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R 191549 FEB 19
UNCLAS //N04500//
ALCOAST 053/19
A. Financial Resource Management Manual-Procedures (FRMM-P), COMDTINST M7100.4 (series)
B. U.S. Coast Guard Personal Property Management Manual, COMDTINST M4500.5 (series)
C. U.S. Coast Guard Real Property Management Manual, COMDTINST M11011.11 (series)
1. IAW REFs (A) through (C), the CG will conduct a service-wide physical inventory of CG
capitalized personal and real property assets 01 MAR – 14 MAR 2019.
2. Inventory focus:
   a. Personal property: Full inventory of all vessels, aircraft, and boats (including
non-capitalized boats) along with all other capitalized personal property assets: general
purpose, electronics, vehicles, trailers, and software.
   b. Real property: Inventory of selected capitalized and leased buildings and structures.
3. Responsibilities:
   a. Commanding Officers, Officers-in-Charge, Unit Level Supervisors, and Directors are
responsible for ensuring their unit has the appropriate personnel available and trained prior
to the count phase of the inventory (01-14 MAR).
   b. Accountable Property Officers (APO) are responsible for reviewing the real property
sampled asset list posted to the CGPortal to identify whether any of their assets have been
selected for testing during this inventory period.
   c. Chains of Command are responsible for ensuring that all subordinate units have an
operating facilities address code (OPFAC) in Oracle Fixed Assets (OFA) assigned by the
operating facility change order (OFCO) process and that all subordinate
units submit their inventory packages by the deadline.
   d. COMDTs (CG-435), (CG-711), (CG-731), and (CG-751) are responsible for ensuring all
program managed assets are reviewed and listed properly within the asset logistics management
information system (ALMIS), abstract of operations system (AOPS), fleet motor vehicle
registration system (FMVRS), and OFA.
   e. COMDTs (CG-43) and (CG-1333) are responsible for ensuring all program managed assets
are reviewed and listed properly within shore asset management (SAM) and housing management
information system (HMIS).
4. Timeline for CG-wide physical inventory of property assets:
   a. 19 FEB – 28 FEB: Preparation Phase. Commanding Officers, Officers-in-Charge,
Unit Level Supervisors, Directors, and APOs are directed to review the updated real and
personal property inventory procedures and webcast trainings for APOs, and Count Team
members. All materials will be posted NLT 19 FEB 2019 to the CG Property Inventory CGPortal
site. All APOs are directed to the APO Designation page to verify the names of the current
CO/OIC and APO for your unit’s OPFAC, which is accessed on the Enhanced Real Property site or
through the following link:
   b. 01 MAR – 14 MAR: Count Phase. All CG units are directed to conduct personal
property physical inventory. Selected units conduct real property physical inventory of
sampled items. All units must submit the final physical inventory certification package 
NLT COB 14 MAR 2019 to the appropriate submission site identified in the inventory
   c. 01 MAR – 31 MAR: Processing Phase. COMDT (CG-84) will review physical inventory
package submissions and system of record owners will make necessary updates to the subsidiary
systems. FINCEN will make all required changes of capitalized assets to OFA.
5. Central source of information: The CG Property Inventory portal site will remain the
one-stop shop for all physical inventory needs. The portal includes all documents necessary
to facilitate an inventory and can be accessed from the following link:
6. Communicating questions and issues: Direct all questions and report all issues for both
the personal and real property inventory via e-mail to This account will
be monitored throughout the inventory. For faster service, please add “REAL PROPERTY” or
“PERSONAL PROPERTY” to the subject line to ensure quick delivery to the correct team.
7. Underway units: Underway units are still required to submit inventory packages using the
inventory submission message and email it to the inbox. A template is
posted on the CGPortal link mentioned in paragraph 5.
8. Preparation activities: In preparation for the MAR 2019 physical inventory:
   a. Units must be proactive and ensure their records are accurate in OFA prior to the
count phase of the physical inventory, as well as the subsidiary systems SAM, HMIS, FMVRS,
   b. To ensure completeness of our property records, all CG units should ensure real and
personal property assets on-site are properly entered into OFA, paying particular attention
to newly delivered, constructed, or found assets and to assets that do not have a tag number
affixed to them. If real property assets are not properly entered in OFA and/or are missing
tag numbers, contact your respective Civil Engineering Office with a copy to, subject line "REAL PROPERTY - OFA/TAG NUMBER DISCREPANCIES," and follow
procedures for enrolling new/found assets.
   c. Unit APOs should verify access to the CGBI Physical Inventory Reconciliation Report
(CPIR). Be sure to use the CPIR titled “Physical Inventory Reconciliation - Coast Guard Wide
Personal Property”, which filters out all non-capitalized personal property not subject to
this inventory. NOTE: The CPIR is not used for the inventory of sampled real property assets.
APOs of selected units will be emailed a Sharepoint link to a customized Real Property
inventory package listing only those assets required to be inventoried. Comptrollers and
Logistics Depts at units with 30 or more selected real property assets will be contacted
and given the option to split the asset verification over the two inventories or to verify
existence all in one inventory.
9. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Units: Units that are under BPR and supported by a
Regional Property Support Officer (RPSO) will follow supplemental directions and timelines
provided by their RPSO in order to meet the 14 MAR 2019 inventory package submission
10. Real Property Inventory Process Improvement: The Real Property Inventory sampling
methodology has been modified to ensure all buildings and structures with over $200K in
remaining Net Book Value (NBV) are verified for existence annually, over the two semi-
annual inventories. A statistical sample of the remaining assets with remaining NBV between
$0 and $200K will also be part of the sample. The completeness testing portion of the
inventory used in FY18 has been removed, and replaced with the guidance in paragraph 8.B to
all CG units. Updated webcast training, Real Property SOP and Real Property Inventory
Procedures will be posted to the Enhanced Real Property Inventory Site:
11. Points of Contact:
    a. Personal Property: COMDT (CG-844) - Ms. Robin MacMillan:
    b. Real Property: COMDT (CG-845) - Mr. James Schindler: and
    for Inventory Support, MECS Bryan Atkinson (19 FEB – 31 MAR)
12. RDML T.G. Allan Jr., Assistant Commandant for Resources and Chief Financial Officer, sends.
13. Internet release is authorized.