UPDATE: Coast Guard North Carolina Hurricane Florence Response

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Sept. 14, 2018
U.S. Coast Guard Hurricane Florence Response
Contact: Hurricane Response Media Operations Centers
Hampton Roads/Elizabeth City: (757) 295-8435
North Carolina: (252) 515-0895

South Carolina: (305) 318-1864

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UPDATE: Coast Guard North Carolina Hurricane Florence Response


GOLDSBORO, N.C. – The Coast Guard continues to monitor the progress of Hurricane Florence as it impacts North Carolina on Friday.


  • Currently there are 89 Coast Guard members in the incident command post on Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro.


  • There are six shallow water rescue boat teams staged in North Carolina awaiting safe operational conditions before beginning search and rescue operations. The teams are comprised of 48 people using 19 boats.


  • Coast Guard search and rescue aircraft remain staged in Savannah, Georgia; Elizabeth City, North Carolina; Clearwater, Florida; and Atlantic City, New Jersey, awaiting safe operational conditions before beginning rescue missions


  • Other Coast Guard units, including small boat stations, are staged and awaiting safe operational conditions to begin search and rescue.


“As the storm moves through the North Carolina region, we ask people to stay safe and seek high ground if they are impacted by flooding,” said Capt. Bion Stewart, incident commander of the Coast Guard’s Hurricane Florence response in North Carolina.


“Once weather subsides and conditions become safe for first responders, we will begin search and rescue, focus on environmental impacts and begin the process to re-open our ports,” said Stewart. “If you find yourself in a life threatening emergency, we ask you to call 911 for assistance.”