united states coast guard

13 SEP 2018

ALCGPSC 117/18
A. ALCGOFF 033/18
B. ALCGENL 045/18
C. ALCGPSC 009/17
D. ALCGPSC 033/18
E. Screening for Overseas Duty, PSCINST 1300
1.  References (A) and (B) are the respective 2018 officer and enlisted assignment season kick-off messages reflecting the current e-resume deadlines.
2.  References (C) and (D) announced the requirement for a self-assessment screening utilizing the CG-1300 forms, HSWL review of medical information, and Direct Access command endorsement prior to a member submitting an e-resume with an overseas billet.
3.  Commanding Officers or designee shall ensure members and their dependents complete the overseas screening CG-1300 forms as outlined in articles 3.b (1) and 5.a of reference (E).  The CG-1300B and CG-6100 forms should be filled out to the best of the member’s and their dependent’s knowledge for review by the departing HSWL clinic or Independent Duty HS (IDHS). A medical exam for the member and/or their dependents is not required to complete these forms for this review.
4. Members are reminded to place the following statement on their e-resume: "I, along with my family (if applicable), have reviewed form CG-1300 Parts I-III, meet criteria for overseas unit assignment as outlined in PSCINST 1300 (series), and received a positive command endorsement."
5. Members who pre-screen for their e-resumes and receive OCONUS orders only need to complete the portions of the CG-1300 forms that were not completed during the pre-screening.
6.  Additional information can be found on the Overseas Screening Portal page:
7.  Released by:  CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, CG Personnel Service Center.  The Service Center for our Most Important Resources – Our People.
8.  Internet release authorized.