united states coast guard

08 MAR 19

ALCGENL 028/19
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
1. EPM-2 is soliciting all Master and Senior Chief Petty Officers,
regardless of tour completion date, who meet the eligibility
requirements listed in paragraph (2) for the following position:
GRADE       POSN NUMBER         UNIT                  LOCATION 
POCM        00012186            TRACEN CAPE MAY       CAPE MAY, NJ
2. Eligibility:
All active duty E9 and E8 members who meet the minimum requirements
outlined in Ref (a), Articles 1.E.2 and 1.E.8 are HIGHLY encouraged
to apply.
3. Battalion Commander (BC) duty is one of the most important,
demanding, and rewarding assignments in the Coast Guard.  On any given
day, the BC will lead, inspire and mentor at the individual and
organizational level while simultaneously overseeing the training of
650 plus recruits and supervising 56 Company Commanders
(CCs).  The BC sets the tone, leading the CCs, whose impact on recruits
at this initial stage in their careers is critical. The ideal BC is
career diverse with a strong record demonstrating outstanding communication
skills, partnership, and accountability.
4. Application:
a. NLT 29 Mar 2019: Standard applications are emailed to
b. OOA 31 Mar - 5 Apr 2019: TRACEN Cape May interviews applicants.
c. OOA 10 Apr 2019: Applicant selection is made.
d. The expected report date is 01 Aug 2019.
5. Standard Applications: Members and Commands should pay close attention
to the requirements listed in the standard application. Incomplete or
improperly formatted applications will be returned. Deadline extensions
will not be granted to correct errors. The standard application is found
at reference (b).
6. Command interview and endorsement:
a. Commanding Officers shall interview applicants to ensure eligibility
requirements in paragraph (2) are met.
b. In addition to what is required in the Standard Application, Command
Endorsements shall address Chief's Mess participation, physical fitness,
administrative/managerial skills, ability to lead peers, as well as
backfill concerns and acceptability of a gap.
7. The Special Assignments Officer will handle the release from rating
process. Applicants should not contact their detailer asking if they
can be released from rate.
8. Points of contact:
a. Program: CDR Scott Rae at (609) 898-6527 or 
b. Special Assignments: CWO4 Donald Wiley, (202) 795-6587 or 
9. Released by: LT William Stewart, (202) 795-6584.
10. Internet release authorized.