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R 161120 APR 19
UNCLAS //N01401//
ALCOAST 125/19
B. COMDT (CG-5RI) MEMO 3500 OF 14 MAR 2019
1. The 2018-2019 CG NIMS ICS Competency Review Board convened 18 - 22 MAR 2019, per REF (A)
established by REF (B).
2. The Type 1 and Type 2 National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS)
Competency Review Board was established by REF (B) to recommend Coast Guard personnel who have
demonstrated expertise and proficiency in ICS. The Review Board is a fully qualified board.
NIMS ICS competencies are established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and
Coast Guard certification of members in these positions transcend the Coast Guard competency
management system as a nationally recognized professional certification. The Coast Guard ICS
Competency Review Board is modeled after the National Wildland Fire Coordination Group ICS
Competency Review process to ensure the highest level of rigor and standardization for Type 1
and Type 2 ICS position certification.
3. The 2018-2019 CG NIMS ICS Competency Review Board reviewed 124 applications resulting in
114 certifications recommended.
4. COMDT (CG-5RI) approved the recommendations from the Review Board and found the following
members to have achieved NIMS ICS certifications as indicated below:
    A. NIMS ICS Type 1 Incident Commander (ICT1)
        CAPT Day, Michael
        CAPT Howes, Richard
        CAPT Smith, Jason
        CAPT Stoermer, Scott
        CDR Reinhard, David (Note 2)
        CDR Thorkilson, Kelly
        CDR Workman, Brett
        LCDR Kuk, Brownie
    B. NIMS ICS Type 2 Incident Commander (ICT2)
        CAPT Carroll, Kevin
        CAPT Collins, Dwight
        CAPT Hiigel, Joanna
        CAPT Ryan, Jason
        CAPT Vinciguerra, Aldante
        CDR Derrenbacher, Matthew
        CDR Lovejoy, John
        CDR Mack, Bruce
        CDR McKinstry, William
        CDR Wong, Nicholas
        LCDR Ferguson, Joel
        LCDR Le Monde, Amanda
        LCDR Shaner, Bonnie
    C. NIMS ICS Type 1 Liaison Officer (LOFR1)
        CAPT Lafferty, Miriam
        CDR Adams, Regina
        CDR Duncan, Gregory
        CDR Fitzgerald, John
        CDR Osburn, Heather
        LCDR Frieden, Nicholas
        LT Nguyen, Jason
        AUX Gleason, Joseph (Note 2)
    D. NIMS ICS Type 2 Liaison Officer (LOFR2)
        CDR Murphy, Natalie
        LT D’Lima, Luke
        LT Kerscher, Patrick
        LTJG Juback, Eric
    E. NIMS ICS Type 1 Public Information Officer (PIO1)
        Mr. Dye, Joseph
    F. NIMS ICS Type 2 Public Information Officer (PIO2)
        LCDR Kimmel, Marvin
        LT Connor, David
        PAC Kneen, Crystalynn (Note 1)
        PAC Nash, Robert
    G. NIMS ICS Type 1 Safety Officer (SOFR1)
        CDR Gillman, Meredith
        CDR Oyster, Carolyn
        LT Walsh, Chrisy
        MSTC Nystrom, Bryan
        Mr. Cofresi, Antonio
    H. NIMS ICS Type 2 Safety Officer (SOFR2)
        LCDR Spolarich, Matthew
        BOSN4 Runt, Christopher
        MSTC Gray, Kristin
        BM1 McHugh, Michael
    I. NIMS ICS Type 1 Operations Section Chief (OSC1)
        CDR Reinhard, David
        CDR Wirth, Tracy
        LT Fitch, Jacqueline
    J. NIMS ICS Type 2 Operations Section Chief (OSC2)
        CDR Adams, Regina
        CDR Beck, Kevin
        CDR Lovejoy, John
        LCDR Collins, James
        LCDR Jackson, Raymond
        LCDR Martinez, Alberto
        LCDR Riutta, Aaron
        LCDR Seda, Max
        LCDR Smith, Scott
        LT Davis, James
        LT Heflin, Lloyd
        LT Hoffman, Jillian
        LT Shamilov, Rafael
        LT Undeck, Kevin
        LTJG Martin, Matthew
        MSTC McClellan, Sheridan
    K. NIMS ICS Type 1 Air Operations Branch Director (AOBD1)
        Mr. Cutts, Brian
    L. NIMS ICS Type 2 Air Operations Branch Director (AOBD2)
        CDR Aldous, David
    M. NIMS ICS Type 1 Planning Section Chief (PSC1)
        CDR Phillips, Catherine
        CDR Rubini, Jeffrey
        CDR Russell, Sharon
        LCDR Hawthorne, Andrew
        LT Nguyen, Jason
        LT Sinclair, Andrew
    N. NIMS ICS Type 2 Planning Section Chief (PSC2)
        CDR Drozdowski, Tad
        LCDR Buendia, Elizabeth
        LCDR Martinez, Alberto
        LCDR McKinnon, Renee
        LCDR Schell, Martin
        LCDR Shupe, Danielle
        LT Hoffman, Jillian
        LT McClellan, Aaron
        MSTC Gray, Kristin
        Ms. Amaral, Jennifer (Note 2)
        Mr. Moomaw, Robert
    O. NIMS ICS Type 1 Demobilization Unit Leader (DMOB1)
        MST1 Lipscomb, Ronald
    P. NIMS ICS Type 2 Maritime Transportation System Recovery Unit Leader (MTSL2)
        Mr. Albrough, John
        Mr. Dolbow, Frederick
    Q. NIMS ICS Type 1 Resource Unit Leader (RESL1)
        MSSD2 Wells, Ashley
    R. NIMS ICS Type 2 Resource Unit Leader (RESL2)
        LT O’Laughlin, Sean
        MSTC Hasenauer, Terry
    S. NIMS ICS Type 1 Situation Unit Leader (SITL1)
        LCDR Collins, James
        LCDR Rossetti, Johna
        LT O’Laughlin, Sean
    T. NIMS ICS Type 2 Situation Unit Leader (SITL2)
        LCDR Kenshalo, Krystal
        LT Foote, Rachel
        LT Harrington, Peter
        MSTC Gray, Kristin
    U. NIMS ICS Type 1 Logistics Section Chief (LSC1)
        LCDR Couch, James
        LT Case, Sarah
        Mr. Olsen, Tobias
    V. NIMS ICS Type 2 Logistics Section Chief (LSC2)
        CDR Joca, Andrew
        LCDR Dehnz, Arthur
    W. NIMS ICS Type 1 Communication Unit Leader (COML1)
        OSS3 Tidey, Joshua
        OSCS Presson, Aaron
    X. NIMS ICS Type 1 Ground Support Unit Leader (GSUL1)
        MKCS Hosking, Brian
    Y. NIMS ICS Type 1 Supply Unit Leader (SPUL1)
        SK2 Stevens, Cassidy
    Z. NIMS ICS Type 1 Finance Section Chief (FSC1)
        F&S4 Hurst, Kevin
        F&S3 Martin, Robert
    AA. NIMS ICS Type 2 Finance Section Chief (FSC2)
          LT Roman, Josue
          F&S2 Bishop, Stephen
    BB. NIMS ICS Type 2 Administration Unit Leader (ADMN2)
          LTJG Pope, Allison
    CC. NIMS ICS Type 1 Cost Unit Leader (COST1)
          LTJG Pope, Allison
    DD. NIMS ICS Type 2 Time Unit Leader (TIME2)
          LTJG Pope, Allison
(Note 1) - Indicates conditional certification. Position specific training must be completed
prior to final certification. Specific course requirements will be noted in the correspondence
sent to the member.
(Note 2) – Indicates recertification.
5. Competency Review Board membership and NIMS ICS certifications:
Name NIMS ICS certification
     Mr. Kevin Sligh, Board President ICT1
     CDR Tedd Hutley ICT1
     Mr. Zachary Pickett PSC1/ICT2
     LCDR Chris Kimrey OSC1/PSC2
     Ms. Angela Vallier PSC1/SITL1/RESL1
     Mr. David Mergenthaler LSC1
     PAC Mariana O’Leary PIO1
     BM1 Kenny Tucker SOFR1/OSC2
     MST2 Chris Gibson FSC1
     LT Amber Larson served as Board Secretary and COMDT (CG-CPE-2) Representative during the
Review Board process.
6. Members seeking to apply for Type 1 and Type 2 NIMS ICS certification should consult their
unit ICS Coordinator. Application guidance, Recognition Worksheets, Checklist, support forms,
and examples can be found on the COMDT (CG-CPE-2) ICS Coordinator Portal Page:
7. The following timeline is established for future Type 1 and Type 2 application submissions:
    A. Applications are due to the District ICS Coordinators / Mission Support Organization /
Assistant Commandants by 01 NOV of each year.
    B. Applications are due to the Area / DCMS / HQ ICS Coordinators by 15 DEC of each year.
    C. Applications are due to COMDT (CG-CPE-2) by 01 FEB of each year.
    D. The Board will be held in MAR of each year.
8. Competency Review Board proceedings cannot be disclosed to anyone who was not a member of the
Board. Questions regarding the Board process should be directed via the unit ICS Coordinator to
LT Amber Larson, COMDT (CG-CPE-2), Office of Contingency Preparedness and Exercise Policy, at:
202-372-2042 or
9. Ms. Dana S. Tulis, Director of Coast Guard Incident Management and Preparedness, sends.
10. Internet release is authorized.