united states coast guard

02 MAY 19

ALCGPSC 048/19
1. Per GTCC Program e-mails previously sent to all cardholders, the travel card provider transition
from JPMC to CITI is scheduled for 6 May 2019.  On this date, cardholders should stop using their
previously issued JPMC travel cards and start using their new CITI Travel Cards. 
2. Card Activation.  As of 30 April, over 17,000 or 40% of the new CITI travel cards have yet to
be activated as required.  Cardholders are reminded that they must activate the new CITI card
immediately upon receipt. 
    a. To activate the card, go to or call CITI at 877-905-1861.  After
activation, cardholders should access their account information by following instructions for the
CITI Manager System at:
    b. Cardholders who did not receive the new card or accidently shredded it, should call CITI at
800-790-7206 and hit # each time the system asks for the account number.  After three entries of #,
the caller will get a CITI Customer Service Representative.  They will ask for the caller’s SSN to
pull up the account.  The caller should let the agent know they are with DHS/USCG under
SMARTPAY3 and the account is not yet active.  If the representative cannot find the account, the
caller should ask for a supervisor.  Once verified by CITI, the caller should ensure their mailing
address is correct and then request the current account be closed as LOST/STOLEN and reissued. 
3. ADTRAV Profiles and Pending Travel Reservations.  No action is required by travel

cardholders.  On 5 May, the GTCC Program will update all travel profiles within the
RezDesk/GetThere systems to reflect the new CITI Travel Card numbers.  ADTRAV will then
update all travel reservations pending ticketing to ensure the new CITI card is charged.  This
update will result in a full service fee being charged even if the reservation was booked on line
(self service). 
4. Personnel who are not current cardholders and need to apply for a card, should follow the
guidance posted on our website for how to apply for a travel card: . 
The process posted on this site has been updated to reflect the new CITI application process.
5. Each cardholder is encouraged to review the Transition FAQ available at under the Transition from JPMC to CITI for Travel Charge Cards
***Important News!!!*** section. 
6. All other questions should be directed as follows:
    a. Cardholders and travel card applicants shall direct GTCC questions to their unit GTCC Travel
Manager. Members can determine who their supporting Travel Managers are under the contacts
page located at .
    b. GTCC Travel Managers: direct questions to Ms. Carlene Curry at 703-258-5996,, or Mr. Matt Ruckert at 703-201-3080,
7. Released: CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, Personnel Service Center. The Service Center for
Our Most Important Resource – Our People.
8. Internet release is authorized.