united states coast guard

ALCOAST COMMANDANT NOTICE                                                CANCEL DATE 18 NOV 2019

R 190740 NOV 18
UNCLAS //N01000//
ACN 135/18
A. Performance, Training, and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10 (series)
B. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8 (series)
C. Enlisted, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2 (series)
1. This ACN provides an update to the obligated service requirements outlined in
REF (A) to attend Class A School. This message is not intended to address the additional
obligated service requirements outlined in REF (B) that relate to follow on assignment after
Class A School graduation.
2. In order for a member to execute orders to Class A School they must have at least 24
months of service remaining on their enlistment upon graduation from Class A School. It is
the responsibility of the member’s Personnel and Admin Office to ensure the member meets
the 24 month obligated service requirement prior to executing orders to Class A School.
    a. Obligated service requirement for Class A School is calculated by adding 24 months to
the course graduation date listed on the member's orders. Once in training, members will not
incur additional obligated service if the course schedule changes, member is placed in
remedial training or member is rephased.
    b. Members with insufficient time remaining on an existing enlistment contract shall
extend or reenlist per REF (C) prior to executing Class A School orders. Members who are
not reenlistment eligible and cannot extend without a waiver from PSC-EPM shall submit an
expedited request for consideration and obtain approval from PSC-EPM prior to executing
Class A school orders.
    c. Members who decline to obligate service or are denied a reenlistment waiver will
have their orders cancelled and be removed from the Class A School waiting list.
    d. Members who execute Class A School orders and do not meet the obligated service
requirement will have ten days following their arrival at Class A School to extend or
reenlist. Refusal to extend or reenlist to meet this obligated service requirement will
result in an immediate Fault Disenrollment and be subject to the policy outlined in REF (C).
    e. Training Centers shall include the PPC ADMIN OIX Id CMD-SMB-CG-PPC in the distribution
addressees of the disenrollment message.
    f. Upon graduation from Class A School, members assigned OCONUS may be required to
obligate additional service per REF (B).
3. Disenrollment. Personnel disenrolled from the course of instruction due to own request or
misconduct will be required to fulfill their remaining service obligation. Personnel
disenrolled for academic, humanitarian, or for the good of the Coast Guard, may route a
request memo to Commander, Coast Guard Personnel Service Center (PSC) (epm-1) or (rpm-2) to
have the obligated service requirement rescinded or reduced.
4. Implementation.
    a. Members who have executed their Class A School orders are subject to their previous
obligation agreement.
    b. Members who have not executed their Class A School orders as of the release date of
this ACN are subject to the obligation requirements outlined in Paragraph 2 above.
5. Contact your unit Personnel and Admin Office for questions regarding extensions,
enlistments and obligated service calculations and policy. For questions concerning this
ACN please contact LCDR Blake Leedy at (202) 475-5477.
6. This change in policy will be incorporated into the next update of REF (A) which will
be released within the next year.
7. RDML B. K. Penoyer, Commander, Force Readiness Command, sends.
8. Internet release is authorized.