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1. In recognition for their outstanding contributions to the Naval Engineering
program, I am pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 Naval Engineering
Awards. As in years past, the quality of candidates was incredible and
highlighted how the Naval Engineering workforce is vital to directly support
the Coast Guard’s ability to conduct surface operations. Leadership, technical
proficiency, initiative, supporting operational readiness, and professional
development of Naval Engineers were all clearly evident throughout the
   a. RICHARD D. POORE AWARD – Mr. Kenneth Burgess, Executive Director – Surface
Forces Logistics Center. As Executive Director – Surface Forces Logistics
Center, Mr. Burgess drove significant enterprise level Naval Engineering
improvements across all five surface asset product lines and shared services.
Mr. Burgess championed the implementation of fully integrated mission support
for 250 cutters and 1,800 boats, completed enrolment of the entire cutter fleet
into the Electronic Asset Logbook database, integrated C4IT system response
and control for 124 Patrol Boats, and the Medium Endurance cutter fleet. His
dedicated efforts were essential to improving mission support across the surface
fleet resulting in the increase of Medium Endurance cutter operational
availability by 20 percent, implementation of centralized cutter boat pooling,
and the success of the 87-foot Patrol Boat Recurring Depot Availability Program,
which resulted in a 300% increase to Patrol Boat operational readiness. Mr.
Burgess skillfully directed the Coast Guards largest training ground for Naval
Engineers, ensuring the professional development of 1,700 DCMS members and 120
Engineer Officers through the development of new accredited courses, active
mentoring, and Naval Engineering community functions. Mr. Burgess has been the
consistent driving force behind the Coast Guards surface fleet modernization
efforts and his work has directly contributed to the Coast Guards success and
operational readiness.
   b. PERRY AWARD - LCDR Matthew Smith, CGC POLAR STAR Port Engineer, Surface
Forces Logistics Center – Long Range Enforcer Product Line. Demonstrating
exceptional technical ability, leadership, and project management skills
LCDR Smith led CGC POLAR STAR through an arduous and complex maintenance
cycle, which ensured the Coast Guard was able to successfully execute no-fail
Antarctic missions at a critical time for our service and nation. Throughout
this maintenance cycle, LCDR Smith executed over $12M in planned depot
maintenance to include the highly complex and critical propeller hub overhaul,
which (because of his outstanding project management skills) did not impact
CGC POLAR STARs departure for the annual Operation Deep Freeze mission. LCDR
Smith's high degree of technical expertise in the cutters complex systems and
machinery interfaces enabled him to provide timely advice and counsel to Coast
Guard executive leadership during Congressional Delegation visits and other
high visibility engagements, which helped secure necessary resources to keep
CCG POLAR STAR mission ready. Through his dedicated efforts, LCDR Smith was
a key element to ensure the nation did not miss completing the critical annual
Operation Deep Freeze mission, which is essential to maintaining continued
operation of McMurdo Station and the United States South Pole outpost and
safeguarding the nation’s security, maritime domain awareness, and sovereignty
in the Polar Regions.
   c. STABILE AWARD – CWO John Ellis, CGC MAPLE (WLB 207). As Engineer Officer of
CGC MAPLE, CWO Ellis demonstrated exceptional technical acumen, leadership, and
mentoring abilities and influenced enterprise level change for the Coast Guard’s
225-foot WLB fleet through an impressive realignment of $335K in repair
locker equipment, which allowed for real time inventory management during the
comprehensive 225-foot WLB Mid-Life Maintenance Availability. CWO Ellis played
a central role during the Coast Guards response to Hurricane MARIA, which
included a creative modification to internal systems on CGC MAPLE enabling the
safe and effective transfer of 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel and 10,000 gallons
of drinking water to the inhabitants of Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico allowing
the island community to take critical steps toward their recovery efforts. CWO
Ellis demonstrated a strong aptitude to mentor, train, and lead others in a
dynamic operating environment during a three week deployment to the Philippine
Coast Guard where he guided a diverse team of maintainers to develop, test,
and implement over 300 new maintenance procedure cards for their surface fleet.
CWO Ellis's dedicated efforts across the Naval Engineering program directly
contributed to the maintenance of critical international partnerships,
continued the Coast Guards unquestioned reputation as a maritime leader with
our external stakeholders, and significantly increased the material condition
and operational readiness of the CGC MAPLE and the entire 225-foot WLB fleet.
   d. LUCAS PLAQUE (AFLOAT) - CGC DILIGENCE (WMEC 616) Engineering Department. The
CGC DILIGENCE (WMEC 616) Engineering Department demonstrated an unwavering
commitment to Coast Guard Naval Engineering, the strategic goals of the Surface
Forces Logistics Center, and stalwart dedication to mission execution and
excellence during three operational deployments. CGC DILIGENCE engineers completed
a strenuous maintenance and repair schedule that included three dockside
availabilities (valued at more than $740K), inspection of both Main Diesel
Engines, restoration of standard configuration for both Ship Service Diesel
Generator air intake systems, and tribological flush of the Main Reduction Gear.
These monumental efforts allowed CGC DILIGENCE to safely sail 27,000 nautical
miles and meet every operational commitment with zero missed sail dates and
no lost cutter days. During these deployments CGC DILIGENCE interdicted 2,770
kilograms of contraband, towed a disabled bulk fuel tanker 1,000 miles to safety
during Hurricanes IRMA and MARIA, conducted 30 living marine resource boarding’s
in the North Atlantic, and repaired a rowing vessel's steering system enabling
continuation of her transatlantic voyage for charity. CGC DILIGENCE engineers
were masters at partnering with local municipalities and other government
agencies coordinating efforts for the repair, training, and use of scarce
resources with Naval Station Mayport, Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Military
Ocean Terminal Sunny Point, and the City of Wilmington Fire Department to
increase operational readiness and save thousands of dollars in maintenance
2. This year’s winners were selected from an impressive pool of nomination
packages, submitted to recognize superior Naval Engineering efforts. Many
thanks to all who expended the effort to highlight the nominees’ tremendous
achievements for the Coast Guard and the Naval Engineering program. The
exceptional candidate pool included the following submittals (in alphabetical
   a. Perry Award
     (1)   LT Greg Bredariol – CGC RESOLUTE (WMEC 620)
     (2)   LCDR Dan Kahn – SFLC, Patrol Boat Product Line
     (3)   LCDR Kevin Koski – SFLC, Medium Endurance Product Line
     (4)   LCDR James Miller – Base Miami Beach, Naval Engineering Department
     (5)   LT Benjamin Williamsz – CGC CONFIDENCE (WMEC 619)
     (6)   Mr. Christian Wooden – Coast Guard Yard
   b. Stabile Award
     (1)   CWO Jonathan Chance – CG Sector Humboldt Bay
     (2)   CWO Paul Jefferys – SFLC, Small Boat Product Line
     (3)   Mr. Claude Lamb – Coast Guard Yard
     (4)   CWO Glenn Lavalette – CGC EAGLE (WIX 327)
     (5)   SK1 Sarah Morin – SFLC, Asset Logistics Division
     (6)   CWO James Petrik – CGC CYPRESS (WLB 210)
     (7)   CWO Sean Scully – SFLC, Icebreaker and Buoy Construction Tender
Product Line
   c. Lucas Plaque - Ashore. National Security Cutter (NSC) Structural
Enhancement Drydock Availability (SEDA) Resident Inspection Office (RIO)
recognized as the winner in Ref B.
     (1)   87-foot Recurring Depot Availability Program
     (2)   COMMANDANT (CG-459) Ship Design and System Engineering Division
     (3)   SFLC, Icebreaker and Buoy Construction Tender Product Line
     (4)   Project Resident Office, Baltimore
     (5)   SFLC, Engineering Services Division
     (6)   Sector Field Office Port Angeles, Naval Engineering Support Division
   d. Lucas Plaque - Afloat
     (1)   CGC ACTIVE (WMEC 618)
     (2)   CGC BISCAYNE BAY (WTGB 104)
     (3)   CGC CONFIDENCE (WMEC 619)
     (4)   CGC CYPRESS (WLB 210)
     (5)   CGC DAUNTLESS (WMEC 624)
     (6)   CGC DEPENDABLE (WMEC 626)
     (7)   CGC HAMILTON (WMSL 753)
     (8)   CGC KIMBALL (WMSL 756)
     (9)   CGC POLAR STAR (WAGB 10)
     (10)  CGC RESOLUTE (WMEC 620)
     (11)  CGC STRATTON (WMSL 752)
3. Questions regarding the Naval Engineering Awards may be directed to
LCDR Jeff Zamarin, COMDT (CG-452) at 202-475-5719 or via email at
4. RDML M. W. Bouboulis, Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics, sends.
5. Internet release is authorized.