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R 271241 MAR 19
UNCLAS //N01650//
ALCOAST 096/19
1. Pursuant to REF (A), I am pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018
USCG Human Resource Management (HRM) Achievement Awards. These awards provide
recognition for noteworthy human resource management accomplishments by Coast
Guard personnel. More specifically, the awards reflect member or team
emphasis on outstanding performance in the care and support of Coast Guard
personnel through exceptional customer service, innovative thinking, and
improved methods in human resource management. Twenty-three nominations were
submitted from across the Coast Guard and all reflected a high standard
of professionalism, dedication, and preparedness.
2. There are five categories for HRM Achievement Awards:
    a. Officers (Commissioned Officer/Chief Warrant Officer),
    b. Civilian Employees (General Schedule/Federal Wage Schedule),
    c. Nonappropriated fund (NAF) employees,
    d. Enlisted Personnel, and
    e. Team Achievement
3. LCDR Victor Galgano, Performance Technology Center, Training Center
Yorktown, is the winner in the Officers category: LCDR Victor Galgano served
as the Implementation and Measurement Branch Chief, where he consulted programs
on all aspects of HR mandated training and administration. He represented the
Coast Guard as part of the DHS Enterprise E-Learning Group (EEG) to promote the
creation of a learning experience that develops and enhances skills and
knowledge. He consistently improved the lives of all Active Duty, Civilian, and
Reserve employees by reducing administrative burden of superfluous mandated
training, and ensuring the Coast Guard is compliant with DHS policy and
legal requirements. His efforts demonstrated maximum commitment to the
well-being of the all USCG employees by reducing mandated training by 67%.
4. Mr. Doug Craft, Performance Technology Center, Training Center Yorktown, is
the winner in the Civilian Employees category: Mr. Craft, as Team Lead for
Occupational Analysis (OA) Enlisted Ratings, spearheaded a revision to the OA
process, thereby improving Rating Performance Qualifications (RPQs), service
wide exam questions, and "A" School curricula. He effectively reduced RPQ
development time from 24 to 8 months, a 67% reduction and realized savings of over
$1.5M. In addition, he developed an algorithm to better capture both the
frequency and regularity of performance for key tasks, yielding more impactful
data used by Rating Force Master Chiefs and FORCECOM to ensure effective
training. Mr. Craft excelled as the leader of the Rotary Wing Search and
Rescue (SAR) Aircrew analysis team, executing a comprehensive review and
ultimately establishing future Rotary Wing SAR Aircrew performance requirements.
Lastly, he demonstrated tremendous devotion to duty in mentoring Active Duty and
Civilian HR professionals.
5. Ms. Victoria Council, Coast Guard Community Services Command, is the winner
in the NAF Employees category: Ms. Council served with distinction as the sole
Human Resources Specialist directly responsible for Recruitment for the entire
1,400+ Non-Appropriated Fund civilian employees spread throughout the Coast
Guard Exchange System, Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation Program and Child
Development Program. She demonstrated outstanding acumen managing all aspects
of the recruitment process from finding quality applications to delivering
hands-on consultation through hiring and recruitment actions, as well as
negotiating salaries and partnering with hiring managers to ensure they were
well equipped with the necessary tools to effectively conduct interviews and
assess candidate qualifications. Her resourcefulness using a variety of
recruiting methods were integral in increasing the caliber, quality and overall
number of applications. Her superior organizational skills and timely
communications ensured a seamless and exceptionally timely onboarding process
for more than 533 NAF hires in 2018.
6. YN1 Jared Dunn, Coast Guard District One (DXR), is the winner in the Enlisted
Personnel category: Petty Officer Dunn demonstrated exceptional proficiency
in human resource management, technological innovation, and an outstanding
commitment to Duty to People. He proactively developed two relational databases
that linked essential data to ensure the accuracy of pay for reserve members
prior to processing. The Reserve Order Notes (RON) database, which he designed
and built, reduced reserve pay errors by 22%. The Funding Orders and Reserve
Management (FORM) database, which he designed and built, serves as the backbone
for all D1 reserve pay, correspondence, performance and strategic mission
operations. Due to this human resource tool, D1 was able to effectively spend
down a $2.4M annual budget and maximize training investment opportunities.
Additionally, his efforts were instrumental in providing the requisite training
and drill opportunities by reserve personnel who attained 412 new competency
codes, with the majority in the Boat Forces and Law Enforcement communities.
A respected leader, he also provided hands on training on FORM and RON to other
Districts and Atlantic Area.
7. COMDT (CG-133) (Office of Military Personnel), is the winner in the Team category:
The Office of Military Personnel, consisting of Active Duty, Reserve, Officer,
Enlisted and Civilian employees, guided the Coast Guard thru the most prolific
period of policy change in recent history. Further, they advanced the Coast
Guard’s relationship with the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland
Security and other various partners which resulted in expedited policy change
and movement of compensation and benefits to the field. The team aggressively
supported the Commandant’s Early Action Items (EAI) and later the Coast Guard’s
Strategic plan. As the primary or contributing team for 13 of the 27 EAIs, COMDT
(CG-133) had a significant impact on policies which impacted our greatest
resource, our people. These included an improved Parental Leave policy, a
service-first Co-Location policy, a Post-Partum policy that is being reviewed
and adopted by the other Armed Services, enhancements to the Temporary Separation
Policy and many others. Additional policy advancements include the Officer in
Charge Advancement Authority, Decreasing E-6 Evaluations to an annual cycle,
Extending Special Leave Accrual into 2019, Housing flexibility during PCS Season
(180-day rule) and Gender & Unconscious bias removed from Evaluation reports.
8. The HRM Award Panel consisted of:
    a. CAPT Bruce C. Brown (Community Services Command)
    b. LT T. L. Sutton (Pay and Personnel Center)
    c. CIV D. R. Ruffner (CG-124)
    d. PERS2 A. P. Gray (District 11)
    e. YNCM P. L. Pilkington (DCMS-81)
9. The POC for the HRM Awards is LT J. W. McElroy,
10. Bravo Zulu to these HRM Award winners and all nominees who care, serve, and
support the men and women of the world’s best Coast Guard!
11. RADM W. G. Kelly, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources, sends.
12. Internet release is authorized.