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ALCOAST COMMANDANT NOTICE                             CANCEL DATE   29 APR 2020

R 301331 APR 19
UNCLAS //N01000//
ACN 039/19
A. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, COMDTINST M1020.8 (series)
1. As announced by the Commandant in the 2019 State of the Coast Guard (SOTCG) address, a
diverse, cross-enterprise team was recently established to comprehensively review CG Weight and
Body Fat standards and the effectiveness of the current weight program. This team will make
recommendations to modernize CG policy with an eye toward mission readiness, personnel wellness,
and processes that preserve the dignity of our members. This joint administrative and medical
review will be conducted by a core group (COMDT (CG-13)), CG-PSC, and the Personnel Readiness
Task Force (PRTF)), and augmented by an adjunct group of leaders and policy research experts, to
define personal readiness and what the CG weight program should seek to accomplish.
2. The recently published Women’s Retention Study (WRS) noted that some participants perceive
inequities with current standards. It also raised concerns over the process used to measure body
fat through taping. Additionally, the stress many members may experience trying to “make weight
/body fat” may lead to unhealthy choices. This wide-ranging review will compare the current
program with our sibling Services, research healthy weight management guidelines, and leverage
modern healthcare practices. The team will provide recommendations to the Vice Commandant in July.
3. During this review period, the current CG weight and body fat standards in REF (A) will be
enforced. However, PSC-OPM, EPM and RPM will place on hold the processing of all separation
packages resulting from non-compliance with weight and body fat standards. The effective period
of this abeyance will end when the review is complete and all recommended policy changes are
implemented and announced by ACN. All members who currently do not meet CG standards during the
April weigh in period and those who have a separation package pending must continue to work
toward compliance with current standards.
4. Commands shall continue to process members who do not comply with REF (A) for separation and
forward the separation packages to OPM, EPM, or RPM, respectively, IAW existing timelines. This
abeyance is administrative only and does not change any CG member’s requirement to comply with
existing standards.
5. Accordingly, any member that is found non-compliant with existing standards in REF (A)
during the abeyance period and/or after the April 2019 weigh-in must be counseled appropriately.
Specifically, the member shall be counseled that:
    a. They do not meet existing weight and body fat standards and shall be placed on probation or
processed for separation IAW REF (A);
    b. A final processing of their discharge package will be temporarily suspended until the
review period is completed and an updated policy is announced;
    c. Once the abeyance is cancelled and any updated policy has been announced, they will be
required to meet the applicable standards;
    d. If they fail to meet the applicable standards following cancellation of the abeyance, they
will be processed IAW updated policy.
6. During the abeyance period, any member who has been recommended for separation (PSC has
received and validated a separation package) and who is retirement eligible and/or has reached
their end-of-enlistment (EOE) will be given the option to continue toward separation, extend
their enlistment pending weight policy review, or proceed with retirement.
7. All other policies in REF (A) remain in effect, including evaluations, advancements/promotions,
training, and PCS entitlements provisions.
8. Commands should immediately notify OPM, EPM, or RPM if any member, for whom a discharge package
was submitted, meets existing weight provisions so that separation orders can be cancelled.
9. Policies and standards in REF (A) not specifically addressed in this ACN remain unchanged.
REF (A) will be updated to reflect these changes and will be released within the next year.
10. Questions regarding this policy or other human resource management matters may be directed to
the Office of Military Personnel (CG-133) at:
11. Released by RDML M. W. Sibley, Acting Assistant Commandant for Human Resources.
12. Internet release is authorized.