united states coast guard

R 24 AUG 18

ALCGOFF 089/18
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A 
B. Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2 (series) 
C. Coast Guard Personnel Service Center Instruction 1300
1. BACKGROUND: OPM is soliciting for officers interested in afloat and 
ashore assignments in the Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA) operational 
theater. All ashore assignments and WPB CO/XO positions are open to men and 
women. Due to berthing configurations, WPB Operations Officer positions will 
likely be limited to male candidates. Female officers may still apply for these 
positions and if berthing for a particular cutter allows for an assignment of 
a female officer, they may be considered.
2. DISCUSSION: These challenging and demanding one year tours of duty are 
dependent restricted PCS assignments. Highly motivated officers applying for 
PATFORSWA should expect high optempo duty in support of a highly visible 
national defense mission. Officers selected for this opportunity will be 
required to attend pre-deployment training (PDT). PDT lasts approximately 
4-5 weeks based on the requirements of the billet assigned. Deployment to 
PATFORSWA will occur between Apr - Jun 2019 with the exception of the 
Admin/Pers Officer position (PERS CWO) who will report OOA 1 November 2019. 
Actual report dates are set by the Admin Officer at PATFORSWA.  Each billet 
requires a 14 day overlap between the arriving and departing officer to ensure 
successful orientation and mission accomplishment.
3. POSITION INFORMATION: Officer positions are being advertised in 
Direct Access for PATFORSWA shoreside billets, six WPBs, and the WPB 
relief CO/XO. Desired skill sets for these billets include law enforcement, 
naval engineering, training, admin, finance, procurement, intelligence, 
operations afloat, and operations ashore. A detailed description of duties 
for each of these positions may be found on the OPM-2 portal webpage at
The appropriate position numbers are as follows:
00075858  CDR             PATFORSWA             Deputy CDR
00036925  CDR             PATFORSWA             DDE-CGLO NAVCENT CSF
00076112  LCDR            PATFORSWA             Logistics Dept Head (Note 1)	
00075859  LT	          PATFORSWA             Current Ops/CTF 55 CGLO
00032952  LT              PATFORSWA             Intelligence Officer (Note 2)
00075388  LT	          PATFORSWA             Future Ops/Exercises
00075893  LTJG            PATFORSWA             MET Supervisor
00075894  LTJG            PATFORSWA             Force Protection
00075860  CWO/ENG         PATFORSWA             ENG Officer Duty (Note 3)
00075861  CWO/F(AND)S     PATFORSWA             Chf Finance/Supply Div (Note 4)
00078880  CWO/PERS        PATFORSWA             Chf Admin/Personnel Div (Note 4)
00032606  CWO/INV4        PATFORSWA             DDE-Special Agent (Note 4)
00028518  LT              CGC ADAK              Commanding Officer
00030715  LTJG            CGC ADAK              Executive Officer
00017490  LTJG            CGC ADAK              Operations Officer
00022901  LT              CGC AQUIDNECK         Commanding Officer
00022899  LTJG            CGC AQUIDNECK         Executive Officer
00005933  LTJG            CGC AQUIDNECK         Operations Officer
00005907  LT              CGC BARANOF           Commanding Officer
00005906  LTJG            CGC BARANOF           Executive Officer
00067736  CWO4/BOSN       CGC BARANOF           Operations Officer (Note 3)
00010970  LT              CGC MAUI              Commanding Officer
00010969  LTJG            CGC MAUI              Executive Officer
00039457  LTJG            CGC MAUI              Operations Officer
00000116  LT              CGC MONOMOY           Commanding Officer
00000115  LTJG            CGC MONOMOY           Executive Officer
00007992  LTJG            CGC MONOMOY           Operations Officer
00015407  LT              CGC WRANGELL          Commanding Officer
00018594  LTJG            CGC WRANGELL          Executive Officer
00073279  LTJG            CGC WRANGELL          Operations Officer
00008566  LT              WPB RELIEF CREW       Commanding Officer
00027276  LTJG            WPB RELIEF CREW       Executive Officer
Note 1: LCDR Mikael Anderson is the OPM POC. Email:, 
Phone: (202) 795-6454.
Note 2: LCDR Jeremy Kime is the OPM POC. Email:, 
Phone: (202) 795-6452
Note 3: CWO Hailie Browne is the OPM POC. Email:, 
Phone: (202) 795-6462.
Note 4: CWO John Caicedo is the OPM POC. Email:, 
Phone: (202) 795-6453.
A. Must be eligible for overseas assignment IAW Refs A and C.
B. Must have a basic qualification on the M16 or M4 rifle within previous 
5 years of receiving orders to Pre-Deployment Training.
C. Must be a U.S. citizen.
D. The following PATFORSWA positions require an active TS/SCI clearance, 
Deputy CDRE, CGLO NAVCENT, Current Ops, Future Ops, MET Supervisor and 
Intel Officer. Members submitting for positions requiring TS/SCI must be 
TS/SCI eligible. For cutter Commanding Officers, TS/SCI remains the desired 
clearance level, but is not required. All other positions require an active 
Secret security clearance.
A. After CG-1300 (Report of Suitability for Overseas Assignment) is 
completed and is determined satisfactory by the command screener, interested 
officers should submit a command endorsed e-resume by 1 Sep 2018 with all 
desired PATFORSWA billets as well as other desired billets from the regular 
AY19 shopping list.
B. Each command endorsement shall address the member's eligibility for 
overseas duty, as well as the acceptance of a potential billet gap until 
summer 2019 to allow for required PDT and an April to June PCS transfer. 
If married, the endorsement shall also indicate the intended PCS location 
of dependents (those officers assigned to PATFORSWA are entitled to 
send dependents to an authorized CONUS location of their choosing).
6. COMPENSATION: IAW Ref B, members assigned to these positions shall 
be entitled to the following compensation package:
A. Hardship Duty Pay, currently 50 dollars per month.
B. Family Separation Allowance-Restricted, currently 250 dollars per 
month, if applicable.
C. Combat Zone Tax Relief; the majority of all federal pay is tax exempt 
with exception of FICA (Social Security and Medicare funding). Combat Zone 
pay is also exempt from taxation in many states.
D. Cost of Living Allowance w/o dependents (varies by rank and costs of 
goods and services).
E. Level 4 Sea Pay for all afloat positions commensurate with pay grade 
and cumulative sea time, if applicable. 
F. Increased ceiling on Thrift Savings Plan contributions.
G. Savings Deposit Program eligibility.
7. OPM POC:  LCDR Michael Clell Thomas is the Assignment Officer for 
all officer and afloat CWO positions in PATFORSWA with the exceptions 
listed in Notes (1), (2), (3), and (4) above. Email:, 
Phone, (202)795-6451.
8. OTHER POC INFO: Any questions regarding PDT training requirements 
should be addressed to the SMTC-PDT Team at (910)440-6505 or Any questions regarding PDT administrative 
requirements should be addressed to the SMTC-PDT Team at (910) 440-6177 or inquiries should be addressed to 
the member's Service Personnel Office.
9. Internet release not authorized.