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R 120926 MAR 19
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ALCOAST 076/19
1. Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)
Awards for making outstanding contributions to the Coast Guard (CG) Civil Engineering (CE)
Program and advancing the 2017-2021 Shore Infrastructure Program goals and objectives:
     A. The Cowart Plaque (for CE Organizations) is awarded to Civil Engineering Unit (CEU)
Cleveland. CEU Cleveland completed 28 planning documents recommending $86M in Procurement,
Construction, and Improvements (PC&I) investment including Fast Response Cutter homeports,
recruit training barracks, Rotary Wing Air Intercept FOC, and CG-Cyber infrastructure.
Exceptionally efficient, CEU Cleveland executed 308 contracts ($52M), 119 work orders ($1.9M),
and 79 construction projects ($57M) exceeding spend down targets throughout FY18 and enabling
over 130 Stations, Sectors, Air Stations, and Bases across 13 states and two Districts to
maintain operational readiness. The Tactical Operations Product Line at CEU Cleveland developed
an Organizational Level Maintenance job plan for hangar fire suppression systems to minimize
inadvertent discharges, standardized waterfront inspections to better inform funding allocations
decisions, spearheaded the Station Configuration Integrated Project Team to maximize space
efficiency, and standardized planning for the District Seven and District Eight hurricane
rebuilds. CEU Cleveland’s real property team expertly executed quick-turn leases for the
LANTAREA Representational Facility and Aviation Logistics Center hangar. CEU Cleveland hosted
six training sessions for unit EOs and EPOs which improved professional development and
communication for shore facility management. Post-Hurricane Florence, CEU Cleveland was the lead
coordinator for damage assessment and the facility reconstitution of 10 units, restoring CG
operations within 48 hours.
     B. The Cowart Plaque (for Facility Engineering Organizations) is awarded to Base Cape
Cod Facilities Engineering Division (FED). As the Coast Guard's second largest shore facility,
Base Cape Cod FED executed over $5M of maintenance projects and increased on-time completion
rate by almost 30%. Base Cape Cod FED consolidated Maritime Safety & Security Team Cape Cod
into Air Station Cape Cod, optimizing their shore portfolio. After winter storm flooding at
Station Brant Point, FED personnel rapidly responded to and repaired the casualty. They
subsequently developed and constructed a cofferdam and sump-pump station to minimize future
impacts. As a proponent of environmental stewardship, Base Cape Cod recycled 252 tons of
material, replaced hazardous materials with greener alternatives, and implemented an energy
metering system. Base Cape Cod powered through facilities preparation and response of four
straight Nor’easters, ensuring 60 lane miles of airfield were clear for operations.
     C. The Oren Medal is awarded to LCDR Roger Masson at CEU Providence. LCDR Masson served
as the Construction Branch Chief, Executive Officer, and Technical Director during the design
and execution of $40M in construction projects. His competence as the unit’s technical
authority in CG execution processes directly led to the successful completion of the 2018
program, which included over 100 projects. In response to the hurricane season, LCDR Masson
supervised the design of $19M in hurricane repair efforts in Florida and Puerto Rico. He
piloted the training and certification of drone operators for response and investigation
efforts of CG infrastructure assets. As additional testaments to his leadership, CEU
Providence won the Small Ashore Morale Unit of the Year and the Partners in Education Unit
of the Year for 2018.
     D. The Sargent Medal is awarded to Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Norman Gann at Air Station
Barbers Point. CPO Gann displayed excellent Contracting Officer Representative duties through
the administration of the Air Station’s $3.85M maintenance contract. His diligent efforts
resulted in critical infrastructure repairs and maximum operational capability. CPO Gann
initiated coordination and response efforts with the Honolulu Fire Department to prevent
potential chemical hazards and dangers onboard the 59-acre facility. CPO Gann implemented
the Shore Asset Management System maintenance program, providing records for infrastructure
and transparency of work orders at Air Station Barbers Point. As the leader of 17 active duty
personnel, CPO Gann diligently directed the efforts of his personnel to secure the base during
two major storms, allowing the unit to return to an operational posture immediately following.
2. Award presentations will be held at the 2019 SAME Joint Engineer Training Conference (JETC)
in Tampa, FL from 07 through 09 May 2019.
3. All of the nominees are highly commended for their hard work and accomplishments throughout
the year. The Panel would sincerely like to thank everyone within the Civil Engineering community
for their dedication and devotion to duty. The field of nominations was again superb. The Panel
would also like to recognize CEU Miami, LCDR Tim Dolan (Base Portsmouth), and LT Katie Heckman
(CEU Cleveland) for their outstanding contribution to the CG and CE community.
4. RDML M. W. Bouboulis, Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics, sends.
5. Internet release is authorized.