united states coast guard

19 OCT 18

ALCGENL 172/18
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
B. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Competency Qualification Instruction,
C. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual,
D. Water Survival Training Program Manual, COMDTINST M16240.4B
E. Screening for Overseas Duty, PSCINST 1300
1. This message re-solicits for ashore and afloat assignments at
Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA). These assignments are
for one year PCS deployments to begin in the Spring, Summer, and
Winter of AY19. Highly motivated personnel applying for PATFORSWA
should expect high optempo duty in support of a highly visible
national defense mission. Those selected for this opportunity will
be required to attend pre-deployment training (PDT), PDT lasts
approximately 4-8 weeks. Actual report dates to PATFORSWA are set
by the Admin Officer at PATFORSWA.
2. The following positions afloat and ashore are available and
listed in Direct Access under the following units.  All members
interested in any of the seven afloat units should apply under the
BARANOF department ID (000555):
   A. Afloat Unit Dept ID    Grade       POSN NUMBER
   CGC BARANOF    000555     BM1         00005805
                             MKC (EPO)   00005725
                             MK2         00005726
                             OS1 (Ind)   00002947
                             EM1 (Ind)   00005728
                             ET2         00013748
                             GM2         00005804
                             GM3         00084366
   B. Ashore Unit Dept ID    Grade       POSN NUMBER
   PATFORSWA      007006     EMCS        00075864
                             EM1         00075865
                             EM2         00017171                         
                             ET2         00075870
                             IT2         00075901
                             MKC         00077287
3. This is a dependent restricted, non-isolated PCS assignment
available for men and women. For additional information and benefits
see our websites listed in paragraph 9. Also note that Hardship
Duty Pay for Bahrain was recently increased.
4. PATFORSWA positions are available at the following units:
   a. Assignment priority one: 110 WPB Afloat
   b. Assignment priority two: PATFORSWA shore side support
5. Assignment criteria: Applicants must be:
   a. 18 years of age at deployment date
   b. Tour complete in any year
   c. Suitable for overseas assignment per references A and E
   d. Be a United States citizen
   e. Maintain or be eligible for a Secret clearance
   f. Must meet obligated service requirements of 15 months from
   report date
   g. Must have completed and passed task 1-01, Physical Fitness
   Standards (PT Test), of reference B, within the last 6 months
   h. Must meet Coast Guard weight standards per reference C
   i. E-resume includes command endorsement for all positions.
   j. Possess a driver's license valid through the entire tour of
   k. Prior to arrival at PDT, members should possess a basic and/
   or practical rifle qualification on the M16 or M4 rifle within
   the previous 5 years. Previous qualification with a personal
   defense weapon (PDW) is also highly encouraged but not
   required. (Note 2)
Note 1: All members will be required to take part in the Water
Survival Training Program (WSTP) at PDT. Students will be required
to take and pass the PT test in the first week of PDT in order to
participate in WSTP. Upon successful completion of the PT test,
students will be required to meet all tasks outlined in the WSTP
Manual per reference D.
Note 2: Weapons qualifications are required for all shore side and
afloat assignments. All E-7 and below assignments are designated as
anti-terrorism/force protection (AT/FP) watch standers.
6. Assignment Procedures: Members should complete reference E
requirements for overseas assignment, complete a PT test and
minimum weapons qualification requirements, and submit a command
endorsed e-resume for PATFORSWA positions by 4 November 2018.
Those who are tour complete in any year can apply. If not selected,
members tour complete in AY19 should follow published AY19 shopping
list deadline guidance by adding PATFORSWA positions to their
current e-resume. Members tour complete in AY19 will be given
priority for these assignments. (Note 1)
Note 1: For members whose weapons qualifications meet the minimum
criteria, but have lapsed, basic and practical qualification
courses on rifle (among other weapons) systems will be administered
at PDT.
7. Applicants should be aware that documented rated experience and
qualifications may take precedence over assignment priority when
making these assignments. Those who meet PATFORSWA assignment
criteria and are not selected are encouraged to keep apprised of
latest message traffic. PSC-epm-2 will notify selected members or
their commands on a case-by-case basis.
8. Command endorsement criteria: All PATFORSWA endorsements should
address the following:
   a. Verify that member meets all assignment criteria in paragraph 5.
   b. List member small arms qualifications and most recent certification
   date. Again, verify that a passing basic and/or practical rifle
   qualification on the M16 or M4 rifle has occurred within the previous
   5 years along with passing of the physical fitness standards in the last
   6 months.
   c. Summarize previous law enforcement or AT/FP experience and
   d. Backfill concerns: When addressing backfills for members not tour
   complete in AY19, commands should keep in mind that receiving an
   immediate backfill is not always possible. The commands backfill request
   will factor into the candidate selection process. Additional guidelines
   for command endorsements can be found at our websites.
9. Training and PCS: All personnel selected for this duty will be
required to complete PDT. Details are available on our websites. EPM
PATFORSWA and SMTC Portal Pages:
10. For assignment questions, please contact the following Assignment
Officers (AO's) by Rate:
BM: CWO2 Sean Stone,, 202-795-6607
EM: CWO4 Robert Amador,, 202-795-6586
ET: CWO4 G. Sandness,, 202-795-6581
IT: CWO2 Peter Deacon,, 202-795-6604
GM: CWO4 Mark Cortor,, 202-795-6613
MK: CWO2 Bryan Kaseman,, 202-795-6589
OS: CWO4 C. Westerdahl,, 202-795-6583
11. Command representatives may contact LCDR Thomas Osborn at, or 202-795-6616.
12. Questions regarding the operational nature of this assignment or
PDT should contact SMTC, YNCM Jessica Schroeder at, or 910-440-6177.
13. Released by: LCDR T. Osborn, 202-795-6616.
14. Internet release authorized.