clothing allowance, and authorization
      to wear the Commandants Staff ID Badge.
   c. This position requires the ability to effectively communicate
      across a broad spectrum of military ranks, government employees
      and the civilian population. 
   d. Maintaining firearms qualification on CGIS courses of fire
      is required.
   e. Satisfactory completion of a tour at the PSD will result in
      an assignment priority three.
3. Eligibility requirements: All members who are tour complete in
AY20 in pay grade E-5 who meet the minimum qualifications
for assignment to Special Duty specified in Ref A, Art 1.E.2 and
listed below are highly encouraged to apply.
   a. Applicants must be in excellent mental and physical condition
      and demonstrate superb personal character, reliability and
   b. Applicants must be an outstanding performer who can work
      independently, and possess exceptional maturity and sound
   c. Applicants must have a current Secret Clearance on file
      in Direct Access and be eligible for Top Secret clearance. 
      Additionally they must possess a current driver’s license,
      good driving record, and no domestic violence convictions that
      would preclude them from carrying firearms. 
   d. At a minimum, applicants are required to have graduated Boarding
      officer school and previously served as a Boarding Officer.
      DSF-Tactical Operator is the preferred competency for assignment,
      but not required. 
4. Applicants must submit a complete application package consisting
of a one page CG memorandum from the member explaining why they
desire this position. The command endorsement must specifically
address the members qualifications and eligibility per para 3,
including comments on performance, professionalism, grooming,
interpersonal skills, most recent Physical Fitness Test results,
and ability to successfully perform duties as PSD Tactical Driver.
If the member is not tour complete, commands must specifically
address any backfill requirements. The following will
be included in the package as enclosures:
   a. Employee review summary printed from Direct Access with your
      most recent evaluation included.
   b. Most recent signed member counseling receipt.
   c. Full length front and side profile photo in Tropical Blue
      uniform, uncovered.
   d. Credit disclosure authorization (DHS form 11000-9).
   e. SF-86 for past 10 years.
   f. CG-3029 for most recent Firearms Training and Evaluation – Pistol (FT&E-P).
   g. AOPS TMT report reflecting date of most recent Physical
      Fitness Test results.
5. An E-Resume must be submitted for position number 00013455,
in CGIS PROTECTIVE SERVICE DETAIL Department number 043912,
with specified command endorsement included in Direct Access.
6. Packages including the required enclosures listed above will
be submitted via email to the ME Assignment Officer, CWO W.R. Walper,
at William.R.Walper(AT)USCG.MIL.
7. Deadline for package and E-Resume submission is Friday, 2 September
8. PSC-EPM-2 POC: CWO W. Walper (202) 795-6617
9. Released by: LT C. Collins (202) 795-6578
10. Internet release authorized.