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R 261133 MAR 19
UNCLAS //N01754//
ALCOAST 093/19
1. The Coast Guard (CG) has aligned with the Department of Defense’s (DoD) theme of
“Protecting Our People, Protects Our Mission” for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention
Month (SAAPM) in April 2019. The SAAPM theme offers numerous opportunities to deliver messages
that relate at both the individual and unit level, while emphasizing the integration of
primary prevention into events and activities. All CG personnel can encourage behaviors that
foster a climate of dignity and respect to help ensure mission readiness and the safety of
all CG personnel.
2. SAAPM: For the month of April, local Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) and their
Victim Advocates (VAs) shall plan, advertise, and host various SAAPM educational events for
their area of responsibility, in coordination with commands. These activities will have a
strong prevention focus and can range from brown bag lunch discussions to community runs and
knowledge trivia bowls. SARCs will report all activities and participation numbers for events
in their AOR to the Health, Safety and Work-Life (HSWL) Service Center, which will be compiled
and shared with senior leadership to demonstrate the extensive work and commitment to
prevention that occurred during SAAPM.
3. CG Bystander Intervention Training (CG BIT) sessions: CG BIT is available for command
trainings and can be utilized during SAAPM by contacting your local SARC; all SARCs and
specially-trained VAs are available to facilitate this primary prevention training. The CG BIT
is a 90-minute interactive educational experience that engages the participants on ways to
intervene safely on another’s behalf by using scenarios and thought provoking exercises.
4. Recovery Awareness: In FY 2018, the title of the Coast Guard sexual assault program was
changed to incorporate the word "Recovery" in order to emphasize the importance of victims/
survivors achieving a return to wellness, or recovery. Recovery is self-directed and empowering
to the victim. Every victim of sexual assault has different needs, so recovery is an individual
process that is supported from the initial crisis stage and continues as long as the victim
needs/desires support (long-term recovery). It is vital that we continually support our
shipmates during any type of trauma, and support in this context is defined as providing aid
and resources, as well as demonstrating concern for a person's psychological well-being. During
SAAPM, as well as all year, it is important that we remember how important our support is in
assisting our shipmates on their path towards wellness.
5. Recognition: The SAPRR Program will announce Coast Guard-wide recognition program awardees
during SAAPM. Local commands are also encouraged to recognize individuals having a significant
impact at the local/regional level.
6. Please contact your local SARC for all SAAPM related issues. A list of SARCs is available
at: For general questions concerning SAAPM, the CG BIT, and the SAPRR
Program, contact the SAPRR Program Coordinator at the HSWL Service Center, Mr. Magnus Graham at:, or the SAPRR Program Manager, Ms. Shawn Blaine at:
7. RADM Dana L. Thomas, Director, Health, Safety and Work-Life, sends.
8. Internet release is authorized.