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R 26 NOV 18

ALCGPSC 147/18 SUBJECT: OFFICER PROMOTION AUTHORIZATION LISTING (OPAL) 12-18 A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3(series) B. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series) C. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, COMDTINST M1020.8 (series) D. Military Separations, COMDTINST M1000.4 1. Commanding Officers/Officers exercising administrative control may promote the personnel listed below, effective on the dates indicated. 2. Members are categorized by the promotion list on which they were selected. Prior to promotion, Commanding Officers must ensure compliance with Para 3.A.12 of Ref A for ADPL promotions to O-2 through O-6, Para 3.B.6 of Ref A for ADPL promotions to Chief Warrant Officer, and section 7.A.10 of Ref B for IDPL promotions. Commanding Officers must also ensure compliance with the provisions of Ref C, unless an exemption has been granted. If promotion is delayed, Commanding Officers must notify PSC (OPM-1) or (RPM), PPC, and SPO prior to the authorized promotion date. 3. If a promotion is delayed under these provisions, further proceedings under Chapter 1 of Ref D or Section 8.A. of Ref B will depend upon the circumstances leading to the delay. When an officer whose promotion has been delayed subsequently meets the standards for promotion, Commanding Officers should contact PSC (OPM-1) or (RPM) and request authority to promote the officer. PSC (OPM-1) or (RPM) will authorize promotion with a date of rank at the time the officer would have been promoted had the promotion not been delayed. For IDPL officers, pay and allowances of the grade to which promoted are authorized from the effective date of the appointment, not the date of rank. 4. As per Article 1.C.9 of Ref D, acceptance of promotion obligates officers to serve two years time in grade (TIG) prior to voluntary retirement. The TIG requirement does not apply to an officer resigning his or her commission. 5. The following promotions are authorized: NAME LIST DOR UNIT SPO To Commander: Jenks, James A. ADPL 01 Dec 2018 004959 042312 To Lieutenant Commander: Andriessen, Samuel G. ADPL 01 Dec 2018 006583 042822 Miller, Daniel A. ADPL 01 Dec 2018 042242 042256 To Lieutenant: Rincon, Jeannette L. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 010320 042030 Clark, Joshua R. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 045796 042311 Fuerstinger, Kenneth M. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 046286 046286 Dillon, Joseph R. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 046327 046604 Bower, Thomas R. P. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 007034 046604 Poteat, William T. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 048170 048170 Ormes, Christopher D. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 007439 042191 Babcock, Anthony P. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 005029 005029 Guevara, Clovis M. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 047954 042822 Dolan, Sean P. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 007523 042191 Green, Herman C. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 010209 042822 Ziworitin, George O. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 046325 007895 Lim, Frank S. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 005017 038079 Carson, Matthew W. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 046411 042030 Kliman, Joseph R. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 009297 042822 Stabnau, Jared C. ADPL 08 Dec 2018 047057 042898 Gilbert, Michael Z. ADPL 19 Dec 2018 003818 007895 Castillo, Joshua R. ADPL 27 Dec 2018 000494 007895 Brown, Ryan M. ADPL 27 Dec 2018 002172 038079 Seabrook, William M. ADPL 27 Dec 2018 000561 046017 Castronovo, Augustine B. ADPL 27 Dec 2018 046814 042632 Mauss, Zachary C. ADPL 27 Dec 2018 000210 042191 Geary, John C. ADPL 27 Dec 2018 000211 042191 Powers, Corinne N. RPA 27 Dec 2018 041709 042599 To Lieutenant Junior Grade: Sulik, Taylor ADPL 17 Dec 2018 044444 046604 Bacon, Liam ADPL 17 Dec 2018 007286 045431 Green, Jolyn ADPL 17 Dec 2018 046993 046017 Pisarski, Sara ADPL 17 Dec 2018 000723 041675 Ciufia, Danielle ADPL 17 Dec 2018 007184 041675 Macbeth, Jordyn R. ADPL 17 Dec 2018 000098 045431 Baker, Robert ADPL 17 Dec 2018 000090 042030 Meyer, Kristopher ADPL 17 Dec 2018 000642 041675 Batchelor, Collin ADPL 17 Dec 2018 000543 007752 Thomas, Timothy ADPL 26 Dec 2018 003821 002420 Grady, Andrew ADPL 26 Dec 2018 000543 007752 Long, Jordan ADPL 26 Dec 2018 044407 038079 VanderWeit, Phillip ADPL 26 Dec 2018 007611 046604 McClure, Kyle ADPL 26 Dec 2018 000210 042191 Muzbeck, William ADPL 26 Dec 2018 043978 042822 Holcombe, Brian K. ADPL 26 Dec 2018 002437 002420 Mateo, Samuel ADPL 26 Dec 2018 007187 041675 To Chief Warrant Officer (CWO4): Julch, Aaron ADPL 01 Dec 2018 043243 041675 Engle, Alicia ADPL 01 Dec 2018 046733 046734 To Chief Warrant Officer (CWO3): Williamson, Jack H. ADPL 01 Dec 2018 000242 002420 Howerton, Patrick D. IDPL 01 Dec 2018 007593 042030 Bacon, Melinda L. IDPL 01 Dec 2018 038081 038079 Bauer, William A. IDPL 01 Dec 2018 000450 042312 Feimster, John W. IDPL 01 Dec 2018 047724 042030 Thompson, Randal W. IDPL 01 Dec 2018 008203 041675 Stahle, Dustin A. IDPL 01 Dec 2018 038465 042599 6. Pay and allowances of the grade to which promoted are authorized from date of rank specified. Pay increases will normally be included in payments for the first payday after the date of the promotion. 7. For ceremonial purposes, a promotion certificate template can be printed from the CG Portal utilizing the following link: As a reminder, please ensure your mailing address is accurate in Direct Access. If you are transferring in the near future, please contact CWO Claricia Gautier at and provide your new mailing address. 8. It is no longer necessary to submit a ticket to update rank or job title on CGOne. Please utilize the self-service option @ or see the “How to Change your RANK” self-help tech-tip @ ch%20Tips/C4ITSC_FSD_TechTip_RankChange.pdf 9. Officers promoted to the grade of Commander or below during a reporting period must apply the submission criteria for the grade to which promoted to determine when their next OER is due. See Para 5.A.3. of Ref A for details. Promotion OERs are required for promotion to Captain only if more than 182 days have elapsed since their previous OER submission. 10. The following is a six-month estimate of pending promotions. It is based on currently available information from the applicable selection board ALCGPSC and is subject to change. The estimates are given using the selection numbers from the applicable selection board ALCGPSC. JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUNE CAPT ADPL CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR IDPL CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CDR ADPL 168 169-170 171 CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR IDPL 0 31-32 CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR LCDR ADPL 242-243 244-249 250 251-255 256-262 263-266 IDPL CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR 11. LT promotions normally occur 30 months from the LTJG date of rank. LTJG promotions normally occur 18 months from the ENS date of rank. IAW 14 USC 736, all IDPL officers will be promoted on the same date as their running mate. Law limits the number of LCDR and above promotions, and the number is authorized each year by Commandant. Each controlled grade can only comprise a certain percentage of the total officer corps. Even if the Coast Guard has vacant billets in a controlled grade, we can only promote officers until we reach our authorization cap. The authorized number of officers in each controlled grade is determined every year in May after the Academy class graduates and the Coast Guard officer corps is at its largest. Promotion numbers for controlled grades are significantly larger during the summer months due to the higher number of officer separations during these months. 12. POC for Reserve Officers is CDR John D. Hughes PSC (RPM-1) (202) 795-6517. POC for Regular Officers is LT Luke Strittmatter PSC (OPM-1E) (202) 795-6443. 13. Released by: CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, CG Personnel Service Center. The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource – Our People. 14. Internet release is authorized.