united states coast guard

01 OCT 18

ALCGPSC 125/18
A. ALCGPSC 093/18
B. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, CIM 1000.3A
1. In order to ensure a robust candidate pool, this message re-solicits for RPA
Designation candidates in accordance with REF A.
2. Those officers designated as provisional RPAs will be offered three-year EAD
contracts and can expect assignment to a training/developmental billet. After
two years of active duty, provisional RPAs are considered for permanent RPA
status via a board convened by CG PSC-OPM. An RPA who acquires permanent status
receives indefinite active-duty orders and serves on active duty until
separation or retirement.
3. Service requirements: the following Coast Guard officers are eligible at the
beginning of the promotion year (01 Jul) in which they are competing for designation:
   a. Any Reserve or Regular commissioned ensign with at least 12 months time in grade.
   b. Any Reserve or Regular commissioned lieutenant (junior grade).
   c. Any Reserve or Regular commissioned lieutenant with four or fewer years in grade.
   d. Any Regular or Reserve F&S or PERS specialty warrant officer serving in the grade
of W-4, W-3, or who is a W-2 and who will be considered by the W-3 selection board in the
same promotion year. Warrant officers must have 26 or fewer years time in service. 
4. All warrant officers designated as a provisional RPAs will be offered appointments as
temporary reserve lieutenants with a date of rank as the first day of EAD. Reserve warrant
officers will maintain their permanant warrant grade precedence. ADPL warrant officers
will be appointed permanent reserve warrant officers and maintain their permanent warrant
grade precedence. Temporary reserve lieutenants who receive their commission through the
Warrant to RPA Designation program have the option to integrate to permanent reserve officer
status upon selection by a best-qualified RPA promotion board in their temporary status.
This change will be promulgated in the next revision to REF B.
5. Officers who desire a waiver to the eligibility requirements may apply to Commander
(CG PSC-RPM) through their chain of command. Requests may not be approved unless
the applicant meets critical Service needs. Waivers for the ensign time in grade requirement
or the W-3 selection board requirement will not be considered. Waiver requests shall be
submitted via email to LT Josh Denney at with the subject line
6. Application process:
   a. RPA Application Memo: Applicants shall apply using the RPA CG Memo template located at the
CG PSC-RPM-1 website:
   b. Command Endorsement: Commanding Officer endorsements are required and shall
address the applicant's managerial potential, analytical, planning and writing skills,
and an opinion of their value to the service as an RPA. Only endorsements from the immediate
command are authorized. Additional letters of recommendation or endorsements will not be
considered and, if submitted, will be returned without action. Communications to the board
from a candidate will not be accepted.
   c. Application memos with endorsement should be sent via email to:
7. Schedule:
   a. 19 October 2018: applications with command endorsement are due.
   b. 29 October 2018: RPA Designation Board convenes to review all applications and records.
   c. Those selected as provisional RPAs will initiate their EAD contracts OOA 1 July 2019.
8. All Commanding Officers and Senior Reserve Officers: Ensure widest dissemination
to all officers within your AOR.
9. CG PSC-RPM-1 Boards and Panels Section Chief for application/panel inquiries:
LT Josh Denney, (202) 795-6509, e-mail:
10. Released by: CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, CG Personnel Service Center.
The Service Center for our most important resource – Our People.
11. Internet release is authorized.