united states coast guard

30 JAN 2019

ALCGRSV 003/19
A. PY19 Schedule of Officer Personnel Boards and Panels, CG PSCNOTE 1401
B. Appointing Chief Warrant Officers, COMDTINST M1420.1 (series)
C. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
1. This message announces the schedule and requirements for the PY19
Reserve CWO Appointment Board per REF A, which will convene on 1 April
2019. Please read carefully and pay particular attention to the references
above, deadline requirements listed below, and Direct Access (DA) guidance
provided. Due to limited reserve drill periods, applicants are highly
encouraged to take advantage of the timeline below and start preparing their
candidate resume and OER input now in anticipation of the deadlines in Par. 9.
2. The normal path for reserve enlisted ratings to CWO specialties is
illustrated in Ch. 3, Table 3-1, of REF B. IVs applying for the INV specialty
shall follow the deadlines listed below and the eligibility requirements listed
in Art. 3.H.6 of REF B.
3. Members will only be allowed to compete for one specialty. The scope of
warrant specialties is listed in Ch. 12 of REF B.
4. Eligibility requirements: 
   a. Applicants must meet all the requirements of Ch. 3 of REF B, as applicable.
   b. As of 1 JUN 19, or date of warrant appointment (whichever is later),
have less than 26 years of service. Note: Years of service is based upon
member pay base date (PBD) as reflected on the Employee Summary Sheet viewable
in Direct Access/Employee/Tasks/My Member Info. Years of service should not
be confused with the number of years eligible for reserve retirement.
   c. The reserve component does not utilize a pre-scoring system for
candidates. Personnel Data Extracts (PDE) and a pre-board eligibility list will not
be available.
   d. Applicants, if selected, must agree to transfer to a vacant, or projected
vacant SELRES CWO Position for a minimum of two years from the appointment
effective date. Selectees who fail to complete the initial two-year SELRES
CWO Assignment commitment shall be assigned to the Individual Ready Reserve
(IRR) for the balance of their initial two-year commitment. CWOs who complete
their initial two-year commitment while assigned to the IRR may compete
during the next Assignment Year (AY) for vacant SELRES CWO positions
on the Personnel Allowance List (PAL).
5. Since appointment is based upon SELRES CWO PAL vacancies, members
must be in the Ready Reserve (SELRES/IRR) on the date of appointment.
Members on Title 10, Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS), or Extended
Active Duty (EAD) must be released from Active Duty prior to appointment.
Appointees must serve in the assigned SELRES CWO position for a minimum of
two years before pursuing voluntary Active Duty of any sort (ADOS or EAD)
other than at the member's SELRES unit.
6. Selectees who decline appointment and follow-on assignment should familiarize
themselves with Art 5.H. of REF C. to determine their eligibility to reapply
for appointment.
7. Selectees who agree to an appointment but fail to report as ordered shall
incur a two-year period of ineligibility to reapply for appointment, and shall
be immediately assigned to the IRR.
8. Applicant and Commanding Officer Endorsement: Please follow the
guidance available on the CG PSC-RPM webpage: under “CWO Appointment
Board” -> “How to Apply”.
9. The following deadlines (by COB) apply:
    a. 28 February 2019: Eligible CWO specialties will be announced. Application
period begins in Direct Access. Only specialties with open positions will be active
in Direct Access for member application. DA panels will not be available for application
until specialties are announced.
    b. 19 March 2019: Deadline for applicants to have completed all eligibility
requirements per REF B, including applicant's e-Resume, and command's e-
Interview. Applicants regularly scheduled 2018 Enlisted Employee Review (EER)
must be finalized in Direct Access.
    c. 22 March 2019: Deadline for command prepared CWO Appointment OER
and candidate memo resume to arrive at CG PSC-RPM. Documents will only be
accepted by scanned e-mail attachment to the following CG PSC-RPM e-mail
address: with the subject line: PY19
RESERVE CWO APPOINTMENT BOARD. Application packages received after this date will
not be accepted.
    d. 1 April 2019: Appointment Board held at CG PSC.
10. In order to maintain fairness to all applicants in this highly competitive
process, there will be no exceptions to the published deadlines. The applicant
bears the responsibility for detecting errors on the application. The command
must forward a timely and properly endorsed application.
11. All candidates are encouraged to review their Employee Summary Sheet
(ESS). The ESS provides a consolidated view of a member's information as it
appears in Direct Access (DA).
12. All candidates are encouraged to review their official Electronically Imaged-
Personnel Data Record (EI-PDR) to verify their record prior to the board
convening date. To find out more about obtaining a copy of your EI-PDR,
please visit the CG PSC-BOPS-MR website at:
13. Applicants are also encouraged to ensure that their DA member information is
correct (phone, e-mail, address).
14. Questions or comments regarding the reserve CWO Appointment Board
process should be sent by e-mail to:
To ensure that inquiries are responded to in a timely manner ensure the
15. Points of contact:
    a. CG PSC-RPM-1, Chief, Reserve Boards and Panels Section:
LT Josh Denney, (202) 795-6509.
    b. CG PSC-RPM-1, Assistant Reserve Boards and Panels Coordinator:
LT Tracey Norman, (202) 795-6507. 
16. CAPT Michael Wampler, Chief, CG PSC-RPM, sends.
17. Internet release authorized.