united states coast guard

R 300953 NOV 18
UNCLAS //N01600//
ALCOAST 401/18
A. U.S. Coast Guard Boat Operations and Training (BOAT) Manual, Volume I,
COMDTINST M16114.32 (series)
1. This ALCOAST solicits members for the Boat Forces Advisory Council (BFAC).
2. The BFAC serves as a valuable communications conduit between
the field and the Office of Boat Forces. The BFAC is chaired by the Joshua James Ancient
Keeper (JJAK), with membership consisting of standing and nominated members, as well as
at-large members and advisors. BFAC members represent a cross section of the Boat Forces
community and must reflect the highest level of boat forces knowledge, professionalism,
and personal conduct.
3. The BFAC's membership outlined in REF (A) will be amended. The BFAC will work under
the direction of the JJAK. The BFAC will meet annually (budget permitting) during the
second quarter at Headquarters and provide a brief of field priorities to COMDT (CG-7).
All BFAC members are requested to serve two years with an expected rotation date beyond
these two years. Evaluation of the BFAC membership has identified the following positions
to effectively represent all the field operations and platforms:
    a. Standing membership will include:
       (1) An instructor/certified coxswain from the BFCO Branch at Training Center Yorktown
       (2) CO or designee of the National Motor Lifeboat School (NMLBS)
       (3) E-8 or below instructor/certified coxswain from Special Missions Training Center (SMTC)
       (4) E-8 or below Pursuit instructor/certified coxswain from Maritime Law Enforcement
Academy (MLEA)
       (5) BMCS or MKC from the Boat Forces Command Cadre School
       (6) Standing Ray Evans Coxswain Award winner (term for one year)
       (7) Standing Paul Clark Engineer Award winner (term for one year)
    b. Nominated membership will include the following positions (desire E7 or above, but
will consider highly recommended E6s):
       (1) Coxswain with ANB or BUSL experience at an ANT unit
       (2) Cutter boat Pursuit Coxswain - Major Cutter
       (3) Cutter boat coxswain - ATON
       (4) Cutter boat coxswain - other (non major/ATON)
       (5) EPO at any Station
       (6) Tactical coxswain or Gunner at a Level I Station with RB-M experience
       (7) Ice Rescue Trainer at any D9 Ice unit
       (8) DSF or PSU coxswain
       (9) Pursuit Coxswain at a Pursuit Level IV unit
       (10) Surfman at a Surf unit
4. Standing members represent several Commands throughout the Coast Guard, and COMDT (CG-731)
requests each of those Commands to provide a memo to COMDT (CG-731) to identify their
representative and confirm Command support for active membership no later than 28 Dec 18.
Members desiring to fill a nominated position should submit a memo not to exceed two pages,
through the first O-6 in their Chain of Command and the District/Area Boat Manager to
COMDT (CG-731) no later than 28 Dec 18. The memo shall include:
    a. Type of unit the member will be representing.
    b. Anticipated rotation date.
    c. Brief summary of member’s career and current competencies.
    d. Brief narrative on how the BFAC and Coast Guard will benefit from the applicants membership.
5. Command endorsements are requested to include a statement indicating the applicant’s ability
to fulfill the responsibilities listed above and in REF (A).
6. Packages shall be submitted via e-mail to CWO Steve Norquist at
no later than COB 28 Dec 18, in PDF format or scanned originals with all required signatures.
7. POCs: BFAC Chair: BMCM Kirk McKay, Joshua James Ancient Keeper, (616) 850-2552 or
COMDT (CG-731) Program Manager: Steve Norquist (202) 372-2450.
8. RDML Michael. P. Ryan, Assistant Commandant for Capability, sends.
9. Internet release is authorized.