The Retiree Newsletter and CG Retiree Services Program Guide

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Retiree Newsletter Readership:  Accessible below are the July 2019 edition of The Retiree Newsletter and updated CG Retiree Services Program Guide (Tri-Fold).  Copies of both are also being mailed to individuals on the paper mailing list.  The Tri-Fold may be locally printed "flipping on short edge."  This is also a reminder that the October 2019 Retiree Newsletter will be the last paper mailing, with exception of those notifying me they are without internet access, requesting continued paper mailing.

July Newsletter:


RSP Tri-Fold:


Bob Hinds, MS

Retiree Services Program Manager

USCG Commandant (CG-13)

Office: 202-475-5451


USCG CWO4 (Ret), Honorary CG MCPO