united states coast guard

31 MAY 2019

ALCGPSC 058/19
A. Screening for Overseas Duty, PSCINST 1300.1
B. ALCGPSC 033/18
1.  All supervisors are responsible to ensure the readiness, relevance, and responsiveness of military personnel assigned under their office or command.  Serving in an overseas assignment presents unique challenges that require a more complete screening of members and their dependents to determine the ability to live and be supported by the Coast Guard at these locations.  Lessons learned dictated a thorough review of existing overseas screening requirements to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the process. In an effort to re-prioritize and streamline the assignment and transfer of personnel to overseas locations, Personnel Service Center provides the following updated guidance on screening for overseas duty. 
2. This guidance is intended for immediate use for AY20 and will be included in the forthcoming revised PSCINST 1300.1 publication. Until the release of this publication, all other guidance provided in references (a) and (b) remain in effect.
3.  Overseas Screening is no longer required for assignments within the city of Anchorage, Alaska or within the island of Oahu, Hawaii. 
4. Overseas Screening shall continue to be conducted for all other overseas assignments.
5.  A full medical pre-screening is no longer required prior to submission of an e-resume as long as the member and the departing command have confirmed there are no indications of a member being unsuitable for overseas assignment.  Members and their commands shall review the CG-1300 series forms from reference (a) to determine suitability and support command endorsement of the e-resume.  HSWL Regional Manager approval is still required upon receipt of orders and prior to execution of travel. Any members currently in the process of conducting a full medical pre-screening prior to requesting overseas assignment in their e-resume are authorized to cease unless specifically directed otherwise by their command or primary health care provider.
6. Personnel Service Center will waive the overseas screening requirements for members assigned OCONUS in receipt of no-cost orders provided they meet the following conditions:
a. The member’s new and old unit have the same support services (medical, educational, etc.) available to meet the member’s and any dependents’ needs.
b. There have not been any significant changes in either the member or any of their dependents’ needs and service provider availability resulting in a support gap.
c. The member’s number of dependents has neither increased nor is it expected increase beyond the maximum allowed for overseas assignment.
7.  OCONUS members in receipt of no-cost orders who believe they meet all conditions listed in paragraph 6 shall review the CG-1300 series forms from reference (a) and submit a memo certifying their eligibility to waive the screening process through their command to their HSWL Regional Manager for approval. A template of this memo is located at the PSC Overseas Screening portal site ( Members who fail to accurately represent their needs and those of their dependents may face personal hardship as a result of continued OCONUS assignment.
7. OCONUS members in receipt of no-cost orders who do not meet the above eligibility requirements shall proceed with the overseas screening process as laid out in reference (a).
8.  Released by:  CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, CG Personnel Service Center.  The Service Center for our Most Important Resources – Our People.
9.  Internet release authorized.