united states coast guard

09 JUL 19

ALCGENL 119/19
A. OFCO 016-19 - Commission CGC MYRTLE HAZARD (WPC 1139)
B. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
C. Screening for Overseas Duty, PSCINST 1300
1. In accordance with reference A, PSC-EPM-2 is soliciting candidates
for the pre-commissioning crew of USCGC MYRTLE HAZARD (WPC-1139), the
first FRC homeported in Santa Rita, Guam. Standard tour length for all
members is two years. Successful completion of this tour will
constitute an assignment priority two upon completion.
2. The Coast Guard is scheduled to take delivery of CGC MYRTLE HAZARD
on or about 2 June 2020. Members will be assigned a report date of 1
January 2020 for E-5 and above, 15 March 2020 for E-4 and below. Open
positions are as follows:
Rate/Rank POSN NBR POSN Title City
BMC             19379054        OPS             Santa Rita, Guam
BM1             19379032        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
BM1             19379033        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
BM2             19379034        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
BM2             19379035        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
BM3             19379036        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
CS1             19379039        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
EM1             19379043        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
EM3             19379051        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
ET2             19379053        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
MKC             19379052        EPO             Santa Rita, Guam
MK1             19379040        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
MK2             19379041        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
MK3             19379042        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
DC2             19379037        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
GM2             19379038        DUTY            Santa Rita, Guam
3. Application Procedures: Interested candidates shall submit a
command endorsed e-resume in Direct Access no later than 1 August
2019. Commands shall address all required endorsements including overseas
screening comments as per references B and C for any overseas positions.
Leave any MYRTLE HAZARD positions on any future e-resume submission as
well. Members should also send an email through their chain of command to
the POCs listed in paragraph 5. Any commands that have backfill concerns
due to the early report date should include that concern in the e-resume
or via email. Additionally, DCs and GMs must receive an Independent Duty
command endorsement in accordance with reference B, Ch 1.C.16, that
specifically addresses the member’s leadership ability, rating knowledge,
ability to work unsupervised, and initiative.
4. All positions require a Secret security clearance. Members applying
must either have a current security clearance or eligible to receive a
security clearance.
5. As a reminder, candidates should ensure their EI-PDR is complete
and accurate (e.g. CG-4082, CG-3307s, awards, and academic transcripts).
Members can request a copy of their official record by submitting a
signed CG memo via e-mail to
Members are also encouraged to review their ESS in CGBI. The ESS
provides a consolidated view of their information as it appears in
Direct Access. This serves as a means for every Coast Guard member to
review their personal data and to ensure the information in Direct
Access is up to date and accurate.
6. PSC-EPM-2 Assignment Officer POCs:
   A. BM: CWO S. Stone,, 202-795-6607
   B. CS1: CWO W. Lorenzo,, 202-795-6595
   C. DC: CWO T. Lovvorn,, 202-795-6592
   D. EM: CWO R. Amador,, 202-795-6586
   E. ET: CWO G. Sandness,, 202-795-6581
   F. GM: CWO M. Cortor,, 202-795-6613
   G. MK: CWO K. Yoder,, 202-795-6589
7. Released by: CAPT S. Matadobra, PSC-EPM.
8. Internet release authorized.