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R 040730 APR 19
ALCOAST 108/19
A. Professional Career Information and Federal Acquisition Certification in
Contracting (FAC-C) Program, DHSINST 064-04
B. Performance, Training, and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10 (series)
C. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, COMDTINST M1020.8 (series)
1. This ALCOAST announces the continuation of and solicitation for the Contracting Career
Opportunity Program (CCOP). This three-year program is intended to provide members who will
be eligible for retirement in 2023, at the end of this program, the opportunity to satisfy
the requirements for FAC-C level II certification as outlined in REF (A).
2. The CCOP is intended to provide a career growth opportunity that addresses the Coast
Guard's current and forecasted shortfalls in qualified contracting professionals. Additionally,
this program provides a potential career opportunity (post-military) for qualified Coast Guard
members who have already decided to retire during the Summer of 2023. While there is no
guarantee of a job offer upon program completion, the combination of hands-on experience in
formal contracting at Coast Guard Headquarters (CGHQ), along with FAC-C level II certification
should provide program graduates with the appropriate skills to compete for civilian
positions in formal contracting.
3. Optimally, participants will be expected to submit their request for retirement upon
successful completion of their second year (June 2022). Upon completion of the program, those
who retire may compete for Coast Guard civilian contracting positions.
4. CCOP participants who complete the program, but elect not to retire, may be required to
serve one month of obligated service for each month of program participation, IAW REF (B),
and should expect assignment to an active duty contracting billet.
5. The CCOP is an active duty program that will complement existing contracting workforce
initiatives currently available to the civilian workforce. As a contracting professional,
applicants will be expected to demonstrate a high degree of proficiency and aptitude in the
following areas: oral communication, written communications, mathematics, analytical, and
critical thinking skills. Title 10 reservists, active duty operational support (ADOS)
reservists, and retired recall members are not eligible for this program.
6. Participants will be assigned to COMDT (CG-91) in Washington, DC, where they will work
under the mentorship of contracting officers to complete program requirements that combine
resident training, online training, formal on-the-job-training and real work experience.
Participants will be expected to complete the entire three-year program and will not be
assigned TAD during the program, except to meet training requirements.
7. Eligibility requirements:
    a. Military members with a rank of W-4 or below.
    b. Applicants must be retirement eligible by 2023, with 16 to 26 years time in service (TIS)
and, if selected, must have a minimum of 36 months remaining on active duty when they start
the 3-year program. High Year Tenure Professional Growth Points will apply to this program.
    c. Applicants must be tour complete in 2020 or 2021.
    d. Applicants must possess a baccalaureate degree or have at least 24 semester hours in
accounting, business finance, contracts, economics, industrial management, law, organization
and management, or purchasing and quantitative methods.
    e. Applicants may request a waiver for the education requirements; however, applicants must
provide a written plan that shows how all education requirements will be met by the end of the
first year (June 2021). The panel will review the plan and determine if the plan is
acceptable. Clearly identify the education waiver by placing “Education Waiver – Written Plan”
at the top of the page. If this is not included with your application, the waiver request
will not be considered.
8. Application guidelines:
    a. Each applicant must submit a standard CG memo via their command. The memo should
indicate that they meet the prerequisites, understand the obligated service requirements, and
detail why they desire participation in the program.
    b. A positive endorsement from any USCG GS-1102 contracting professional in a supervisory
position is required. A command endorsement from a supervisor in the applicant's chain of
command (O-6 or above) is also required. The endorsement must include a statement certifying
the member is in compliance with Coast Guard weight standards as described in REF (C).
The endorsement must include the Commanding Officer's recommendation as it pertains to the
applicant's ability to complete the course of study, communicate effectively both orally and
in writing, analyze information effectively, make sound business decisions, perform in a
professional manner, and an assessment of the applicant's future potential/aptitude.
    c. A college transcript is required, demonstrating proof of baccalaureate degree or at
least 24 semester hours among accounting, business finance, contracts, economics, industrial
management, law, organization and management, or purchasing and quantitative methods.
Applicants are advised to submit transcripts from a nationally or regionally accredited
institution. American Council on Education (ACE) documents will not be accepted. ACE courses
must be submitted to the CG Institute for evaluation and then transferred to an accredited
college transcript.
9. A professional resume demonstrating applicable experience, education and certifications
shall be included. Written responses to the following knowledge, skills, and abilities
questions are required:
    a. Discuss your most challenging situation or other assignment/experience. Discuss the
issues you faced, the alternative solutions you considered and the outcome of the experience.
    b. Strong oral, written, analytical and critical thinking skills are required. On a scale
of 1-10 (10 being the highest), please rate yourself in each of these areas. You must
justify your ratings by providing specific examples/experiences.
10. Selection Timeline:
     a. Convening Date: A Joint Officer/Enlisted CCOP Selection Panel will convene around
October 2019.
     b. Deadline Date: Application packages are due to PSC-EPM-1 before 06 September 2019.
Email is the required method of submission for applications and should be sent to:
ARL-PF-CGPSC-EPM-1-PANELS@USCG.MIL. Members who submit incomplete or inaccurate applications
are at risk of not being considered for this opportunity.
11. Points of contact:
     a. Questions related to the application and tracking shall be directed to Ms. Ada Harris, or LT Nicholas Martin,
     b. Questions about the CCOP program may be directed to HQ COMDT (CG-9132), CCOP Program
Manager: Mr. David Braxton,
12. Mr. Michael Derrios, Senior Procurement Executive & Head of Contracting Activity (HCA), sends.
13. Internet release is authorized.