united states coast guard

R 07 DEC 18
ALCGOFF 125/18
1. Eligible officers are strongly encouraged to apply for the Afloat 
Icebreaking Training Program (AITP). This program is a specialized training 
program outlined in accordance with REF (A) that allows Coast Guard officers 
to experience practical real-world icebreaking, regardless of prior cutter 
assignment history. The AITP participant will be chosen this assignment year 
to participate in a one year training program focused on area familiarity, 
tactics, techniques and procedures while developing polar icebreaking 
2. Afloat icebreaking training is accomplished through short-term (30-60 day) 
deployments to USCG and international icebreaking vessels. Short-term 
internships are conducted during the JUL-SEP and DEC-APR timeframes in 
conjunction with the regular transfer season. Afloat icebreaking deployments 
are executed at the availability of the host units to best impart icebreaking 
knowledge and afford opportunities to the members. Deployments are usually 
conducted in the region of USCG icebreaking missions and responsibility 
(Arctic, Antarctic and Great Lakes). Operational demands, such as 
diverted/canceled operations, or individual circumstances may make it 
difficult for the selectee to receive adequate icebreaking opportunities. In 
such instances, alternative schedules (international versus domestic 
icebreaking) will be arranged on a case-by-case basis. 
3. All AITP candidates must be active duty (O3-O4). Preferred candidates are 
tour complete in Assignment Year 2019 (AY19), though tour completion waivers 
will be considered. Due to the availability of staff and operational unit 
follow-on assignments, individuals presently at both operational and staff 
units may apply.
4. AITP is available to high performing, experienced officers with at least 
two complete tours afloat on USCG platforms. AITP participants learn how to 
conduct safe and effective icebreaking evolutions in various ice conditions 
and will utilize a number of different operating and propulsion systems to 
train as a Polar Region icebreaking deck watch officer and navigator. 
Participants can expect to conduct their training onboard USCGC POLAR STAR, 
HEALY and MACKINAW within their yearlong assignment. Ideal AITP applicants 
have at least 4 years operational afloat experience and have been assigned 
the CG-OAF10 Officer Specialty Code (OSC). Only those officers looking to 
continue afloat and hoping to serve in the OAF-12 Ice Operations Afloat 
specialty should apply to the AITP. Prior experience onboard a Polar 
Icebreaker (POLAR STAR or HEALY) is not a disqualifier for this program. 
5. Upon completion of the program, AITP participants can expect to complete 
the Afloat Icebreaking WQS and earn the OAF-12 Ice Operations (Afloat) OSC.   
6. Selection to fill this one-year training program will be made during the 
normal assignment process. AY19 has a position for one officer (O3/O4). 
7. Officers interested in the AITP should update their E-Resumes with positon 
00003110 “DDE Navy Exchange Navigator,” which will be updated to “Afloat Ice 
Trng Prog” at a later date.
8. Commanding Officer endorsements are required and shall contain a summary 
of the applicants interests, ability, knowledge (including relevant 
education, training, and competencies), and potential value to the service 
upon completion of AITP. Endorsements must specify member’s recommendation 
for and desire to pursue follow on ice breaking afloat tour in future. 
Endorsements for AITP should address the command’s ability to gap the 
applicant’s position for up to one year if participant applies before 
scheduled transfer year.
9. AITP selectees will have PCS orders available in Direct Access according 
to the standard timeline for a summer transfer.
10. AITP officers should expect a future tour onboard a Coast Guard 
Icebreaker. Priority payback assignments for those officers applying from 
staff positions include CGC POLAR STAR, HEALY and MACKINAW. Assignment to a 
(D9/D1) WTGB or WLB is also possible based on service need. 
11. General questions regarding the Afloat Icebreaking Training Program 
should be directed to LT Robert Tolliver, CG-751 (202)372-2334.
12. CAPT M. H. Day, Chief, PSC-OPM, sends.
13. Internet release authorized.