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R 12 JUL 19
ALCGOFF 096/19 SUBJ: AY20 CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER COMMAND SCREENING PANEL (CWOCSP) PROCESS A. PSCINST 1401.1 (series) GUIDANCE AND ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR OFFICER PERSONNEL BOARDS AND PANELS B. ALCGPSC 046/19, PY20 SCHEDULE OF OFFICER PERSONNEL BOARDS AND PANELS, PSCNOTE 1401 C. ALCGOFF 067/19, ASSIGNMENT YEAR 2020 OFFICER ASSIGNMENTS KICK OFF-TIMELINES, COMMUNICATIONS, AND OUTREACH 1. OVERVIEW: A. The AY20 Chief Warrant Officer Command Screening Panel (CWOCSP) will convene on 15 OCT 2019 to screen eligible CWO Boatswains for afloat and ashore command. To be considered by the CWOCSP, officers must meet the eligibility requirements detailed in Ref A and follow the instructions below. Officers who desire to be considered must submit a Panel Submission via Direct Access NLT 06 SEP 2019. 2. AY20 BOSN COMMAND SHOPPING LIST: The following BOSN commands will be screened by the AY20 CWOCSP. A. BOSN Afloat: CGC SAGINAW CGC BARBARA MABRITY CGC CUTTYHUNK CGC SMILAX CGC MARCUS HANNA CGC BUCKTHORN B. BOSN Ashore: CG STA SAND KEY CG STA MARBLEHEAD CG STA MAYPORT CG STA HOUSTON CG STA PASCAGOULA CG STA KEY WEST CG STA BELLINGHAM CG STA YAQUINA BAY CG STA BARNEGAT LIGHT CG STA MANASQUAN INLET CG NMLBS 3. PANEL SUBMISSION - Directions on how to submit an e-resume to screen for the CWOCSP are provided on the PSC-OPM Portal site within the CWO Assignments Folder. A. Log in to Direct Access B. In the "EMPLOYEE" box, click "Tasks" C. Select "My Panel Submissions" D. When the search screen appears, enter the following: Panel Source: Drop down menu to "Command Screening" then “Go” AD/Res Ind: Active Duty Bus Unit: Warrant Job Code: 201095 E. Click "Search" F. The CWO BOSN Afloat Cmd Screen Panel and the CWO BOSN Ashore Cmd Screen will appear. Check the "Apply” check box. If you desire to screen for both panels, check both boxes. G. Click the “Submit” button. If you are tour complete and not requesting a waiver, no command endorsement is required. Click "Save", this will complete your Panel Submission. You will not receive a confirmation email from Direct Access. H. If you are not tour complete, or do not fully meet the requirements in REF A, a waiver is required. Click the "Edit” button. All waiver requests must be addressed in the member comments. This is your one, and only, opportunity to request a waiver. I. In the “Endorser” field enter the EMPLID of the person endorsing your application. All BOSNs not tour complete in AY20 must have a command endorsement to screen. J. Click “Save”. The 1st Submitted Endorser will update to reflect the ID entered in the Endorser field. K. Click "Return to My Panel Submissions" and your application is complete. L. Officers unable to connect to Direct Access due to being underway or other extenuating circumstances may communicate their requests to screen via e-mail to the POC listed in Para 6. However, in such instances officers must follow up with a Panel Submission as soon as Direct Access connectivity is available. 4. ELIGIBILITY CONFIRMATION AND WAIVER REQUESTS - PSC-OPM will release an initial candidate confirmation message on or about 25 SEP 2019 listing all members who have requested and are found eligible to screen for command. Since Ref A and the screening request procedures cannot cover every possible situation concerning eligibility, PSC-OPM will consider written waiver requests on a case-by-case basis while remaining consistent with the intent of the approved criteria. The initial candidate confirmation message will include the results of all waiver requests. 5. All members should verify their Direct Access information is up to date and accurate. 6. POC - The CWOCSP coordinator is CWO2 Bryan.M.Kaseman at (202) 795-6462, e-mail: CAPT M. Brown Chief, PSC-OPM, sends. 7. Internet release authorized.