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ALCOAST COMMANDANT NOTICE                                                   CANCEL DATE 19 NOV 2019

R 200840 NOV 18
ACN 136/18
A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
B. Reserve Force Readiness System (RFRS) Staff Element Responsibilities,
COMDTINST 5320.4 (series)
C. U.S. Coast Guard Competency Management System Manual, COMDTINST M5300.2 (series)
D. Personnel Resources and Reprogramming Manual, COMDTINST M5312.13 (series)
E. Coast Guard Standard Operational Planning Process/Global Force Management,
COMDTINST 3120.4 (series)
1. This ACN maintains alignment with REFs (A) through (D), and announces CGR-TMS for
FY 2019, which includes revisions to the purpose, roles, responsibilities, quota allocations,
and enrollment process utilized in the management and execution of C-School assignments for
2. The goals of the CGR-TMS are to increase Coast Guard Reserve Force capabilities and align
training expectations in support of the Deputy Commandant of Operations annual Strategic
Planning Directive with career progression for reservists, resulting in a more ready,
responsive and relevant Reserve. CGR-TMS aligns training expectations with service
requirements, allowing the Office of Reserve Affairs (CG-131) to accurately predict FY
C-School demands as per REF (E), target priority attendees by assigned competencies, and
communicate progress towards competency completion to individual reservists. COMDT (CG-131),
along with other key stakeholders, will execute the CGR-TMS with a top-down Service approach to
accomplish four tasks:
    A. Calculate resident and exportable training demand for COMDT (CG-131) Reserve funds managers.
    B. Provide priority candidate slates for resident and exportable training opportunities used
by the Reserve Force Readiness System (RFRS) staff and/or unit Training Officers (TO), ensuring
the right reservists are slated for the right training.
    C. Optimize Active Duty for Training-Annual Training (ADT-AT) spending; and
    D. Allow for direct quota allocation of COMDT (CG-131) funded C-Schools, so targeted
reservists have increased ability to plan their ADT-AT dates.
3. Restrictions.
    A. Reservists shall utilize the process for requesting any available or additional C-School
quota outlined on the CGR-TMS portal. Reservists and supervisors should not submit unapproved
or additional requests via Direct Access, unless specified in the C-School special exceptions
section below. Submission of a reservist’s Electronic Training Request (ETR) must align with a
pre-approved quota from the original approved slate, or be in alignment with an additional
quota allotted directly through COMDT (CG-131) with approval of the member's chain of command.
    B. Reservists shall work through their chain of command and shall not contact the Education
and Training Quota Management Command (ETQC), Force Readiness Command Training Division
(FORCECOM-T), or Coast Guard Headquarters (CGHQ) Program Managers directly. In order to increase
enrollment efficiency, members may be contacted directly by ETQC, FORCECOM-T, and CGHQ Program
Managers per COMDT (CG-131) direction.
4. Report Schedule. COMDT (CG-131) will continue to build and post, once a year (mid-September
prior to a new FY), Individual Training Plans (ITP) for each reservist to assist reservists,
supervisors, RFRS staffs/TOs in identifying competency requirements and gaps throughout the FY.
Reports needed in addition to this schedule will be provided on a case-by-case basis and may be
requested via email to
5. CGR-TMS guidance, reports, resources, change/cancellation process, special instructions for
Intelligence and Incident Command C-School Enrollment, and overall process for requesting any
available or additional C-School quota can be found at:
6. POCs: COMDT (CG-131) LT Raqel Brown (202) 475-5432,;
LANT-1 CDR David Uhl (757) 398-3911,; PAC-1 CDR Monica Hernandez
(510) 437-5621,, and LT Barron Lacy (510) 437-3430,; DOL-1 LCDR Jocelyn Soriano at (757) 628-4867,
7. Released by RDML Matthew W. Sibley, Acting Director of Reserve and Military Personnel.
8. Internet release is authorized.