MULTIMEDIA RELEASE: Coast Guard, partner agencies rescue Horry County residents from flood waters

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Coast Guard, partner agencies rescue Horry County residents from flood waters

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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. — Coast Guard Gulf Strike Team crews used shallow-water response boats to conduct rescue operations Wednesday rescuing residents stranded by floodwaters from Hurricane Florence.

The Coast Guard team worked closely with partners including the South Carolina National Guard and Horry County Fire and Rescue.

As Coast Guard crews conduct rescue operations, we ask residents and mariners to follow a few tips to help protect themselves and their families:

  • People in distress should use 911 to request assistance whenever possible. Social media should not be used to report life-threatening distress due to limited resources to monitor the dozens of social media platforms during a hurricane or large-scale rescue event.
  • Do not try to board a partially sunken boat; seek salvage assistance from a professional.
  • Do not create a wake or attempt to travel in a non-navigable waterway. Wake can cause damage to surrounding properties. There is still a potential for hazardous debris to remain just below the surface of the water.

Coast Guard crews from across the U.S. are working alongside personnel from federal, state, and local agencies for Hurricane Florence and associated flooding.

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