united states coast guard

17 AUG 18

ALCGENL 128/18
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
1. This message solicits candidates and outlines the application process to
those enlisted members interested in the Enlisted Marine Inspector Training
Program (EMITP), a program designed to train enlisted participants to become
fully qualified Journeyman Marine Inspectors. This program offers outstanding
professional development and career broadening opportunities for E-6s and
E-7s who have the desire and aptitude to train in the challenging and
rewarding field of Marine Inspections. EMITP selectees will remain enlisted
for up to three years in order to complete their training in Apprentice
Marine Inspector billets. However, selectees will have the opportunity to
apply for appointment to Chief Warrant Officer at or near the 18-month mark
of their three-year apprenticeship. Program participants will also have
traditional Chief Warrant Officer pre-board eligibility requirements waived,
including time in grade and placement in the top 50 percent on the
eligibility list for advancement.
2. Prevention Marine Safety Warrant Officers are divided into two
specialties; Marine Safety Specialty Deck (MSSD) and Marine Safety Specialty
Engineer (MSSE). All Marine Safety Warrant Officers perform regulatory
oversight of complex federal laws, regulations, and treaties as Marine
Inspectors. These activities are performed on domestic and foreign small
passenger vessels, deep draft freight/tank vessels, mobile offshore drilling
units, offshore supply vessels and oil and chemical/gas barges. In the
performance of these duties, they interface with a broad array of private,
public and international members at all levels of the maritime industry.
3. In order to maintain fairness to all applicants in this highly competitive
process, the published requirements and deadlines will be rigorously enforced.
Applicants bear the responsibility for ensuring their application is
submitted on time, complete, and in compliance with applicable instructions
and requirements. Applicants are responsible for working with their command,
SPO, CG Institute, and PSC Records Branch (BOPSMR) to correct any record
errors or omissions. Applicants who fail to meet the established requirements
will not be considered by the selection panels. It is highly recommended that
potential applicants conduct a review of their EI-PDR to ensure that all
items are updated and correct.
4. There will be 10 opportunities for selection at the AY19 selection panel.
The assignment locations for these positions can be found on the EPM Special
Assignments website listed in paragraph 8. 
5. The primary eligible feeder ratings for MSSD are Marine Science
Technicians (MST), Boatswain Mate (BM), and Aviation Survival Technicians
(AST). The MSSE Specialty is fed by the Machinery Technician (MK), Damage
Controlman (DC), and Electricians Mate (EM).
6. Minimum qualifications are as stated:
A. Rank: Must be an E-6 or E-7 (not above the cut for E-8) on the date
of the application. Waivers will not be granted.
B. Members must be tour complete AY19 to apply.
C. Must meet the Universal Regular Warrant Officer Eligibility Requirements
outlined in 3.E and 3.F of ref (c), with the exception of 3.E.5.
D. Time in Service (TIS): E-6 applicants must not have more than 17 years and
E-7 applicants must not have more than 21 years TIS by 31 December 2019.
E. All applicants must meet the minimum qualifications specified in Ref (A),
parts 1.E.2 and 1.E.9
7. Timeline for Application and Selection:
A. 12 October 2018: Web Panel submissions are due.
B. 23-26 October 2018: EMITP panel convenes.
C. Early November 2018: ALCGENL released announcing panel results.
8. Package instructions and guidance can be found on the Special Assignments
website at:
9. Points of contact:
A. Questions related to e-panel submission processand tracking shall be
emailed to: ARL-PF-CGPSC-EPM-1-PANELS(at)
B. EMITP program specific questions may be directed to: LCDR Sean Morrison
at Sean.F.Morrison(at) or LT Dianna Robinson at
C. General Special Assignment information: CWO4 Don Wiley, 
HQS-SMB-PSC-EPM-2-Special Assignments(at) or (202)795-6587.
10. CDR S. K. Felger, Acting Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management
Division, CG Personnel Service Center, sends.
11. Internet release authorized.