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ALCOAST COMMANDANT NOTICE                                    CANCEL DATE 13 NOV 2019

R 141654 NOV 18
UNCLAS //N07220//
ACN 133/18
A. Title 37 U.S. Code – Pay and Allowances of the Uniformed Services
B. Military Bonus Programs, COMDTINST M7220.2 (series)
C. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2 (series)
D. Performance, Training and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10 (series)
1. As part of the continuous review process by the FY19 Enlisted Workforce Planning Team (EWPT)
this ACN announces a $50,000 Critical Skills Retention Bonus (CSRB) offer for designated critical
military skills in addition to any other pay and allowances to which a member is entitled under
Section 355 of REF (A).
     a. This offer applies to fully qualified active duty, enlisted personnel in pay grades E4-E7
that are exclusively serving CGCYBER assignments in Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) or
Cyber Protection Team (CPT).
     b. The CSRB is authorized for eligible personnel who will complete their obligated service,
as defined in REF (B) Chapter 3.A, during FY19 and can execute a reenlistment no later than
30 Sep 2019, or unless this ACN is cancelled.
2. CSRB is a monetary intervention bonus program and may be adjusted or terminated not less than
30 days in advance and is anticipated to continue through FY19 ending 30 Sep 2019. The CSRB offer
in this SITREP will remain in effect until modified or terminated by ACN, or until this ACN expires.
3. Members must agree and obligate to a new 4-year Active Duty Service Commitment (ADSC) reenlistment
contract to be eligible for the CSRB IAW REF (C), Chapter 1.
     a. A member’s total active duty, or service in an active status in a reserve component, as of the
effective date of the reenlistment contract for the purpose of a CSRB, cannot exceed 21 years,
00 Months and, 00 Days.
     b. The effective date of the CSRB is the date a fully qualified member has signed a new 4-year ADSC.
4. To receive the CSRB, eligible members must abide by the following fully qualified criteria during
the entirety of the ADSC:
     a. Enlisted members assigned to CGCYBER CSOC or CPT positions,
     b. Possess and maintain a final, adjudicated TS/SCI security clearance and favorable
Counter-Intelligence (CI) Polygraph,
     c. Successful completion of Joint Cyber Analysis Course (JCAC) or equivalent 6-month course,
     d. Successful completion of Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP) Analysis Infrastructure Support,
Incident Responder, Auditor, or Manager Certification, DoD 8570.01-M,
     e. Successful completion of Joint Qualification Requirements (JQR) and board process for CGCYBER
watch positions of CSOC Watch Supervisor or Intelligence Watch Officer; or completed Cyber Protection
Team (CPT) training pipeline requirements, and
     f. Commands must verify all qualifying eligibility requirements listed on a completed Administrative
Remarks, Form CG-3307 (BON-10). This document must be signed by the member's Commanding Officer;
"By Direction" or “Acting” signature authority is prohibited. Questions should be directed to:
5. The Commanding officer and member must complete Critical Skills Retention Bonus (CSRB) Agreement,
Form CG-7220E. The Commanding Officer and member must sign and date both the qualifying verification
Administrative Remarks, Form CG-3307 (BON-10) and Critical Skills Retention Bonus (CSRB) Agreement,
Form CG-7220E before bonus processing by Pay & Personnel Center (PPC).
6. A member paid a bonus under this offer who fails, during the period of ADSC covered by the member's
reenlistment contract, to remain qualified in the critical military skill or to satisfy the other
eligibility criteria for which the bonus was paid shall be subject to recoupment of any unearned portion
of the bonus under provisions of Section 373 of REF (A).
     a. If a member loses his or her qualification or is no longer qualified for assignment to a CSOC, or
CPT billet due to fault, the unearned portion of the bonus payment will be recouped as of the date of
removal for the remainder of the contractual obligation.
     b. Entitlement to the CSRB will not be restored when loss of qualification was due to personal fault
and the member later re-qualifies during the original ADSC.
     c. The CSRB contract does not guarantee a member will remain on active duty for the entirety of the
ADSC if earlier administrative separation, retirement or, involuntary separation for cause is awarded,
or appropriate.
     d. Any bonus paid to a member who completes a full tour in CSOC or CPT and subsequently receives
Permanent Change of Station (PCS) transfer from COMDT (CG-PSC-EPM-2) may be eligible to retain any
unearned portion of their bonus while still under the ADSC. Members must remain fully qualified and
eligible for reassignment to CSOC, or CPT throughout the ADSC.
     e. COMDT (CG-791) will review separate assignments from CSOC and CPT to determine the assignment
eligibility requirement in Paragraph 4.a. of this ACN for CSRB eligibility.
7. The CSRB will be paid in lump sum IAW REF (A) subject to 22% federal, and applicable state income
tax withholdings that are not contributed to a tax-deferred Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) account. Members
that elect to contribute bonus monies to their TSP account must do so not less than 30 days prior to
receipt of bonus.
8. Change to REF (B), Military Bonus Programs:
     a. Members who accept a bonus and during their obligated service period enter an officer training
program as a commissioned or warrant officer are no longer authorized a bonus and will have the unearned
portion of payment recouped upon the date of appointment.
     b. Members considering appointment to the warrant or officer corps may still reenlist without electing
to receive a bonus.
9. Commanding Officers (CO) and Officers-in-Charge (OIC) are reminded that all members who agree to
obligate service and are within 3 months of their expiration of enlistment shall: be counseled on their
CSRB eligibility; have the opportunity to read REF (B) in its entirety and; sign the appropriate
Administrative Remarks, Form CG-3307 (BON-10) for their record.
10. Eligible members are reminded that they ultimately decide the length of contractual obligation and
actual date of reenlistment. A reenlistment requires the member's signature acknowledging they have read
and understood the terms of the contract and have had all questions answered to their satisfaction.
     a. Members who previously signed contracts under REF (D), are prohibited from cancelling their existing
contract to sign a new contract to meet the requirements of this ACN.
     b. Extensions and re-extensions previously executed by members may be canceled prior to their operative
date for the purpose of executing a longer reenlistment contract IAW REF (C) Chapter 1.
(1) Members must meet all qualifications and requirements of this ACN to receive a CSRB IAW this
ACN and REF (B).
(2) The CSRB entitlement will be based only on newly acquired obligated service and computed under
REF (B) Chapter 3.A.6. to calculate the minimum CSRB ADSC.
     c. Members should contact their unit counselors (typically the Command YN/CMC/SCPO/MCPO) well in
advance of their Expiration of Enlistment. Additional sources of information include: servicing personnel
office (SPO) and work-life staff as well as senior Yeoman and servicing legal offices.
     d. Members who believe they were not properly counseled about bonus eligibility should contact their
SPO for additional information about obtaining a waiver to obtain bonus eligibility through COMDT (CG-133).
Requests for waivers must contain probative and substantiated records for consideration.
11. PPC receives a high volume of bonus questions and submissions. Unanswered questions must be routed
through senior yeomen before engaging PPC. Payments may take up to 4 months from the date a member's SPO
has submitted a Trouble Ticket to PPC. Refrain from contacting PPC about a bonus until 4 months has
elapsed from a trouble tickets submission date. If it is not known whether a ticket has been submitted,
designated yeoman should contact PPC Customer Care for investigation. If no ticket is active, submit a
trouble ticket with appropriate bonus documentation.
12. For questions that cannot be answered after exhausting all of the above resources, the designated
administrative support representative may contact COMDT (CG-133) at:
Often, engaging lower levels of administrative support, SPO or COMDT (CG-133) is a faster and more direct
alternative than members seeking correction through the Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR).
Members always reserve the right to file a petition with the BCMR for resolution.
13. These changes will be implemented into the next revision of REF (B), which will be released within
the next year.
14. POC: LCDR Gregory Higgins, Workforce Forecasting and Analysis (CG-126),
Policies regarding bonuses or other human resource management matters may be directed to Office of
Military Personnel (CG-133) at:
15. CO’s and OIC’s shall bring the contents of this ACN to the attention of all personnel.
16. Released by RADM W. G. Kelly, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources.
17. Internet release is authorized.