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R 081002 APR 19
UNCLAS //N01524//
ALCOAST 114/19
A. Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2015, Public Law 114-120
B. Performance, Training and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10 (series)
1. This ALCOAST lists the anticipated AY20 Training Allowance Billet (TAB)
allocations for military, non-senior service school, and academic programs in
support of Coast Guard advanced education requirements. Congress has not
released Coast Guard appropriations for FY20. Accordingly, this ALCOAST
anticipates TAB allocations based on FORCECOM projections from previous
Coast Guard allocations in FY18 and FY19. Anticipated AY20 TAB allocations
in this ALCOAST remain subject to future modification by FORCECOM. Per
REFs (A) and (B), FORCECOM anticipates allocating 172 TABs for AY20.
2. The following alphabetical list identifies undergraduate and graduate
programs of study, program manager and the anticipated number of
AY20 TAB allocations:
Program                                        Program Manager/Staff                   AY20 TAB Allocations
Academy Company Officer               
Leadership Studies:                        CDR Edward Hernaez, CGA                          2
Academy Instructor:                       CAPT Gregory Hall, CGA                              7
Acquisition Systems/Project  
Management                                   LT Joseph Blinsky, CG-921                         1
ACET (O):                                       LCDR David Pipkorn, DCMS-81                   1
ACET (E):                                       LCDR David Pipkorn, DCMS-81                   3
Advanced Dentistry:                        CAPT Scott Brown, OPMED                         1
Advanced JPME (SAMS/SAW)           LCDR Patrick McMahon, CG-ODO-2             2
Aero Eng Avionics
Management:                                 CDR Scott Powers, CG-41                          2
Aero Eng STEM MBA                        CDR Scott Powers, CG-41                         1
Aero Eng Structures:                       CDR Scott Powers, CG-41                         2
Army SGMs Academy (E):                MKCS Christopher Wilson, CG-128            2
Asia Pacific Center for
Security Studies:                             LT Kiley Johnson, DCO-I                          1
Aviation Maintenance Tech (E):        AMTCM Kit Harris, DCMS-81                     1
Aviation Safety Systems:                 LCDR Adam Young, CG-1131                    2
C4IT Strategic Management:            LCDR David Pipkorn, DCMS-81                 1
Chemical Engineering:                     LT Jake Lobb, CG-ENG-5                          1
Civil Engineering:                            LT Rachel Benedetto, CG-438                   7
Civil Engineering Management:         LT Rachel Benedetto, CG-438                  1
Civil Engineering MBA:                     LT Rachel Benedetto, CG-438                  1
Civil Engineering Technology:           LT Rachel Benedetto, CG-438                  1
Command and Staff (JPME1):           LCDR Michael Bell, CG-ODO-1                 9
Communications, Computer,
and Electrical Engineering:              LCDR David Pipkorn, DCMS-81                 3
Contract Management (CWO)          LCDR Omar Barajas, DCMS-81                 1
Culinary Management (E):              CSCM Justin Reed,   DCMS-81                  1
Damage Control Industrial Tech:     DCCM Andrew Minter, DCMS-81               1
Electrical Power
Systems & Controls:                      LT Kevin Kuhn, CG-ENG-3                        2
Emergency Management:               LCDR Jeanita Jefferson, CG-CPE               2
Environmental Management:          LT Matthew Edes, CG-MER                       3  
Financial Accounting (E)                 SKCM George Bou, DCMS-81                   1
Financial Management:                  LCDR Kalen Kenny, CG-81                       7
Fire Protection Eng:                       LT Alexandra Miller, CG-ENG-4                 1
Healthcare Admin (E):                   HSCM Michael Aviles, DCMS-81                1
Healthcare Admin (Graduate):        LCDR Preston Hieb, CG-112                     2
Homeland Security:                       LT Anthony Ippolito, CG-MSR-1                1
Human Resource Management:      CDR Katrina Harper, CG 1B1                    1
Human Systems Integration:         LCDR Rebecca Fosha, CG-1B3                  1
Industrial Engineering:                  LCDR Roger Barr, CG-1B4                        1
Industrial Hygiene:                       CDR Carolyn Oyster, CG-1131                  1
Information Assurance:                 LCDR David Pipkorn, DCMS-81                 2
Information Technology
Management:                               LCDR David Pipkorn, DCMS-81                 7
International Affairs
(Olmstead Program):                    LCDR Kristen Hahn, DCO-I                       1
International Affairs Policy:           LCDR Mark Brass, DCO-I                          1
Law (JD)(O/E):                            LCDR Rebecca Shults, CG-094                  7
Law (LLM):                                  LCDR Rebecca Shults, CG-094                  3
Marine Affairs/Living Marine
Resources:                                  LCDR Eric Quigley, CG-MLE-4                   2
Marine Engineering:                     LT Braden Rostad, CG-ENG-2                   7
Marine Science/Oceanography:     Mr. Jonathon Berkson, CG-WWM-1           1
Maritime Operations:                   LCDR Peter Francisco, CG-741                  1
Mechanical Engineering:              LT Kevin Kuhn, CG-ENG-3                        1
MITRE System Engineering:         CDR Sara Wallace, CG-771                      1
National Security Agency
(NSA/CSS) Fellowship:                LT Mary Kate Wheeler, CG-21                  1   
Naval Engineering:                      LCDR Jeffrey Zamarin, CG-452                7
Naval Engineering Technology:     LCDR Jeffrey Zamarin, CG-452                1
Naval Institute Fellowship:           LCDR Michael Bell, CG-ODO-1                 1
Ocean Engineering:                     LT Rachel Benedetto, CG-438                  1
Operations Research:                  LCDR Gregory Higgins, CG-126               3
Organizational Leadership:          CWO Nicole McKenzie, CG-128                1
Performance Technology (E):       LCDR Kyle Weist, FC-T                           1
Performance Technology (O):       LCDR Kyle Weist, FC-T                          4
Physician Assistant (O):               CDR Charlene Criss, CG-1121                2
Physician Assistant (E)(Note 1):   CDR Charlene Criss, CG-1121                8
Psychiatric Fellowship (Note 2):   CDR Charlene Criss, CG-1121                2
Public Administration:                 LCDR Tim McNamara, DCO-81               4
Public Affairs (E):                       CWO Kurt Fredrickson, CG-0922            1
Public Affairs (O):                       CWO Kurt Fredrickson, CG-0922           2
Reserve Resource Management:  CDR Thomas Gwilliam, CG-131             1
Strategic Intelligence (E):           LT Mary Kate Wheeler, CG-21               6
Strategic Intelligence (O):           LT Mary Kate Wheeler, CG-21              10
Transportation Management:       LCDR Eric Stahl, CG-WWM-1                1
Western Hemisphere Institute
for Security Cooperation:             Mr. Joe Castaneda, DCO-I                   1
Yeoman Business Administration
and Management (YNBA):            YNCM Patricia Pilkington, DCMS-81      1
Total                                                                                                 172
Note 1: This is a commissioning program for the enlisted workforce,
program details and application deadlines will be sent SEPCOR by OPM
and COMDT (CG-1121).
Note 2: Designated for Physician Assistants with a minimum of 1-year of
clinical practice to work at Regions Hospital developing a specialty in
psychiatric care. Contact COMDT (CG-1121) POC for additional details.
3. Solicitation messages for each program will be released SEPCOR and
provide detailed information for these academic specialties. The SEFP
solicitation ALCOAST will be released by PSC-OPM.
4. Per REF (B), candidates will incur a service obligation in addition to
any previously obligated service.
5. Summary:
   a. Total number of programs requesting TABs: 71
   b. Number of TABs awarded/requested: (172/230 – 74%)
   c. Officer TABs 146, Enlisted TABs 26
   d. DCMS TABs awarded/requested: (83/125 – 66%)
   e. DCO TABs awarded/requested: (61/78 – 77%)
   f. COMDT (CG-8) TABs awarded/requested: (20/29 – 68%)
6. Panel Members:
NAME                                            UNIT
CAPT Gregory J. Hall                       CGA
CDR Steven E. Ramassini                FORCECOM
CDR Whitney H. Houck                   DCMS-81
CDR Patricia L. Ferrell                    CG-8
CMC Edward F. Lewis                     DCMS-CMC
CMC Richard S. Hooker                  DCO-CMC
Teresa Marshall                             DCO-84
7. Out Year Expectations: Fiscal stewardship in Advanced Education requires
participation from all stakeholders. FORCECOM relies on our customers to do
their part to reduce the total appropriated cost of an advanced education
opportunity. As an informed partner in the Advanced Education Program,
FORCECOM is required to operate the program at the level to which it is funded.
Starting in FY20, tighter fiscal controls on waivers will be enacted, making
a higher-cost school waiver the exception vice the norm. No program can ever
be guaranteed an Advanced Education Training Allowance Billet (AdvEd TAB) or
set of TABS, however, cost-reduction measures will make your program more
competitive during the annual AdvEd TAB Panel and waiver process.
Additional guidance will be communicated to programs SEPCOR outlining a
strategic way forward to continue to meet the demands for an educated workforce,
while accounting for the inflationary nature of Advanced Education opportunities.
8. Direct questions to Mr. John DiLouie, Advanced Education Program
Administrator at (202) 475-5434 or
9. RDML B. K. Penoyer, Commander, Force Readiness Command, sends.
10. Internet release is authorized.