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R 281526 AUG 18
UNCLAS //N01600//
ALCOAST 305/18
A. Message from Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen on Preventing Workplace Harassment dtd 26 FEB 2018
B. Message from Kirstjen M. Nielsen to all DHS Employees dtd 31 JUL 2018
C. Commandant’s Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy Statement dtd 01 JUN 2018
D. DHS Policy Guidance on Preventing Harassment
1. Every day, I am amazed by the strength of the women and men in the Coast Guard and the
remarkable work you are doing around the world. Without a doubt, our Service is at its strongest
when we foster an environment that allows our talented workforce to thrive. I cannot stress enough
that harassment of any kind erodes our strength, and is fundamentally incompatible with our Core
Values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty. A workplace free from harassing behaviors enables
us to leverage our uniquely trained, empowered, and equipped workforce to effectively meet the need
of the Nation. The Commandant and I expect every member of the workforce to build and sustain an
organizational climate in which all members of the workforce are fully included, valued, and
respected. To emphasize how important maintaining a harassment free work place is to our Service,
I am directing that all Coast Guard units take time to discuss it and review the DHS and Coast
Guard anti-harassment policies.
2. By 28 September 2018, all Coast Guard units shall conduct all-hands discussions reinforcing the
total workforce’s responsibility to prevent any form of workplace harassment. These discussions
should be guided by REFs (A) through (D) and are in addition to the triennial Civil Rights
Awareness Training requirement. These discussions can be facilitated by a member of the Command
Cadre, Chief’s Mess, Leadership and Diversity Advisory Councils, or other personnel at the
discretion of the Commanding Officer or Officer in Charge.
    a. REFs (A) through (D) are available at: REFs (A) through (D) express DHS’s zero
tolerance for workforce harassment. REF (C) outlines the Commandant’s anti-harassment policy.
REF (D) provides detailed guidance from DHS on maintaining a harassment-free workplace.
    b. Unit Commanding Officers and Officers in Charge should ensure these discussions reach
all-hands and provide an opportunity for them to explore the documents and learn from everyone’s
diverse perspectives and experiences. Units shall make reports via their chain of command to
LANTAREA, PACAREA, CG-DCO, or CG-DCMS by 28 September 2018.
    c. In addition to processes and procedures, units are encouraged to highlight the availability
of Coast Guard resources, such as Human Resources and Work Life, Civil Rights Service Providers,
the Chaplain’s network, and other local entities that may provide answers when questions about
workplace harassment arise.
3. If these discussions reveal a workplace where harassment of any kind exists, Commands shall
take appropriate actions in accordance with current policy. A list of Civil Rights Service Provider
and additional Coast Guard policy information is available at:
4. In conjunction with these discussions, the Commandant will release a separate ALCOAST issuing a
general order that will provide an additional tool for Commanders to promote and ensure a positive
climate for members to flourish in a supportive work environment.
5. ADM Charles W. Ray, Vice Commandant, sends.
6. Internet release is authorized.