united states coast guard

R 05 NOV 18
ALCGPSC 142/18
A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST 
1. This message solicits applications from within the active duty Coast 
Guard and the Coast Guard Reserve for assignment to the Permanent 
Commissioned Teaching Staff (PCTS) at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. One 
PCTS position is available in the Management department. 
2. PCTS exists provide teaching expertise and leadership in the 
academic division at the Academy. Members of the PCTS should be models 
of academic, leadership, and professional excellence. They are expected 
to support cadet training and activities outside the classroom. The 
military continuity provided by this group complements the civilian and 
rotating military components of the faculty. In accordance with Section 
6.B.12 of Ref A, a panel will be convened the week of 17 Dec 2018 to 
review applications and recommend candidates for appointment to PCTS 
and subsequent permanent assignment to the Coast Guard Academy. 
3. In order to be considered, applicants must meet the following 
   a. Status: Be a commissioned officer in the Coast Guard or Coast 
Guard Reserve and currently serving in an active or inactive status 
(including the Individual Ready Reserve, but not the Inactive Status 
   b. Eligibility: Officers in the grade of O4 with a DOR of 01 Jul 15 
or later and all O3s are eligible. Retired officers (including members 
of the retired reserve in a RET II status) and those serving on retired 
recall are ineligible to apply. Waiver requests to the grade 
requirements above must be submitted to CG PSC (opm-1) before the 
application due date. If requesting a waiver, please contact the CG PSC 
(opm-1) in paragraph 9 as early as possible.
   c. Academic and Leadership Potential: Have the potential for growth 
as an academician and a Coast Guard officer. The officer will be 
expected to serve at the Academy in leadership and mentorship roles and 
eventually become competitive for an Academic Department Head position. 
   d. Education: At a minimum possess a Masters of Business 
Administration or a Masters degree (or equivalent) in Management, 
Leadership, or a closely related field. Applicants must demonstrate the 
potential to earn a Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree in Management 
with a specialty in Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, or 
Organizational Behavior and Leadership.
   e. Experience: Possess at least two years of teaching experience. 
Although desired, a lack of formal teaching experience is not 
   f. Cadet Development: Possess the desire and ability to contribute 
to cadet life and development in non-academic areas, including 
fostering a climate and culture of inclusion, integrating leadership 
and character development throughout the Academy, and demonstrating an 
ability to develop networking relationships within the Coast Guard.
4. Application: At a minimum, applications shall include the following: 
   a. Name, grade, employee ID number.
   b. Educational background and degrees attained (include thesis 
titles for Masters and doctoral degrees). If a Ph.D. is not held, 
include a brief plan for obtaining a Ph.D.
   c. Teaching experience, including dates, location, and 
position/title. Include student evaluations as an enclosure if 
   d. Professional experience as it pertains to leadership, serving as 
a professional military educator, service to the Coast Guard management 
communities and advancing the Coast Guard's strategic diversity goals.
   e. Administrative experience in any area, but with a particular 
emphasis on education where applicable.
   f. Awards and honors, including academic awards.
   g. Publications and titles of significant conference presentations. 
   h. Membership and activities in professional societies.
   i. Extracurricular or volunteer activities. For example: athletic 
participation, music, or coaching. 
   j. A command endorsement that discusses the applicant's potential to 
meet the PCTS criteria. This is not required for officers in the IRR.
   k. A brief statement describing the applicant’s teaching philosophy.
   l. A brief statement describing elements of the applicant’s 
documented performance and/or education that makes them particularly 
suited for an appointment to the PCTS.
5. In addition to the mandatory application requirements outlined in 
paragraph 4 above, applicants may include letter(s) of recommendation 
or any other supplementary information which they desire to call to the 
attention of the selection panel.
6. Applications should not be mailed. Instead, eligible officers shall 
submit applications as a signed memo with enclosures. All application 
materials should be combined into a single PDF and sent via e-mail to 
CG PSC (opm-1) at the ARL-PF-CGPSC-OPM-1-BOARDS e-mail address with the 
subject line 'PY19 PCTS APPOINTMENT BOARD.’ Electronically signed memos 
are authorized. Applicants shall also ensure that all scanned documents 
are clearly readable. All applications must be received no later than 
12 DEC 2018. Applications received after the published deadline will 
not be accepted.
7. Finalists from Phase I will be invited for a practical interview 
portion held at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT from 23-25 
Jan 19. 
8. The appointed candidate will be permanently assigned as a Coast 
Guard Academy faculty member following a mandatory and successful two 
year probationary period. The member should expect to report for duty 
to the Coast Guard Academy in the summer of 2019 and undertake a 
teaching workload in the 2019 fall semester.
9. POCS: 
   a. CG PSC(opm-1): LCDR Ginny Nadolny at
   b. Coast Guard Academy: CAPT Gregory Hall at
10. Released by: CAPT P. N. Melnick, Acting Commander, CG Personnel Service 
Center. The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource – Our 
11. Internet release is authorized.