united states coast guard

R 221435 FEB 19
UNCLAS //N05300//
ALCOAST 059/19
A. Personnel Accountability System (PAS) Policy, COMDTINST 3006.4 (series)
1. Threats to the safety and security of Coast Guard personnel necessitate the need for
real-time accountability. Past difficulties with establishing prompt and accurate
personnel accountability resulted in the development of REF (A) and the Coast Guard
Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (CGPAAS). REF (A) established a personnel
accountability policy with a stated goal of reaching 100% accountability within seventy-two
hours after the initiation of an Order-To-Account (OTA) by a District or Area Commander.
2. Although we have made great strides in personnel accountability processes, the
established seventy-two hour goal is often still not attained, as seen during the course
of the many storms and disasters over the past three years.
3. Commanding Officers throughout the chain of command should familiarize themselves with
REF (A) to ensure their numerous responsibilities are met. Some of these major
responsibilities include ensuring both military and civilian personnel within their command
maintain current and accurate personal contact information in the authoritative data sources
of the PAS, ensuring proper input of both official and non-official travel data into CGPAAS,
conducting annual PAS awareness training for their personnel, reporting changes to hierarchy
or department IDs, and designating Commanding Officer Representatives (CORs) to assist in
personnel accountability events in CGPAAS and expedite the reconstitution of forces after
emergent events.
4. Recent reporting from the PAS shows that 5% of active duty personnel, 2% of reserve
personnel, and 39% of appropriated funds civilian personnel have no personal contact
information of any kind for the PAS. REF (A) requires that all active duty, reserve, and
civilian personnel are required to provide and keep current personal contact information
for the PAS.
5. Keeping contact information current allows personnel to receive and respond to an OTA,
receive information for evacuation orders and entitlements, notify commands of evacuated
location, and other vital official Coast Guard communications (furlough information) or
localized information (base closures or delays).
6. Personal contact information must be kept current in the authoritative data sources of
Direct Access (DA), Active Directory (AD), My Employee Personal Page (MyEPP), and the
Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). A guide to update contact
information in the authoritative data sources is located on the CGPortal at: In cases such as a known oncoming emergent event
(hurricane), personnel can immediately update their personal contact information for the
PAS by logging into CGPAAS at: to edit their contact information.
Note that the personal contact information in the authoritative data sources must also
be updated shortly after, otherwise changes to personal contact information made in
CGPAAS risk being over written by the authoritative data sources after 30 days.
7. The PAS currently does not require accountability for non-appropriated funds (NAF),
contractors (CTR), or Auxiliary (AUX) personnel. If these personnel would like to
receive Coast Guard alerts or notifications through the Alert and Warning System (AWS),
they may voluntarily request an AWS end user account via CGFixIt. A guide to request an AWS
end user account is located on the CGPortal at: After the
request has been processed by CGFixIt, a link will be provided to logon to AWS Self-Service
to enter personal contact information into AWS. A guide to AWS Self-Service is located on
the CGPortal at:
8. RADM W.G. Kelly, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources, sends.
9. Internet release is authorized.