united states coast guard

R 191630 MAR 19
UNCLAS //N01650//
ALCOAST 085/19
1. This ALCOAST is to announce the selection of BM3 Jakob R. Blass of Coast Guard
Station Port Canaveral as the 2018 Enlisted Person of the Year - Active Duty Component
and BM2 Michael A. Gould of Coast Guard Port Security Unit 311 as the 2018 Enlisted
Person of the Year - Reserve Component.
   A. BM3 Blass currently serves as a tactical coxswain at Station Port Canaveral.
While serving as Officer of the Day during Operation Shrimp and Grits, a multi-agency
collaborative effort promoting boating safety and maritime domain awareness, BM3 Blass was
instrumental in the coordination of multiple Coast Guard assets. This operation yielded
numerous notices of violations, vessel terminations for safety reasons, and the
detention and arrest of an undocumented alien with an extensive criminal history.
During the historical launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket and simultaneous landing
of two Falcon 9 boosters, an event that drew over 100,000 visitors and 150 spectator
vessels to Florida's Space Coast, he was instrumental in ensuring vessels were safe and
out of the hazardous operational area. Along with his duties, BM3 Blass earned a Bachelor's
Degree in Homeland Security and Public Safety from Vincennes University and was recently
accepted into the Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology Program at Argosy University.
Additionally, as the Continuing Education Petty Officer, he assisted members in applying
for tuition assistance resulting in four shipmates earning their Associates of Arts
degree. As the Partnership in Education coordinator, he taught 14 classes through the
Junior Achievement Program at two local schools focusing on the fundamentals of sound
   B. BM2 Gould is currently deployed with Port Security Unit 311 at Joint Task Force
(JTF) Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and serves as a coxswain and tactical crewmember.
Demonstrating technical expertise as a waterside training team member, BM2 Gould directly
contributed to the unit's deployment readiness through the training and certification
of nine basic crew members, 12 underway engineers, 16 tactical crew members, and two
tactical coxswains. As a Water Survival Training Program Master, he qualified over 50
crew members in the use of the Tactical Floatation Survival System, providing a critical
competency for tactical qualifications. Exhibiting the highest level of dedication to
volunteer service, BM2 Gould contributed to the well-being of U.S. Military Forces and the
civilian community through exceptional efforts as a Board Member for a veterans
community organization, a volunteer at a rescue mission and church with programs that
assist numerous at risk populations, a coach and mentor to youth sports teams, and
volunteered over 200 hours to MWR programs at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay.
2. Petty Officer Blass and Petty Officer Gould are exceptional Coast Guardsmen who
embody our Core Values both on and off duty. They will be recognized in a ceremony in
Washington, DC on 25 April 2019.
3. The following individuals are also worthy of special recognition, having earned the
recognition of their commands and the respect of their fellow Coast Guard men and women
as 2018 Enlisted Persons of the Year at the District level:
   A. CS1 Joseph R. Antonaccio, CG STA Shinnecock, Hampton Bays, NY;
   B. IS2 Bret A. Perchaluk, CG SECTOR New York, NY;
   C. BM1 Matthew R. Montgomery, USCGC MAPLE, Atlantic Beach, NC;
   D. MST1 Kendra L. Drucker, CG SECTOR Hampton Roads, Portsmouth, VA;
   E. MST1 Mary E. Corbett, CG SECTOR Charleston, SC;
   F. YN2 Bianca T. Vinet, CG BASE New Orleans, LA;
   G. MST3 Aubrey L. Humphrey, CG SECTOR Corpus Christi, TX;
   H. BM1 Jeffrey J. Jönsson, CG STA Calumet Harbor, Chicago, IL;
   I. BM1 Vincent L. Sinacola, CG STA Belle Isle, Detroit, MI;
   J. BM1 Jason R. McNally, CG STA Bodega Bay, CA;
   K. OS3 Sarah T. Patanapaiboon, USCGC MELLON, Seattle, WA;
   L. BM2 Margaret E. Nicol, CG STA Seattle, WA;
   M. MK2 Clayton W. Wendelgass, USCGC OLIVER BERRY, Honolulu, HI;
   N. BM1 Sayca C. Gray, CG STA Honolulu, HI;
   O. YN3 Madison N. Heiler, CGD SEVENTEEN, Juneau, AK; and
   P. HSC Krystyna M. McRobert, CG SECTOR Anchorage, AK.
4. Thank you to the numerous commands that recognized our many high-performing enlisted
personnel for a job well done.
5. Admiral Karl L. Schultz, Commandant, and MCPOCG Jason M. Vanderhaden, Master Chief
Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, send.
6. Internet release is authorized.